I played Mega Millions lotto tonight, I got 2 nubers, did I win a prize? (I didnt get the mega ball)?

Check out my eHow article on how to play Mega Millions: http://www.ehow.com/how_5355351_play-mega-millions-lottery.html The article has a link to all of the prizes and odds in the game. Matching two numbers (without the Mega ball) does not win anything.

what is mega ball number in lottery for?if you got the right mega ball number, will you receive any prize?

Yepper... $2 for just the mega ball. Click the link I provided for the winning paytable.

In washington state, i have two regular balls and the mega ball right. do i win anything. for mega millions ?

i got 3 numbers on the megamillions its 34 28 46 but 46 is not as the mega ball number on my ticket?

If you got 3 regular balls right, then you won $7. Here is the prize table from the Mega Millions website:

If the Mega Millions "mega balls" numbers range from 1-46 why are the odds to match it listed at 1:75?

Excellent question! I was asking the same question when writing the script for the odds calculator of my web site http://us-lotteries.com/info/OddsCalculator.asp I presume the reason is : if you have all the 175M combinations, say, each written on a piece of paper, and if you are asked to pick one of them, then the odds that your number could match 0-of-5 + Ball is 1 in 75. In other words, 1.33% of all the possible combinations match only the Mega Ball of the winning number.

Do the mega millions numbers have to match in the exact order they were picked?

The numbers on your lotto ticket are in ascending order. So are the numbers as reported on the internet. The order of the draw doesn't matter.

Where to claim a small winning lottery ticket in Mega Millions?

If someone matches all 6 numbers Mega Millions for jackpot win, do they win all prizes below it too?

nathanvise is correct. You only win one prize depending on how many numbers you matched. So when you dream about hitting all 6 numbers, try not to dream about winning anything except for the $100,000,000+ money. Don't get too greedy in that dream.

how often is the mega millions lottery drawn? Is it one game a week? also, what is power ball?

Mega millions: Tuesdays + Fridays Power ball - different lottery - Wednesdays + Saturdays

Odds of getting 2 numbers in the mega millions lottery?

what number on a quick pick ticket for mega millions is the mega ball?

The final one at the end of each line.

How many mega million combinations are possible?

It's tons, but simple to figure. Multiply 56x56x56x56x56x46. Warning, you'll need a calculator that goes to the jillions. You can do it long hand on paper. Nobody begins to realize how extremely lousy lotto odds are. If you win I expect an ice cream cone. Good luck..

If you have 2 numbers in mega millions, but neither is the mega ball, do you win anything? I'm in Illinois...?

Nothing. Without the mega ball, you have to have at least 3 white balls to win anything ($7 for three of them). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Millions

How many numerical combination possibilities are there for the Mega Millions lottery?

Using the numbers you gave: 60C5 * 50 = 5461512 * 50 = 273,075,600 In the actual lottery, you pick 5 different numbers from 1 to 56, and a sixth number from 1 to 46, which could be a duplicate of one of the first five. This works out to: 56C5 * 46 = 3819816 * 46 = 175,711,536

What's your biggest win so far on Power ball/Mega Millions?

0 dollars

if i have two numbers for the mega million on the same row and the mega ball do i win?

Can President Obama win the Mega-Millions or Power Ball lotteries without buying a ticket ?

He don't need to play lottery, he is printing money every second of the day, literally.

what is difference between power ball lotto ticket and mega millions lotto ticket?

That's like asking what the difference is between the Oscars and the Golden Globes. They are two different games with separate jackpots.

can anybody out there give 5 numbers and a mega ball that they think will fall tonight?

How about: 6 46 32 1 24 - 1

winning mega ball no.03/31/09?

The mega ball was 29

pick 5 and mega ball numbers?

49-12-8-6-13 7 idk y just

Where can I watch dragon ball online? No mega video Please?

I watched it at www.watch-dragonball.com it's pretty fast for me, I never waited more than 5 min waiting for it to download.

mega millions mega ball?

all depends on the state your in... minus the taxes our lovely government will take...which leaves you with enough just to still get by...lol


Basic statistics. In any short sequence of draws, there are bound to be repeating numbers. However if you look at a large number of events (at least 10000 draws), then you'll find that the frequency of each number approaches the expected probability. Don't bother trying to predict the outcome based on this. Every number has the same chance each draw, and previous draws have no impact on the results.

What are the winning mega ball lottery drawing numbers for Friday May 11, 2007?

There is a web site on the back of your ticket. After the draw they will announce the winning numbers there within a few hours of the draw.

Why doesn't Power-ball and Mega-millions just simply merge, instead of raising the price?

Did you enter some sort of contract with them? Are you now forced to play each and every drawing? Let me guess. You have "your numbers". You're afraid about what would happen if you ever didn't play "your numbers" and they actually hit that night! You are afraid that you couldn't live with yourself if "your numbers" hit the jackpot on a night you didn't play. I used to have "my numbers", too. I haven't played them regularly in about 10 years. I've saved HUNDREDS and perhaps thousands of dollars since then! "My numbers" would have gotten me the very smallest prize about 5 times in this past 10 years. I've done the math on this, and your chance is not good. You could spend $50 per week on EACH of those lotteries for the next 70 years! After all that waste, you STILL would have, for all PRACTICAL purposes, ZERO chance of ever hitting either of those jackpots. The lottery is a TAX on the poor and on the ignorant. I'm sure you don't have a contract with them that says you have to play. If YOU choose to pour your money down the drain, that's on you.

My mega ball number was correct!?

Where can I buy a MEGA CHEAP ball chair?

What is the probability that Mega Millions or Power Ball Jackpots would go to 1 Billion Dollars?

Probably will never happen, when the jackpot reaches amounts like 100m or more, bucketloads of people play, bucketloads of people buy alot of tickets, and bucketloads of people play in syndicates (groups of people). Which means more and more possible combinations are covered, increasing the chances one or more ticket will be the winner.

Do you like instant scratch offs or lottery like Power ball, Mega Millions better?

If it's a matter of odds and return then it's definitely the scratch-offs because the typical return for scratch offs are between 60 cents and 75 cents on the dollar while for the Jackpot games, it starts off at around 13 cents on the dollar and goes up to about 36 cents on the dollar though as long as the Jackpot keeps rolling over the next game will have higher expectations. The lottery commissions set a target payback for across all their products, with Texas, it's 62 cents on the dollar, with the Western Canada Lottery Comminssion it's 52 cents on the dollar the urban myth that the payback is 50 percent is only approximate though it's likely that you will only ever experience the small prizes hence only ever see less than 50 percent payback regardless of actual payback. As far as odds are concerned, scratch-offs are better, typical top prize odds would be 1 in a million or 1 in 3 million whereas Jackpot games have odds such as 1 in 195 million. Odds for winning any prize including break even prizes in scratchoffs are typically 1 in 3 to 1 in 5 whereas for draw games, it's 1 in 30 to 1 in 100. As far as subsidiary prizes are concerned, it's scratch-offs again as you'll often see prizes of $10, $20, $50, $100, and $500 dollars whereas a 4/5 match of Mega Million nets you $150 i.e.: typical jackpot subsidiary prizes you're likely to see are $1, $2, $5, and $7. In terms of dreaming, Jackpot games can have jackpots in the 100's of millions which is definitely life changing though many winners have managed to blow through it all and almost all of them are foolish enough to take the cash value option which given US tax laws one would be a fool to give up the tax deferred investment of the annuity payments which gives you the opportunity to dollar cost average your after tax investment portfolio over time. Of course, the tax free nature of lotteries in other countries precludes that advantage. Scratchoffs typically have top prizes of $1,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and $1 million, only potentially life changing for the prudent. In terms of gambling addiction, Jackpot games have scheduled draws and hence are less likely to facilitate addiction as the scheduled draws limits the rate at which the addict may act out, though not the amount he can wager. Scratchoff's are instantaneous and an addict can chase a loss indefinitely and as quickly as he can scratch. I like scratch offs but I will buy draw tickets for the big jackpot and I have a rule of never scratching at the store but scratching at home and recording the symbols on the tickets both losing and winning, this slows it down to limit the addicting effect of gambling. Interestingly enough, if you apply engineering equations from informatics such as Kelly's Criterion or Bernoulli's to the lottery, it will typically say something like don't buy tickets, sell ones that you underwrite and hedge it by buying a real one yourself for every four that you underwrite. Unfortunately, it would be illegal to do so, except in second life.

What is the song in the New York Mega Millions power ball commercial?

Check here: http://www.whatisthatsong.net/

If I match the Mega Ball number but nothing else do I win anything in the Mega Millions Lottery in Illinois?

Yes 2 whole dollars

What will be the winning mega ball #'s on tuesday?

The Gold mega ball might be14 or 11 or 41 or even 34. As for the rest of the numbers, I can't say.

Mega Millions Odds of matching Mega Ball?

There is a 1 in 75 chance of ONLY hitting the mega ball. Yes, once every 46 drawings your ticket WILL have the mega ball correct. A good many of those, though, will have 1 of the other balls correct, too. Sometimes there might even be 2 of the other balls correct. Rarely you'll get 3 with the mega ball. It's unlikely that you'll ever hit 4 along with the mega ball, and for all practical purposes you will NEVER hit 5 numbers with the mega ball. The point is, only once in 75 drawings will you hit ONLY the mega ball and NONE of the other numbers correct.

If you only match the mega ball in the mega million in California do u get any money?

Mega million mega ball winner?

If i only won the mega ball in the 640 million lotto what is the prize for that?

in the lottery, do the numbers have to match in the exact same order? and what does the 'mega ball' mean?

No the numbers don't have to match in the same order but they all have to be same number on the ticket, and the mega ball have to be 14. if 14 ball happen to be the mega ball not from the other five number to win. Mega ball is just the name of the game it's several states hook up together for a bigger money pot.

If you match two numbers on mega millions and the mega ball do you win anything?

Both answers are sort of right. Only California varies in the way they pay out their Mega Millions prizes. California uses a parimutuel system to pay out the smaller prizes. In other words, the payout depends on how many people hit that specific combination. Typically it's almost the same payout as all the other states. This week, as a good illustrative example, there were a larger than usual amount of people who hit 2 numbers plus the mega ball. Because of the big number, this combination only paid $9 in California. That's less than usual because of the large number of winners. Again - this variation of the rule only is in California. All other states paid $10 for that combination.

What happens when you get the bonus ball in mega millions?

You get a few bucks is all depending on how many numbers you got with the bonus ball .

can i still win on mega if i have three numbers and the mega ball in ny state?

If you have the mega number, you're guaranteed to win something. I think you won $28. Check with a lotto retailer to see how much you won.

What are the first 3 things you would do if you won the $201 million dollar mega-ball jackpot?

After i picked myself back up off the floor...lol Call my dad and tell him he is retiring early , he has 2 years left to retire so that would really make him happy and me happier Look after my dearest friends, the ones i can call "True Friends" Buy my dream home and get Brad Pitt to be my live in helper ..lol Buy a Jukebox, the old style ones Donate money to cancer research and get as many people as i can that are homeless off the streets Go on a world trip to see the cities and places i have only seen on tv A new wardrobe full of nice jeans and t shirts Sorry i couldnt stop at 3..lol Buy a 1969 Corvette

how much is mega million mega ball worth?

Here is the payout chart. Just the Mega Ball = $2.

How much money do you get when you win the mega millions mega ball?

a whole $3 just enough for a beer at many bars but not a tip and they only tax if you win over $600

Has anyone noticed how and why the mega millions ball number 26 keeps recurring?

OMG!! sooo true but only for the past 3 draws it was 41, 9, and 29 before that and FYI it IS just a fluke there is NO WAY to cheat the Lottery system...

What does the Mega Ball do in Marvel vs. Capcom 2?

You need to hit it. and I am sorry I do not know any tips for Mega Man

New York Lottery Mega Ball has Drawn 26 four times, during last 6 Drawns. What do you think?

it is possible that there's a fault in the mechanism. also, it could be a problem with the shuffling mechanism. however, depending on the total number of numbers, this could be nothing. for example, if you look at a roulette wheel, it's around 47% red, 47% black, 5% green. if red comes up 10 times in a row, that's not a big deal. However, the chance is much smaller for the same number (out of 38) to come up repeatedly. However, in the lottery format, the numbers are not being drawn consecutively. so, if you group numbers together say in 7's or 8's, the odds of one out of those 7 or 8 numbers being the same is quite large _across groups._ now lets combine the two examples. let's group spins into 5's, and see how often a red or black appears. As you can imagine, the odds of _not_ getting a red or black in 5 consecutive rolls is almost impossible. therefore, with a limited number of numbers, in groups, the chances of them appearing in a group are much larger than appearing individually.

okay so my friend got a mega ball number on the mega millions lottery?

she won $3 only if you match only 1 number and the mega ball number you win only $3 it says it on the back of my lottery ticket, and if you want to hit any thing big you would have to match 4 numbers in the same row and a mega ball number to actually get any worth while money.and chances of getting that is 689,065

if you play the lotto and only have the matching mega ball number do you win anything?

How much money does a Mega Ball get me?