Which of the following album releases are you looking forward to?

Jamey Johnson The Guitar Song Zac Brown Band You Get What You Give Randy Houser They Call Me Cadillac

Rate the following rappers (GOAT MCs voting: 4 of 10)?

Lauryn tis the best in the "L"... 93 Lauryn Hill 31 Lil Jon 30 Lil Wayne 88 LL Cool J 71 Lloyd Banks (G-Unit) 79 LMNO (Visionaries) 81 Lord Finesse (D.I.T.C.) 82 Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) 83 Ludacris 65 Mack 10 78 Madlib 80 Mark 7even (Jurassic 5) 71 Mase 84 Masta Ace 84 Masta Killa (Wu-Tang Clan) 80 Master P 86 MC Eiht 40 MC Hammer 85 MC Lyte 86 MC Ren (NWA) 90 Method Man (Wu-Tang Clan) 84 MF DOOM 65 MF Grimm

is hajee a racist term ?

"is it ok to dehumanize, degrade and humiliate arabs as a people in this way?" Nope, it's never okay. It's great SOME people speak out against it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9d-9GM9RGQ

is MBA or Ma economics is better?

Depends on what you want your career in. MBA gives you a wider choices of opportunity and economics only focuses on 1 specific subject. If you don't know what you want your career in, it'll be your best bet to get your MBA and study different fields to see what interests you most.

Most Holocaust™ "true stories" are later revealed as being made up. "Schindler's List" was "fiction" before it?

Oskat Schindler is a real person, and what He did during World War Two is very real. The book may be a work of fiction based on what really happened, as was the movie. It is not meant as a documentary, it is a fictionalized account.