Culturally speaking, how is your first day of May going?

Kent State University protests in May of 1970, do you know?

good question...this country was in a lot of turmoil then, the war was the total focal point and protesters ruled the land. it wasn't a pretty time in our history. the events that took place at kent were a tragedy of errors, this is why you really don't see the NG policing demonstrations or riots anymore. it's overkill. the military is trained to do one thing...kill and destroy things...they are not capable of doing police work!!! and shouldn't be asked's not their job. the military is for our countries protection. the governor was totally at fault for this. the NG were not commanded very well either...they should have never fixed bayonets of mags. now as far as the protesters, they got the tail end of a comedy of errors due to the way they had acted for years of protests that had gotten out of hand. the reason they were protesting was another escalation to the war(which in my opinion was warranted, as we knew how to win the conflict and that was another facet that had to be dealt with). protests haven't changed much over the years other than the fact the NG will not be brought in to do police work. if the MSM would do their job and report the news like they should, i think people would see who and what type of people and organizations are more prone to being nasty than others. most of the heavy duty protests are in other countries(watch the G20 summit coming up)that get really violent.

Opinions please on this May 25 as a “Day Without Mexicans?

If they would only make it 365 days......

Is May 1st, day of another cross country Massive Protest for Immigrants Civil Rights & Immigration Reforms?

They are not Immigrants or Undocumented Workers- they are what they are ILL-LEGAL ALIENS. As far Liberals are concerned every day is Ill-legal alien rights day.

Has anyone heard of Don't pump gas on May 15th Day?

We could try it!

Will the Mayday hispanic anti Arizona law "demonstrations" be as peaceful as the Tea Parties?

They are going to be as peaceful as the liberals in the 1960s and 1970s who threw rocks, bottles, and spit on returning U.S soldiers from Vietnam.

Lib media assaulted by their heroes the OWS, funny, you decide?

they attack women. how brave.

Have the illegal alien May Day protesters acquired permits for their demonstrations?

Here they have but it's at great tax payer expense. It' going to make traffic a nightmare and messing up the bus systems to accomodate them. They're a tad ticked though.....the police change their route so they're expecting some chaos from those who aren't aware of the changes. These guys have some pretty radical organizations backing them and don't seem to get there wouldn't be such a turn-out if they had to do it on their own dime like citizens do. Basicly it's more demands to not enforce our laws.

May 1st National Communist Day?

Those are good news. The winning sides are supported by communists.

why labour day is celebrated in September instead of on 1st may in the us,? (please read details)?

A day off is a day off. It is nice to be aware of history, but our holidays are not spaced evenly enough as it is. It is a wonder the government and big business gives us any days off. I think they still work at Walmart and other stores on Labor Day. Some (all) employers think a day to celebrate work should be celebrated working!

When May 1st, or the day when all those mexicans were protesting about the immigration thing, did you notice?

On May 1st, I noticed alot of people were really happy and shopping. Traffic was great. Mexicans take it personally because 65% of the illegal population comes from Mexico. Of course they will raise a stink, they hate America but they love our money.

Illegal aliens and their allies are planing a massive "may day" rally on May 1. Where will you be?

I will if they dare come near New York City

Hows MAY DAY going in Los Angeles ??

wow!!!!!! i am not in LA but close by. the schools were completely empty! and every student is worth 40$ to the school, when we are absent, 4 each person, the school loses 40 buck!

Why is it that the Police Department can get away with beating innocent people? Especially Women?

The police were almost certainly justified in taking action against the crowd of young men that was provoking them, but they went way beyond what was necessary. They used it as an excuse to become bullies with badges and sticks roughing up people who were obviously taking part in a peaceful rally. Nothing will happen unless good people stay on public officials and demand that the police be held accountable for their actions and reprimanded.

Why does the left and the illegals chose May1st as a day to protest?

celebration of this,, 1961 – The Prime Minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro, proclaims Cuba a socialist nation and abolishes elections.

Is the left really concerned about political violence?

Against them, yes. In general, no. In the sixties when armed students would hold up college officials, and mail bombs were going off by the hundreds in the "summer of love" in California, did they care? Sort of. They usually bowed to them to get the heat off instead of becoming outraged that Mommy's little angel turned radical activist pointed a gun at them in the name of the people. They never cared about ALF, ELF, or the other Leftist terrorists. Even though they were on the FBI's number one list for domestic threats. They didn't care about Kenneth Gladney getting beaten, and he was a black man getting racist taunts(from SEIU members..Barry's peeps, remember) and wasn't even technically a Tea Party guy. Oh, that Jindal staffer who got her leg broke in five places and her boyfriend with the broken jaw. I remember years ago when I read that some of the guys from wrote a book called "The Shadow University" describing political correctness on campuses...conservative student papers would routinely get stolen and the University wouldn't do anything about it. Things would get defaced, no punishment. One in awhile you might get a case of actual violence, like when a student group left someone to watch over property that was getting defaced and multiple pinko students beat the crap out of him. The conservatives were often naive and unprepared for the radicalism from the student groups(Mommy's little monsters) and the establishment Leftist attitude from the Universities. Now, they cared when threats were made against them over health care, but famous people and politicians especially get lots of death threats. Some of the Republican guys were actually having people arrested for REAL threats(one guy got threatened with dismemberment) but all you heard in the media was about these anonymous people who said frightening things, but never actually did anything. You're right, they have treated the coverage of the non-violent Tea Parties differently from the violent Anti-Arizona May Day(well duh, it's MAY DAY!!! Revolution!) protests. You know, conservatives debate whether judges or spending or the war etc. are the most important threat facing us, the biggest hurdle for the Right. But the biggest problem is the US media. Every problem the Right has goes back to the media sooner or later, how it shapes opinion. Just signing up for the MRC emails isn't enough anymore. But you know, I was listening to a talk show the other night and a caller was talking about his opposition to Arizona and arguing with the hosts over May Day violence. Finally he just said that Arizona made people angry and if violence happened, so be it. He openly said it was okay. It was a hispanic guy and flatly didn't care if anyone got hurt. As long as his will was done.

while many protest today on May Day for immigrant rights, guess where our jobs went?

The solution is a tariff on imports and deportation of illegals.

What will these recent May Day demonstrations mean to today's hard-pressed unions?

Not much is emerging. I understand that AFL-CIO cut a deal with some of the day labor groups, and the Teamsters at the Long Beach Port marched today with the pro-illegal groups, but that is about it. The fact is that illegal immigration or open borders to workers, either one, is bad for unionization. That is why wages are at the lowest percentage of gross domestic product since 1947.

Latin Americans in the US are calling for a day of protest May 1st, 2006. Do you think this will impact the US

I don't know how much good it will do, but I think it is long over due. People tend to look down on Latin, Hispanic, and Spanish Americans, and forget to give them credit for the good they bring to out country.

Did you know May 1st is national Loyalty Day?

i thought it was labor day or sumthin.

Why do Illegal Immigrants protest America on May Day?

Because illegal immigrants hate America and want to turn it into "Atzlan" or some other LA RAZA VIVA racist garbage welfare state.

what is global circulation of immigrant labor?

I don't think it'd be fair to provide you with the answer but I think there is a good article on it in "Sociology: exploring the architecture of everyday life." Specifically I'd read ""Aquí estamos y no nos vamos": Global Capital and Immigrant Rights," by William I. Robinson. As for labor demonstrations I believe there is some good information on that in said article, as well as some posts on In fact I think your study guide might have the exact links.

DO you think The Mexican immigrants are protesting the wrong thing on May first?

It is really hard to overthrow the system of corruption. Did you guys hear of the labor rights leader that recently got assassinated? I will look up his name and post. It is really sad when people are trying to fight for fair wages and rights, only to get slaughtered by big $$$. FOUND IT:Joint Statement by Teamsters and AFL-CIO Regarding the Murder of Teamster José Gilberto Soto The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) and the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) continue to demand a credible and transparent investigation of the murder of Teamster José Gilberto Soto, who was shot to death on November 5, 2004 in Usulutan, El Salvador. Efforts to date by the Salvadoran authorities have demonstrated glaring inadequacies that lead to on-going doubts about the institutional capacity to bring true justice in this case and for all Salvadorans.

why did Obama fail to send in ICE and the National Guard to round up the illegal immigrants during the?

Because 0bama is a strong supporter of illegal immigration, as evidenced by his own Aunt still living here , after orders for deportation have been issued

What are the pros and the cons of the "A Day Without Immagrants" May 1st protest?

The pros are: We know we have a huge problem in America. The cons are: We know we have a huge problem in America.

How did tea partiers have 100's of protests with no arrests and one day protest nets 2 arrests for immigration?

The Tea Partiers have been treated too nicely. They should have been herded into "free speech zones" just as the Bush administration did with anti-Bush demonstrators. The Arizona protestors are angry with a cause. The hypocritical Tea Partiers have no just cause.

Why are illegals still protesting with the Flag of Mexico ?Many call for immigration reform during May Day?

They do not feel like Americans in their heart, only Mexicans, they do this and so much more because they are a take-over bunch when you think about it.... they think we 'owe' them whatever they demand even though they are here illegally. This doesn't make common sense, of course. They vote by the millions now in any election they want to, they get unemployment benefits now too because "it's too cumbersome to check every social security number". If you give illegals as much or more than citizens get, illegals will take it and demand more. Several years ago in L.A. they had signs on freeways that had a new name for CA that made clear it was a part of Mexico in so many words, our governor had it taken down.

Will May 1 become the National Day of Protest?

protest is how you draw attention to a problem. Protesting is a good thing.

Are people going to be protesting in London for Occupy movement every day, or is it just targeting May Day?

Is Barack Obama going to celebrate MAY DAY with all the protesting Communists?

how many people are going to be at the may day immigration protest in chicago?

Not me.

Will May 29th be forever know as national immigrant day after all the protests?

Maybe it will be in Mexico but over here we give thanks to our troops and the sacrifices many have made to have the country we have.These protests are doing no good when millions do not have work the last thing we need is 20 million illegals standing in line to take work for very low wages

Do you know what May Day means in the United States? What is your opinion on these protest demonstrations?

may day is a communist/socialist day to have parades, etc. In America we shouldn't have it...the immigrants/laborist (read world workers party, read world communist party) chose it to, as usual, throw it in our face...they can all go to hell as far as I am concerned...get your asses back to work and stop breaking our laws to enter our country illegally.

I was attacked during the MAY DAY march?

Anytime you apear in public with a sign that suggests ill will toward another group of people you can expect to be attacked.

Is May 5th the official day there will be nation wide protests across America for amnesty?

Where do i protest?

Do you think this weekend's May Day Rallies will show that those polls were wrong?

Will you be attending one of the 70 May Day Marches tomorrow?

Hell yeah! Arizona just woke a sleeping giant. Thanks AZ!

why did they decide to start protesting on may day in the usa?

Who? When? Where?

Do you think that I.C.E. should be present at the next May Day protest to round up the illegal aliens?

Of course. If the police know criminals are going to be somewhere, they should go round them up. Throw one of those big nets over the whole bunch.

Why did the Communist and Socialist Organizations set up the immigration protests on "May Day"?

May Day is actually rooted in US history. On May 1, 1886, workers throughout the United States held major strikes for the eight-hour day. In Chicago, these strikes culminated in the Haymarket massacre (May 4, 1886) and subsequent trial. The next day in Milwaukee was the Bay View Massacre. May 1 was established to commemorate these two events and to remember the eight-hour day strikes.

Which had more PEOPLE - The TEA Party Rallies- or last year's Immigrant Worker Rights protests on May Day?

The TEA Party group had more voters but the group of immigrant workers had more illegal workers so less voters. Legal that is.

What is the May Day Protest about, what are they protesting?

Should May Day marchers be on a terrorist watch list due to the violence that erupted during the protests?

Do some research on who sponsored the May Day protests. How did they organize so quickly, what did it take? One week? Oh, wait! It was organized by...... SEIU Working Families Party AFL-CIO Socialist Party USA Revolution Communist Party Assosiation of Raza Educators... Scary....

What does May DAy mean or is in Berlin Germany?

May Day is actually a spring festival day to welcome spring and ward off evil spirits. Nothing to do with Hitler like that douchebag suggested. And the May Day protests in Europe are about government spending I think.

May Day Protests against GOP/Wall St/Racism. Will it be bigger than the Tea?

Of course the May Day protests will be bigger than the Tea Bag protest. The Tea Bags are a small minority.

Europe, have the May Day Rallies and protests against austerity measures, resulted in violence today?

Was the Times Square bomb planted by Hispanic Supremacists and Pro-illegal extremists as part of the May Day?

it was reported that the explosive (device) inside the SUV was "amateurish", poorly designed, built with little or no skills, using low grade materials that rules out arab terrorists and white supremists draw your own conclusions

Why is the state controlled media silent about the violence at the may day protests?

It's certainly no surprise that the media wouldn't cover violence at the May Day protests because it doesn't go with the narrative that they have created regarding illegal immigration. The mainstream media has created a narrative where all illegals are "undocumented" - that they didn't do anything illegal (like entering the country illegally); that all illegals are nice maids, domestic workers, construction workers, and fruit/vegetable pickers. They don't include stories about the tremendous crime wave hitting Arizona and the border states. Phoenix, Arizona leads the US in kidnappings. It's a scary way of life for US citizens in that city and border states. They don't include stories about how the huge number of illegal immigrants are straining hospitals (so much so they have to be closed), schools (some of which had to be closed) and the prison system. The media is not interested in giving us all the facts regarding the problem of illegal immigration - because they don't want to get in the way of the Obama administration giving amnesty to potentially 11-15 million new Democrats. Don't expect honesty from the mainstream media. Shira

Where do you expect more violence, a tea-party protest or this weekends May Day immigration protests?

This is a bated question. The answer is obvious. Many protesters at immigration rallies have been known to become violent as have many anti war protesters. Tea Party protesters have never shown violence. A lot of heated rhetoric. But no violence.