Should I get Max Scherzer for RA Dickey in my fantasy baseball?

Dude you should take that offer and run. Your getting a steal in that trade. Sure R.A. Dickey is good, but hes no Max Scherzer.
If all you have to trade is Dickey to get Scherzer youd better do it.

Should I draft Max Scherzer?

I would definitely pick up Scherzer. He has the stuff to be a great SP. Ive heard he will make his first start in the second week of April. Good luck on the season!

Do you think Max Scherzer should have turned down the 144 million dollar deal he was offered by Detroit?

Scherzer is represented by the worst agent in professional sports , Scott Boras(shole), so it doesn't surprise me in the least that he turned down Detroit's overly generous offer.
Two Boras(shole) clients -- Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales -- had trouble finding jobs this season because their idiot agent wanted too much money and Scherzer could find himself in a similar situation next season.
Let's be honest here: Scherzer's success is due to the fact he plays for one of the best teams in baseball. He's never thrown a complete game and he's averaged about six and a third innings per start since joining the Tigers. His ERA have been decent the last two years but he'll also turn 30 in July, so his skills will start declining in a couple of years.
He would have been set for life if he'd accepted Detroit's offer but the greedy b@stard wanted more. I hope he blows his arm out and can't pitch anymore. It would serve him right.

Can anyone defeat Max Scherzer?

I actually attended a game early in the season A's v. Tigers where we scored 3 runs off of Scherzer and we ended up winning the game later on after falling behind 3-0 in the first inning. I think there is some luck invovled with this run. I mean through his first 8 starts, his ERA was a 3.98 hardly ace material and yet he was still undefeated then. He's not going to finish the year perfect, some team will eventually rough him up. Rangers have the bats to do so. However, if I had to take a I guess I dont think so tonight.
And to answer Peter's question, yeah that's really tough. But have we ever seen someone finish 25-0? 25 wins is already ridiculous in our day and age. I think 20-0 might be alittle more realistic.

Dan haren or max scherzer?

Scherzer is a strikeout guy too...and Id take Scherzer because hes getting better while Haren is declining a bit.

Should I start Tommy Hanson or Max Scherzer?

hanson JUST got his first loss. great ks, good era and braves are making upsets of late(beat lincecum last week). scherzer is ok, but hanson could be the rookie of the year if he continues w/ his beginning to this season. slightly more likely to win w/ scherzer(dodgers are friggin great this year, hte mets are a wreck and oliver has been quite sad this season), but EVERY other stat WILL go to hanson.

Max Scherzer or Jonathan sanchez?

I think Scherzer would have a better season
their are pretty much the same type of pitcher
but Scherzer controls way more his powerful fastball and even tho Sanchez might get more Ks
Scherzer's ERA would be lower, he would get more wins and a lower WHIP
Good luck!!

Should i trade stephen strasburg for max scherzer...?

That's not a bad idea,,most pitchers breakout in their 3rd year,and alot of people are dumping Strasburg (or will) because of his demotion to the minors; You might as well try to get some value out of him,and I really like Scherzer this year..
You may want to try packaging Stras. with Peavy for a star SP,like Wainewright,or Verlander.And if that doesn't work I'd try for Kershaw,Lester,and Tommy Hanson..Then pick up a young SP with upside like Fausto Carmona (Who has looked really good this year.),or whoever you like in your created empty roster spot.Hardly any experts are optimistic about Peavey moving to the AL,and the package idea would be my "PLAN A",then asking for Scherzer would be my "PLAN B."
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Is Max Scherzer overrated?

Warning: This answer might be a bit technical, but I'm using alot of advanced stats to prove my point.
At first, I would say yes, and that Max is getting all these wins because of Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder (i.e. Would Max Scherzer still be 19-1 if he pitched for the White Sox?)
However, if one looks closely at his advanced pitching metrics, then this year is really not abnormal and may suggest that he was due for a really good year. Using the stat fielding independent percentage, which tries to predict a pitcher's era without help from his defense, his 2013 numbers are a bit low, but not far off his career numbers. I think he might have actually improved his game plan and his incorporating more pitches to throw hitters off.
In 2013, Scherzer's ERA is 2.73, while his FIP is 2.61 and his XFIP is 3.06. For his career, Scherzer's ERA is 3.67, while his FIP is 3.52 and his XFIP is 3.48. At first glance, you can say i his ERA is well below his career average, but his advanced metrics say that he should have had a better era. In fact last year, his ERA was 3.74 while his FIP was 3.27 and his XFIP was 3.23. Those numbers suggest he was due to put up better numbers. To compare with another pitcher, earlier this year, Jeff Locke was obviously pitching over his head because his ERA was almost 2 runs below his XFIP. With Scherzer, his numbers are down, but not by much, which makes it seem like this is not just luck. Maybe Max Scherzer has improved his game.
Scherzer for career: 1.02(HR/9), 2.86% (BB/9), and 9.38 (K/9).
Scherzer in 2013: 0.71 (HR/9), 2.12% (BB/9), 9.86 (K/9)
Why are Scherzer's home run rate and walk rate down from previous years? Are more flyballs landing at the warning track than over the fence? This could be the quess if he's still using his regular pitches.
Scherzer's Pitch Selection for Career: 63.4%(FB), 16.3% (SL), 1.3%(CB), 19.1%(CH)
Scherzer's Pitch Selection for 2013: 55.4%(FB), 15.3% (SL), 7.9%(CB), 21.4% (CH)
WOAH!! Scherzer has been throwing his fastball and slider less, and using his changeup and curveball more. In fact, his curveball might be a new pitch because fangraphs didn't have data on it for previous years.
So, by throwing more offspeed pitches, Shcerzer is throwing off hitters more and batters have had to adjust their scouting report when he pitches. By the looks of it, they haven't yet, so Scherzer is dominating more hitters and forcing them to swing when maybe they are looking for his fastball and slider.
So in conclusion, maybe Scherzer has figured something out. He might be developing into that Ace everyone thought we would be back in 2006.

Should I really pick up Max Scherzer?

Scherzer seems to be a once a season talent with electric stuff. He's worth a roster spot for sure. Giving up qualls is not as big of a loss as you might think. It's kind of a risk/reward pickup because Scherzer is going to be in the starting rotation by mid-season. When he does hit the rotation, you are gonna pick up wins, k's era and whip help, so losing out on a few holds every two weeks should be more than a fair trade out. I myself am trying to get scherzer in every league that I am in just for the possibility that he's as good as advertised.
As a side note, for every johnny cueto, there will always be guys like edinson volquez and tim lincecum that will perform as expected so feel free to take a risk on a guy that seems like the real deal.