What was the ten year old's name who matt lauer interviewed whose father was a firefighter who died on911? ?

Google It.

Matt Lauer always looks the same?

Some people just don't look older eventually they get older. Another fact is that he most likely wares make-up to keep himself look pretty. i'm not sure.

Did anyone notice how conservative Sarah Palin dressed this morning on Matt Lauer?

Yes, I thought her outfit went well with the fanatical gleam in her eyes.

Do you know who Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and the ladies on the View are voting for?

Yes, and now do you know why American Journalism is no longer the respected profession that it once was in this country? These people have sold their profession down the river.

When Folks Like Matt Lauer & Chris Matthews Act Like Ferocious Obama Defenders, Do You Love It Or Question It?

Oh they are definitely a part of the slobbering love affair.

Now that Levi Johnston has admitted lying about Sarah Palin and apologized to her, will matt Lauer have him?

Do not look in the tv guide for that, but I hope Sarah does bring him to suit, but she is probably thinking about the babies father and is too nice.

Where can I watch the Matt Lauer interview with princes Harry and William?

Have you tried YouTube? The royally-based YouTube version can be linked to at http://www.royal.gov.uk/

Does anyone know where I can watch the documentary " A twist of fate" by Matt Lauer?

omg i love that story , its overwhelming, i cried when i 1st saw that documentary. its an incredible,unbelievable story. 2 families who were strangers cried and grieve for each other's lost without knowing it. try youtube it, because i remember explaining it to my mom and she watch part of it on youtube. www.youtube.com

Who won the arm wrestling match between Tom Cruse and Matt Lauer?

Where in the world is Matt Lauer?

They stole this feature from PBS, and have not the same class at doing it, it's like a self awarding thing kinda like self abusing themselves, bring back katie, and have her replace Rosy.

a few months ago in an interview with Matt Lauer Obama said " giving tax cuts to wealthy people like you and?

Here's the thing: the rich will only create more jobs if there is a demand for their products, and if the poorer people don't have money to spend, guess what no demand and guess what, no jobs. Plus of course the jobs they create are in Asia and other very low wage areas, not in the USA. I have ZERO PROBLEM with a tax cuts for the wealthy who actually demonstrate that they have created jobs here in the USA.

Will you stop watching Today if Ryan Seacrest replaces Matt Lauer?

Oh, hell yes.

Is Today Talk Show host Matt Lauer gay?

Nope. He's married to a woman and has 3 children.

Matt Lauer? Cheating on his wife? Is there something in the water that has so many men from various walks of ?

If you read the bible it is called sin. We live in a SINFUL world. I cant believe people can not see this

If Ryan Seacrest replaces Matt Lauer I will stop watching The Today Show?

You should. He's the reason the Kardashians are famous. I'd rather let Carson Palmer replace Matt Lauer. At least Carson Palmer is more entertaining than Ryan Seacrest.

are you watching the conversation with matt lauer and george bush?

I thought it was fantastic. I've always liked and supported president bush. Now a lot of the ill-informed might realize how difficult of a job he was presented with during his presidency.

Is Matt Lauer of "Today" in the process of getting a divorce?

Matt has been in an on again/off again divorce mode for a couple of years now. I thought that his wife has bipolar or schizophrenia issues and he has been trying to work through that with her. Wouldn't be surprised if her issues may have bubbled up again and this will finally end it.

What are your thoughts on Matt Lauer's interview with president Bush?

I didn;t like him when he was President and I still don't.

How can you summarize what Obama was talking about on education with Matt Lauer on the today show?


Where can I find a book for children titled 39 clues by Rick Rierding mentioned on the Today Show Matt Lauer?

http://www.amazon.com Amazon (link above) has "39 Clues (The Maze of Bones, Book 1)" by Rick Riordan for these prices: hardcover at $10.18, or 42 'new and used' copies priced from $5.68. Audio book is $10.48. All have 2008 publication dates. To search for more info on this and the same book in 'library edition' (priced at $10.39, 8 'new and used' from $7.02), click on the book to separate it; 'search inside' if that's available; look for 'new and used' link under Amazon's price and choose from vendors listed; be aware that shipping and handling from Amazon and all vendors is $3.99; plus read reviews if any under publication info and other books offered, as desired. http://www.barnesandnoble.com B&N (link above) has the hardcover for $10.39, for members $9.35 and 5 used for $9.74 (plus s+h, various); a library edition for $12.99, for members $11.69 and 1 used for $8.53, plus a CD at $17.95, members $16.15 with 2 used for $14.34. I think this book will be at about any large online or chain outlet and suggest, if you don't see anything you like here, you call various local stores.

Did anyone see the Today show this morning with the smackdown of Matt Lauer by Tom Delay?

Yes, talk about throwing stones in glass houses! DeLay has no credibility to rebut Republican scandals. He's under indictment and awaiting trial on felony charges. He resigned his leadership post in disgrace, and the party did not support his reelection. Delays appearance on TV now only reminds voters that Republican corruption has many faces, and includes bribery and election law violations as well as sexual crimes.

How many people heard the Matt Lauer Kanye West interview and did you understand him?

I watched the show and Kanye West has the biggest chip on his shoulder that anyone could have,Kanye was very hard to understand because he covered his mouth most of the time when he was ask a question. He will continue to go through life being worse than what he is because he will never drop the fact that he is a racist, and a woman beater.

How bad of a beat down did the smug Matt Lauer get from Sarah Palin in the today show interview?

She made him look like the manure he is!

Was Matt Lauer pathetic interviewing President Bush?

Yes he was and it came as nor surprise as in my opinion as a journalist Matt Lauer is pathetic to begin with

who was it who bad talked matt lauer about his bike accident?

it was an espn guy if u have comcast you can watch it on THE FAN

Where in the World is Matt Lauer Day 5 Clue Help?

Just a guess, either Greece or Belize?

What is your opinion of Matt Lauer from the Today Show?

He is a typical talking head. Says what the teleprompter wants him to say. Does he have an standard, no. Is he intelligent or articualte, no .. There are no real news people today. They are all E celebrities that want high ratings.

Did you see the interview with Sarah Palin and Matt Lauer?

She has always been a wacko job, That's what took down the republicans.

Where can I find a complete list of "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" destinations?

I don't know were you can find that but I do know he is going to China this time were the Olympics are going to be held, I heard that on the today show.

Did you see the interview with Bush that Matt Lauer did? Isn't that how a President should act?

It was a great interview. Lauer struck out. Yes, President Bush was cool, presidential and also acted like a mature grown up who understands the seriousness of the issues we confront. His love for this country was unmistakable. He's going to be interviewed by Sean Hannity for an hour tonight on Fox News.

Is Matt Lauer a pedophile like Dave Letterman?

Yeah, I saw his interview of Palin. He is a pig bastard and some one should stick a fork in his eye.

Who was the little boy that Matt lauer interviewed that father died on 911?

His name is Kevin Hickey I found this link to the interview http://my.firefighternation.com/video/889755:Video:447459

The Matt Lauer announced a 4th hour added to the Today Show .Do you think it is needed push asocialist view?

They need that 4th hour because most of their audience is senile and they need the extra time to digest the liberal propaganda Matt will spew out each day.

What did you think about the Lindsay Lohan/Matt Lauer interview on Today?

What did Matt Lauer do on the Today Show today?

Leaned so far to the left, he almost fell off his chair...

Is Matt Lauer the most useless person on TV?

yes and he's so into himself

What is the best way to spread a rumor that Matt Lauer has head lice?

I don't believe your "friend" is a doctor. So, to assume that he doesn't have head lice is a bit presumptuous on your friends part. I question your friends research findings.

Did you respect McCain for telling Matt Lauer it was time to move on and not dwell on the past?

Yeah that was good. Matt Lauer being the weasel that he is, was trying to bait him but McCain wouldn't bite.

Who is surprised at Matt lauer cheating on his wife?

Al men are selfish pigs, so it doesn't surprise me when any man cheats on his wife

Why does Matt Lauer of the Today Show become so incensed at Paladino's remark?

Why Does Matt Lauer Keep Mispronouncing Sarah Palin's Last Name?

How come Matt Lauer never lets the people get their point across?

Time constraints probably or perhaps the speaker isn't getting his/her point across fast enough. More than likely, the host just might not really want to hear the other's point of view. These shows have too many guests with a lot to say and I, like you, want to hear and learn, dang it!

Where in the World do you think Matt Lauer is going to be tomorrow?

Good question, l only was able to figure out where Matt was, once. I guess in my own little mind l thought all his trips started from NY but he was in Fla on Fri. So maybe one of the islands near there. Guess we'll find out tomorrow. I'll think of you when we hear. ******** Edit, he's at the Boeing assembly facility in Everette, WA

Is it normal to make a weezing noise when ever I see Matt lauer?

Wrong forum. Maybe you're allergic.

matt lauer?

He will retire in2011 .

Will NBC's Brian Williams and Matt Lauer react violently to possibility of a Cuban American Vice President?

George is so creepy. Like Ventriloquist doll creepy.

Why did Obama tell Matt Lauer that people are frustrated that he's not a dictator?

Somebody should explain to him, that in this country, Presidents govern, they don't rule.

What brand Board Shorts did Matt Lauer wear in Barbados?

There's no way to know that or find out. Sorry. You could try contacting the show but I doubt they would be able to tell you.

How often does Matt Lauer get a haircut?

maybe 3 months?

How does one appear on the Today show with Matt Lauer? Can anyone appear on Today?

Normally people are invited, however if you have something they might want, submit it to the producer and if they are interested they will contact you.