Where do you think Matt Cassel will be next season?

In bed with Brady's lady

who should i start matt cassel or philip rivers for fantasy 2008?

Matt Cassel consistently puts up better numbers.

Who should start this week for the fantasy team? Peyton Manning or Matt Cassel?

I would still stick with Peyton, I don't think he will have another bad game. Cassel is alright, they should both get good fantasy points.

Should I start Jake Delhomme or Matt Cassel this week?

Go with Delhomme!! Throwing to Stevie Smith all day will result in at least 3 overall T.D.'s!!

Who should i start for my last week of fantasy football to ensure a win. Matt Cassel or Philip Rivers?

Philip Rivers has Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson for his Targets. Cassel has Moss and Welker. As you can see they both have very good throwing options, Both are playing a bad team this week with horrible defenses. Both would be a good start, however the deciding factor for me would be the weather conditions of the game that would decide my choice. Whichever game is supposed to be warmer i would start that quarterback.

Should i start Brett Favre or Matt Cassel this week in fantasy football?

Favre- The 49'rs D is much more legit than it has been, and the Chiefs are just terrible. Let the old man in the purple jersey carry you this week- he should be just fine.

In your opinion do you think matt cassel is a good quarterback?

I would say he is somewhere in the middle. He has average skills and had a TD:INT ratio of 16:16 and was 20th in the league for passing yards.

How great is Matt Cassel compared to Tom Brady?

I think that as standings are now, Brady is better but Cassel has the potential to be better. Both are great players. Only time will tell.

If you had Matt Cassel on your fantasy football team on week 3 vs. miami, would you start him?

Cassel is on a very short leash so far. Coach B hasn't even let him throw down field yet. He's playing not to lose, and therefore his numbers will probably suffer. Go with Romo this week. It isn't in the playoffs, so I'm very comfortable with starting Romo.

Matt Cassel?

I think they could win without Brady... but I wouldn't wanna see him try, especially after they put him in the Dolphins game earlier in the season. GO PATS!