Kennedy has malignant brain tumor do you care?Mary Jo were your daughter?

Interesting that Mary Jo's family has never really spoken out on the subject. If they really wanted to railroad Kennedy, they would do a weekly appearance on Hannity or Rush. Apparently her family must not think much of it, I wonder why you still do? hah: Grow up already. The only thing that the neocons like aboout Mary Jo is they can use her death as a political tool to get after Kennedy. Quite frankly it is tiresome and shallow to use her death in that way, regardless of what happened. Do I think Kennedy is guilty? Yes. Did he get away with it? Yes. Our justice system is tilted in favor of the wealthy. Always has been, always will be. Better grow up and get used to it.

Libs, why did Ted Kennedy beg Mary Jo's ghost for forgiveness?

Because he will be joining her soon!

Is Ted Kennedy's fate karma for Mary Jo and supporting Obama?

It's not fate. His years of alcoholism and bad lifestyle have just caught up to him. Even if he were to die, He would only be another dead kennedy.

How much did Ted Kennedy car insurance go up after he killed Mary Jo?

Maybe one of the insurance companies gave him accident forgiveness. If Dodd can get special mortgage deals, why not Kennedy getting insurance deals?

Is Mary Jo about to get her apology from Ted Kennedy in person ?

HAHAHAHA!!! What a great question. We can only hope that the answer is no, because that would mean they both ended up in hell, when only one deserves to be there.

Will Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne get married in heaven?

Ted aint getting into heaven.

Is Ted Kennedy still worshiped among Dems because Mary Jo was white?

They would have thought about it a half a second longer before absolving Uncle Teddy of any wrong doing. Ask our Secretary of State about Vince Foster. Death isn't "off the table" with the mob or democrats (did I repeat myself?). Nothing personal, just business.

What was Mary Jo Kopechne scratching on the roof of the car when Ted Kennedy left her there to die?

Teddy left her to die. After this, because he was a Kennedy, he got a suspended sentence and was elected to the Senate. Teddy is the reason we need term limits!

What would the Kennedy family do if someone left a picture of Mary Jo Kopechne next to Ted Kennedy's casket?

I'm sure another cover-up would ensue. Senator Teddie Kennedy was indicted August 26th. 2009 for the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969. Mr. Kennedy was served with an arrest warrant for the grisly murder at his bedside early that morning. Senator Kennedy was so shocked by the news, he dropped dead! Sheriff Joe Kopechne was given credit for the arrest. The sheriff has worked tirelessly over the last ten years gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses of the horrific murder. He is also the nephew of Mary Jo Kopechne. The sheriff had evidence his aunt was pregnant the night Teddie Kennedy slowly tortured her to death in his car. Most of the Kennedy Clan was too drunk at this time to offer a statement. Caroline Kennedy did attempt to say something before she also collapsed: "It's, I don't know, just so..., you know. And like it's so sad, because, you know, he died with handcuffs on." she stuttered. No funeral is planned. The body will simply be tossed into the Chappaquiddick Canal.o_O

Why was Sen.Ted Kennedy not sent to jail for the murder of Mary jo kopechne?

Why do you think? Why do you think there was no autopsy? Why was she buried less than 48 hours after she was discovered? Why wasn't Ted questioned about the accident or why he called in 7 hours after he crashed? Why did he swim the channel in his tuxedo and went to his hotel room showered and slept before calling about the wreck? He's a Kennedy. He has money. He has power. He doesn't work for a living he sucks off the government teat, bribes, kickbacks and inheritance from daddy. He makes laws he doesn't follow them.

How close was Mary Jo Kopechne to getting revenge on Ted Kennedy today?

Wherever she is, I'm sure shes past the need for revenge.

When at the democrat convention they do the tribute to Teddy Kennedy will they ask Mary Jo's family to say a ?

I doubt the Democrats even care, so far in 40 years they never have shown Mary Jo's family any courtesy. I would suspect that Jack Daniels will say a few words and offer lots of encouragement for Ted to resume his regular activities.

Did Ted Kennedy have little remorse over Mary Jo because he saw what his dad did to his sister?

Why are you making excuses for Ted? Look in the eyes of the law and the country, he committed murder and his family's political resources kept him from being prosecuted. If you want to look something up, look up William Kennedy and the rape that occurred in Florida. There your will find more of the underhanded Kennedy family skirting the law. And remember Joe Kennedy (the father) made their millions as a Rum Runner bringing in Canadian whiskey during prohibition to the gangsters who would become the Mafia. Mike

Was Ted Kennedy never charged with the Death of Mary Jo Kopechne, was it old money which bought his Freedom?

Money and power - thats what got him off the hook - 2 months 'suspended sentence' - thats all he got. He fled the scene (left the girl to drown - gave no help to her at all) and said nothing to anybody for 2 days - when confronted by the the police he 'denied' he was the driver - The girl he was with was a very young student - 'he was old enough to be her father' - the papers reported at the time it was 'drinking and sex' while driving in the car that led to the river crash. One of the most rich and powerful familys in the USA - he was never going to be allowed to do any jail time - you or me - yes !! And now because he's dead - he's flaunted around as some sort of 'great man' - its a sick joke - now people are putting he on a 'pedestal' and spouting on about his 'humanity' - (after what he did) as with all that family - they were all law breakers - and none of them were ever brought to justice.

Is Ted Kennedy finally paying the price for murder of Mary Jo Kopechne?

This isn't the time for this.

What side did NOW take on the Ted Kennedy, Mary Jo Kopechne scandal?

I don't know how some of these organizations look themselves in the mirror with a clear conscience. It's embarrassing.

How are you coping with yet "another" Kennedy family death?

Why did Ted Kennedy allow Mary Jo to drown for FOUR HOURS? If he left her 4 years, would Dems still worship?

Democrats are all saint...Didn`t you know that....They can do what ever they care to but a Replubican..Now that is a whole different story

Why when england granted knighthood to Kennedy didnt they mention his murder of Mary Jo Kopechne?

What few people realize is that she didn't die from drowning. She died from asphyxiation. She ran out of air from inside the vehicle. She could have been saved... - John Farrar, the rescue diver who examined the Chappaquiddick accident scene, was convinced that Mary Jo Kopechne had not only survived the crash, but had also lived for some time by breathing a pocket of trapped air. Farrar did not believe that she had drowned, but instead had died by asphyxiation as the oxygen in the air she was breathing was used up and replaced with carbon dioxide. "She was alive, easily an hour, maybe two," he said.

What will Ted Kennedy say to Mary Jo Kopechne for the first time since Chappaquiddick 41 years ago today?

Why is Ted "Bourbon" Kennedy touting Mary Jo Kopechne as a spokesperson for Volkswagon?

See what a great job the media has done!! Scott doesn't even know who Mary Jo Kopechne is!!! What a shame that man got away with murder only because of being a Kennedy.

How come Ted Kennedy was never prosecuted in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne (Chappaquiddick)?

For the same reasons that OJ got away with killing his wife and her lover. Name, money, and privilege.

Was Ted Kennedy a murderer or an equal victim of a terrible accident with Mary Jo Kopechne?

I knew that this was too good an opportunity for some right wing extremists to pass up. Slandering a man who just died is bad form. Senator Kennedy was not a murderer. He had a car accident. You might consider that if it weren't for him the grandparents of the people who criticize him wouldn't have Medicare. I doubt if you will ever be knighted, as he was or have heads of states eulogize you. You hopefully will never have to face the tragedies he faced. Assassins killed two of his brothers, and character assassins have dogged him for years. We have lost a tireless fighter for the American people, who wanted to live long enough to do one last thing for us. If you have no respect for the dead, try to think of his grieving family and those of us who will miss the last of the Kennedy brothers, all four of whom gave their lives serving us.

Why have the Dems lionized Ted Kennedy who killed Mary Jo K and got off scott free?

Finally someone on YA who understands my plight. I will get the last laugh however. Where Teddy is going they have NO water and it is very hot if you get my drift. Mary Jo

Is anyone curious of just what Ted Kennedy did with Mary Jo Kopechne?

LOL, Republican BS??? So Mary Jo is still alive? No, tonight the democrats will applaud a drunk womanizing murderer. I am sure that teddy will get a standing ovation and every one in the Pepsi Center will say, "Aw, it does not matter that teddy killed her" These are the morals and ethics of the left.

How many other women did the Demorat Ted the Killer Kennedy kill other than Mary Jo Kopechne?

wrong section. Be annoying elsewhere please.

Who was a better diver, Ted Kennedy when he tried to save Mary Jo, Or Lloyd Bridges in 'Seahunt'?

In the same vein of sarcasm of your question, if you believe his story of trying to save Mary Jo, I have some prime ocean front property in Arizona I can let you have fairly cheap. I am old enough to remember that event as it was covered in the papers. He went off and hid for days after allowing Mary Jo to die while driving drunk.Then his main defense ( other than a huge bull story of diving over and over) was that the Kennedy family already suffered enough with the killing of JFK and wasn't that enough? I am sorry, but much the same as the Kopeckni family, I dont have any sympathy for Ted Kennedy. He literally got away with murder due to family wealth and power. Just my personal opinon though. Best of luck and I hope you can find this useful

Did any of the Kennedy family go to Mary Jo's funeral?

You know, I don't remember, but I will find out today. I am going to reserve my comments until I do, I'll leave one when I come back. I don't think anyone else has brought this up, but it's only fair.

WHAT WAs the name of the island where ted kennedy let mary jo kopeckne drown?


Did Ted Kennedy think that Mary Jo Kopechne deserved Quality Medical care?

I think Teddy was planning to do to Mary Jo Kopechne exactly what the health care industry does to us every time we need medical treatment. But Miss Kopechne ended up dead due to incompetence and indifference and the party responsible for her death tried to shirk responsibility for it. Just like happens with too many Americans under our greedy and corrupt health care system.

Does anyone else wish Rush Limbaugh had been in the car that night with Kennedy, instead of Mary Jo?

LOL. Rush can't fit into a car. They move him around in a uHaul. His hillbilly heroin stash wouldn't fit in the car either.

How come Sen Kennedy didn't go to prison over Mary Jo Kopechne?

Because he's a Kennedy!

How old and how many lives would have Mary Jo Kopechne inspired if Senator Ted Kennedy hadn't killed her?

Ya I'd rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than drivin with Kennedy.

Do you feel relieved that Mary Jo Kopechne and Ted Kennedy will not share heaven?

He certainly was a hypocrite wasn't he, going to church, what a joke, the swimmer might have to spend eternity treading water, hot water.

Do relentless jokes about Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne honor Mary Jo, or merely insult Ted?

It honors neither one. Let the dead rest.*

Will Ted Kennedy nominate Mary Jo Kopechne as his Senate replacement?

He can't,he killed her while driving drunk. RWE

What is the evidence that Ted Kennedy murdered Mary Jo Kopechne?

The Right wingers don't need evidence. Are you kidding? "Given that he was drunk at the time" we even know THIS for a fact? This was definitely before my time so I tend to be skeptical of all the "facts" folks put out because their no support for the claims.

Did Kennedy murder a woman named Mary Kopeckne and dump her body in a lake?

To show her respect her name was Mary Jo Kopeckne He did not rape her. I do not think he could even get it up anyway. That is what boozes will do to you. This is only one of reasons his wife Joan did not want much to do with him. Also that he was an abusive drunk to her He drove drunk and drove his car into a lake and left her to die. So yes it was murder. He was not charged b/c he was a Kennedy. Go read about Mary Jo Kopeckne people that remember this love her and show her much more respect then they ever did this sorry @$$ drunk slob Ted Kennedy. And are hoping that God did not let him off so easy for what he did to her.

May someone please explain what happened with Chappaquiddick bridge, Mary Jo Kopechne, and Teddy Kennedy?

The oleman is about right. Good potted history in link below

Do you think Ted Kennedy thinks about Mary Jo Kopechne daily?

er-ah... no... er-ah the kennedys think about the kennedys er ah

What is the title of the first book published by Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher?

Her first book, "Serve it Forth", was published in 1937

Will Ted Kennedy ask Mary Jo Kopechne to help him throw out 1st pitch at Red Sox opener?

that is impossible. Mary Jo Kopechne is dead because Ted Kennedy killed her in a car accident while driving drunk.

Why feel sorry for Ted Kennedy have people forgot about Mary Jo Kopechne who was sent to a watery grave?

So there's one less ho out there getting involved with rich, powerful MARRIED men? Who cares? Mary Jo was a ho!

Do you think Ted Kennedy murdered Mary Jo because she was pregnant?

Nope, I think he was drunk and lost control of his vehicle. I know in many accidents the drunk walks away with minor injuries while the sober people die or have serious injuries. That's what she gets for being stupid enough to be a passenger in a vehicle controlled by a drunk. I don't let drunks drive with me in the vehicle.

How did Ted Kennedy get away with murdering mary?

He is part of a very rich family with a lot of influence. It was also an "accident". Just because you leave a girl to drown in a car and go home to sleep then write the police report yourself the next day doesn't make you a killer. Back to my first point...if you are rich you can get away with murder (literally).

Kennedy knows Mary Jo is waiting for him, how much time does he have left?

LOL...excellent, my man. I hope she's up there waiting for his fat drunk @ss.

What will God say to Ted Kennedy when Mary Jo Kopechne shows up to testify against him at the throne?

If you understood anything. You would understand this is between the 3 of them. Absolutely none of your business.

Is there any significance with Obama vacationing on Marthas Vineyard the place Ted Kennedy murdered Mary Jo?

Its ironic the messiah is vacationing where Ted pulled a "Clinton", a crime he was never punished for..... at least not incarcerated, only the sheep brain-washed on socialist Kool-Aid, didn't see Teddy define his character at Chappaquiddick. Obama owes Ted a huge debt for shifting his support from sHrillery, isn't it hysterical, the press statement the Clintons manufactured to appear sympathetic to the man who might have cost sHrillery the top closet she wants to hang her broom? See video of Teddy converying his true feelings about sHrillery. Also listed Ted's "I did not have sex with that woman" speech.

How did Ted Kennedy murder Mary Jo and still get reelected in Massachusetts?

Your use of the word MURDER is not accurate. He was NOT convicted of a crime of murder. He was in an accident. He left the scene of the accident, a misdemeanor, which he dealt with in court. There is nothing in the laws of MOST states that precludes a criminal from being elected to office, which includes the Presidency... The ones which DO, get around it all by saying that to hold office you must be a registered voter, and some states restrict voting from criminals convicted of certain felony crimes, which effectively bars some criminals along with ANY person not registered to vote.

What do you think happened to Mary Kennedy?