What to wear to a Mary J Blige Concert?

A red tubetop,white mini skirt with red and white necklace/earings.and Red heel or flats

Does anyone think faith evans was portrayed into Mary j blige's image and copied her music and style?

well Mary was on the up and rise around that time so that would make sense that a new label would want a female artist that could be of Mary's caliber

Does any white people listen to Mary J Blige?


if mary j blige and faith evans got into a fight who do you think would win?

Really? Rough azz Mary J. Blige against soft, sweet Faith Evans? Faith=prettier Mary=better singer

LGBT: Why would a respectable, classy gay man like Elton be friends with the like of Mary J. Blige?

ghetto hoodrats don't make millions.

what is your favorite Mary J Blige Song?

Be Happy Be With You No More Drama Take Me As I Am Each Tear Reflections Roses What Love Is Shake Down feat Usher Tonight Hurt Again Feel Like A Woman Stay Down Baggage Can't Get Enough I Found My Everything feat Raphael Family Affair feat Jadakiss Gonna Breakthrough feat Brooke I Am I Can't Wait Stronger Hate It Or Love It feat 50 Cent Smoke No One Will Do We Ride (I See The Future)

Do you know this song by Mary J Blige that she sings in a phone commercial?

"The One" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co941gzKj2Q

I have a Qestion does anybody have a website that has instumentals 4 Mary j blige?

No. P.S. We know you have a question so you don't have to say it.

What do you think of the idea of Lil' Kim and Mary J. Blige teaming up to diss Nicki Minaj and Keisha Cole?

Seriosly? Mary? Not Mary I thought she had class. And what did Keisha do that was so wrong? I feel sorry for nicki :(. Fuck lil Kim.

Can you tell me what happened with mary j blige?

She came from Yonkers, NY and what you mentioned above was, unfortunately, true. She turned her life around, though. She just guest judged AI on Tues. 1/12/10. As a matter of fact, she heard the new hit "Pants on the Ground". Take care.