Does anyone else think ESPN needs to replace Mary Carillo and Pam Shriver?

I feel the same way. Even Mary Joe Fernandez isn't that great. She's really nice, but she doesn't have much depth in her analysis. She's a lot better than the two you named, though. The only reason Shriver is there is to be critical of players without any reason. Carillo is also very opinionated. She was just going after Serena in the earlier parts of ESPN's coverage. In my opinion, the female commentators on ESPN are just talking heads. They really have nothing good to say and aren't up to par on their analysis.

Who are your best and worst tennis commentators?

Very interesting question. I'll star it for sure. I've been watching the pro game avidly for about twelve years now and I've heard alot of good ones... and alot of not-so-good ones. In no particular order, here are my faves and least faves.- The good ones.- John McEnroe.- Great insight as a former #1 player and someone who's been around the game for years. I might not always agree with his opinions and he can be quick to jump on the band-wagon with current thinking ("the best player in history", "the greatest single shot in the history of tennis", etc), but he is generally a good addition to the commentary booth. Cliff Drysdale.- Well-spoken, fair-minded and well informed. Also love his breakdown segments on players strokes. All round a very good presence. Mary Carillo.- Can be a little prone to let the adjectives fly regarding her favorite players, but knowledgable and informative. Jim Courier.- Always full of insight (only natural for a former champion) and equally appreciative of all playing styles... and it is all accompanied by a ready wit and self deprecating humor. Darren Cahill.- A relatively new addition but highly knowledgable. He may put forth some pretty controvertial ideas at times but he's often right on the money and it always adds some color to the broadcast. Dick Enberg.- Colorful, intelligent and very well-spoken. May not have as much raw tennis knowledge as some but makes up for it with his sheer charm and eloquence. The not-so-good ones.- Patrick McEnroe.- Whiny, boring and irritating. Seems to have a knack for rubbing his colleagues the wrong way and for picking petty arguements with them. Pam Shriver.- Dry as sawdust and has a penchant for stating (often over-stating) the obvious. Unless boredom's your "thing", adds nothing to the broadcast. Jimmy Arias.- Not too bad... but not too good either. Often lacks a real opinion on matters and is so soft-spoken that it makes it hard to really pay attention. Maybe I'd more put him down as bland than just bad. Billie Jean King.- Not a regular commentator but sometimes throws in her hand. Ugly speaking voice, too self-impressed and prone to bringing up "the rise of womens' tennis" rather than discussing the match in hand. Maybe not everyone will agree with me but that's the way I see it.

Can you imagine womens tennis without Serena Williams?

I agree. Young athletes blow up. It's part of reality. I saw her play and I would have dropped dead after 5 minutes of trying to keep up with her. She's an athlete, not a god damned politician or racist minister. Leave her alone. They tried to punish Will Clark back in the 80s when he celebrated a post season series win with a heart felt "God DAMN!" The critics sounded foolish then. They sound foolish now.

Can someone tell me how you can write to ESPN about their tennis coverage?

Totally agree with you. ESPN sucks. I was waiting up until 2 AM and staying up to 5 AM this morning to see Henin comeback on this thrilling second round match just for the idiot ESPN turned me down. I was waiting and hoping they was going to show this match at least half of it. Before the match I didn't expect that they will pay attention to Henin matches as they usually did in the past since they seem to think Henin is not someone they can make money from the commercials like Sharapova. But once she returned to the tournament it seemed like the media are excited and pay more attention to her. She gives the women tennis world more hope and raise the bar of quality. I was so happy and hope that I will see her match more. But now I realize this is not going to happen on ESPN as long as they still have those stupid people working just for money.

Should Hawk-Eye Challenges be unlimited?

Mary Carillo makes no sense. The reason players run out of challenges is because they lack discretion as to when to challenge. If you make a large number of wrongful challenges, you forfeit the right to be taken seriously. If challenges are unlimited, it will be abused. Players would abuse it just to throw their opponent off. We saw even in WImbledon last year with 3 challenges instead of 2, Nadal was clearly using it to frustrate Federer. ** Commenting on lolo's answer, I think soccer on the other hand needs an injection of technology. Tennis already uses technology, but the key is to use the right amount. Too much hawkeye is overdoing it and will kill the flow of hte game. SOccer doesn't use enough. Sepp Blatter is an idiot.

Will Serena's new record (prize money) inspire her more?

I doubt prize money is the major motivator for her. She is probably more concerned with winning grand slam's and getting in history books. I'm sure like everybody else she loves the money. But the bulk of her income will be outside the prize money which is also related to her performance. I personally think all these huge prize money are well deserved for sports people but those wall street....

Do you think Andy Roddick would've succeeded had Roger Federer not existed?

He would have moved up one spot which would put him all the way to...#5 in the current rankings. He still doesnt have the game to beat Nadal or Djokovic. Ferrer is now a better player than Roddick and I expect a few more players to pass him in the rankings by the end of the year (Murray and Gasquet should and Youzhny and Tsonga have the talent too as well). Federer is not the only person that beaten Roddick, but I think he would have won 2 Wimbledon titles if not for Roger. Nadal still would beat Andy and I think Novak could as well on grass. Right now the mens elite are so much better than Roddick he cant compete. I think we both are aware Roddick has not finished among the top 5 for 2 consecutive years and this will make 3 this year. Roddick's time has passed and his #1 ranking occurred in a lull in the game, I dont see another one coming that could allow him to be relevant in the game anytime soon

Why is Alona Bondarenko so skinny?

That was actually Kateryna Bondarenko in the link. She lost to Rebecca Marino. It looks like Yahoo mislableled the photos. Alona bulked up because of her diet and training and got skinny when she stopped training. The same thing happened to Kournikova when she stopped training. BQ: In the old days there were stories of sibling rivalry between circus acts like "The flying Fratelli brothers." The Bondarenkos are constantly fighting and full of drama so maybe she attributes that to them being circus-like. On another note, I hate Mary Carillo and wish she would retire already.

I can't believe they're allowing Serena to play today!?

for the love of God put the gorilla back in her cage

Why do they do that to Rafa?

Carlin, I'm sure his fans will say he had some other problem back then when he lost to all those people (and Gonzalez and Sampras also). Afterall he's Federer, when he wins, he did it all by himself (his opponent did not play bad at all), when he looses, Federer made mistakes or was unhealthy. The bottom line for his fans is, whether Federer looses or wins, Federer and Federer only decides the outcome of the match.

what do you think about the top 15 female sportscasters of all time by the ASA?

only two worth listening to.

Is anyone else suffering/annoyed because of ESPN's coverage of the Aussie Open?

I know what you mean! Personally it is super annoying that they bring up the same freaking topic every single match with a person e.g. I swear I have heard that Nadal plays leftie even though he is rightie at least 2 times per grand slam match, really people...we get it...and for tennis channel we do get more coverage of the Australian Open (like 3 hours before ESPN's coverage starts) and then they replay matches during the next day for people who didn't want to stay up late to see them. For tennis channel commentators we have Martina Navratilova (who has improved VASTLY, but used to constantly talk about how bad a player's shot was and could never just shut up...) and Bill Macatee, and then during the US Open we get Jimmy Connors too, and occasionally there is another random commentator like on of the Jensen brothers and some random dude whose name I don't remember. I've seen on commercials about Direct TV that this is how it goes, and I also think that there is no commentating as well!

Did anyone else find the Billie Jean King dedication the other night "over the top"???


Whats with the stupid sound effect during U.S. Open instant replays?

I don't even watch CBS or ESPN anymore. ESPN is even worse, they missed points due to commercials and interviews. I just go on the US Open site and watch live stream. Much better there :)

Music from NBC Wimbledon Update 2011?

"second chance" peter bjorn and john

Do you think Melanie Oudin is overrated?

Oudin is waaaaaaaaay overrated. Unfortunately, these airheads they have commentating wouldn't know it if somebody wrote it down and gave it to them. I hate the favoritism they show. How about unbiased commentating? I hate the way then swoon over players like Federer, and Serena. Mary Carillo has to go. She never has anything intelligent to say. Brad Gilbert needs to grow up. He acts like he's 12 years old when he's calling a match. The McEnroe's are fine. Cliff Drysdale is a little stiff sometimes, but not bad overall. Like I said above, Oudin is way overrated. Yes, she beat Dementieva, but it can't have been a surprise to anybody. In every tournament every played in the history of the world, there have been major upsets. That's the nature of the game, people. Anybody can beat anybody at any given time in any given place. That's just the way it is. Dementieva could have been tired from her previous tournament, she could have not been feeling well, she could have had an off day, we just don't know. But, to say that Oudin is going to go all the way just because she beat a higher seed than her, is just plain dumb.

Who's your favourite tennis journalist/TV commentator?

Nobody. I prefer them to keep quiet so I can enjoy the match :)

My wife just died. What would be a cute phrase for her gravestone?

I agree w/ Alec S!!!

Why do white people like Maria Sharapova so much??

cause some people are perverted.

Who are the BEST and WORST tennis commentators?

Oh yeah, rather than editing my other answer to add this one in, I forgot to mention that Cliff Drysdale bugs the hell outta me! And I'd like to point out on the link that you've given us that the same website also has titles such as "Does Patrick McEnroe have "Homoerotic" feelings for Andy Roddick and James Blake?" and "Barbie and Ken Bounced from Tennis" (Roddick and Maria from the 2008 Wimbledon 2nd round.) Clearly this website isn't that reliable or anything especially considering he just had twins with his wife several months ago......

what do you think about Lindsay Davenport as an announcer?

She's terrific. Davenport stays calm and keeps the subject directly on the match. She knows when to speak and when not to. As a professional, she understands the game and knows how to play it. Speaking from experience, she can give some insightful feedback on the players and the match itself. By the way, Rubin is great as a commentator too. I wish I had the chance to see her play a few years ago, but I'm content with her as a commentator. I do hope they keep her around. Her and Lindsay do a great job. By the way, Carillo's been announcing for a long time, and she bring personality to the booth. No matter how different she is, she's great and I enjoy hearing her views on the game, the players, and the matches.

Why was Olympic tennis coverage so sparse?

I agree with trekker. By anytime, I mean several times per year, even without cable. Hell, we just endured two weeks of Wimbledon, when all I care about is the final match. And I think the U.S. Open is right around the corner. The French Open before Wimbledon. Right? It's old news. The other events are once every 4 years, and most people don't care about the World Championships every year. For some reason, the Olympics are more popular. Not sure why. That might be a good Q to ask. Think I will.

Is it racist that Serena Williams is being given no chance by the media to win the Australian Open?

serena williams is an amayzing tennis player. i think the media can be racist i, what the world has to realize is that who cares what color you are or were you come from, everyone should except people for who they are, so i agree with you on that one.

Who do you think is the worst tennis commentator?

Bud Collins.. he asks the dumbest questions , makes the stupidest comments, has bad hair and never even really played tennis. He won an Indoor US Mixed title at 32 with Janet Hopps who made it to the 3rd round of the French & 2nd round of Wimbledon & is a two time champion of the old US Open in WD's mixed even considered tennis. We played that after wine & cheese at the club. Then he won a Seniors French men's doubles at 46. His partner was very good. Jack Crawford was a world #1 ranked Aussie. Hell give me Patrick Rafter or Pat Cash or Mark Philippoussis and I'd probably win the French Sr. Men's Doubles too.

What was Ana Ivanovic's quote that impressed Billy Jean King?

"Becoming No. 1 takes more pressure, but also you have to see pressure for what it is," "It's a reflection of your own ambition. If you see it as a positive thing, it means that you put yourself in a position to do something memorable. So if you look at it that way, it can be very motivating."

Why do you hate Mary "She's a man bay-bee!" Carillo?

Mary needs to shut up during the game and stop putting in her constant opinions. We don't care what she feels or thinks about shot spot. I think PAm Shriver is even more annoying and kwetches much more, AND goes on and on and on about the players she's biased towards - like the williams sisters. They should go on and on about the top players, not about who they like. You listen to reporters on European channels, and they aren't as annoying. D. Cahill is fantastic. He stops talking at the moments when the game is going on. And he tells you feedback about the GAME not a bunch of silly trivia that Star magazine or such would report.

How long will CBS, Dick Enberg and Mary Carillo...?

Like anything else, they will milk it for ratings to create a bigger story out of a common occurrence. Sure, plenty of people do things like this all the time (not just in tennis but in sports in general), but its going to get way more attention and be blown way up when its coming from a female tennis player.

What was the song that played during Mary Carillo's video with the Canadian Mounties?

we're the mounties. it be the entrance song for a wrestling tag team called the mounties. they be popular around the late 80s and early 90s.

Is Mary Carillo the most biased tennis commentator EVER?

And after the women's final, she said straight to Vera's face that she was overwhelmed by the moment. How does she know that? This isn't Vera's first Grand Slam final, and she didn't seem nervous. And even in her presser afterward, Vera said she didn't feel like she was overwhelmed by the moment, but maybe wasn't as physically strong as she wanted to be.

Is NBC's Mary Carillo a Lesbian?

Not sure that this has ever been confirmed. She was married for like 15 years...has two kids. Although it is interesting to note that she currently splits her time between a place in Florida and.....a place in Greenwich Village in NYC. Hmm...

is mary carillo a lesbian?

Mary has been a long-time friend and vocal supporter of the gay and lesbian community. However as for her being a lesbian herself, while there have always been the occasional rumor going around the gossip mill, Mary has never publicly stated that she is a lesbian. And until she does, I believe we owe it to her not to speculate about her sexuality. I believe these lesbian rumors started over the way she looks and the heaviness in her voice. First of all its utter rubbish to suggest that someone is a lesbian because they look butch and possess a heavy masculine voice, according to a few narrow minded idiots out there. Mary may not have had that great of a career playing tennis, but her analysis and commentary of the game, backed up by the years of experience she has had horning her skills as a female sports commentator in what is traditionally known to be a man's world, has made her one of the most unique and innovative voices out their covering sporting events all over the world. Yes her voice may not be flattering and her looks may not be as appealing to some, however her professionalism, respect and love for the game and for women's sports in general, has been truly admired all over. Which other female sports commentator do you know of, covers tennis for ESPN, HBO, NBC, CBS and even does coverage of the Winter Olympic Games? I mean, say what you want about her, but the main fact is that the woman clearly knows what she is doing.

Does anyone else think ESPN needs to replace Mary Carillo and Pam Shriver?

i definitely agree, especially for mary carillo she os honestly kind of obnoxious

who agrees that Dara Torres and Mary Carillo...?

I was thinking the other day about how it would be if i was there in beijing......... Checking out the les scene at the olympic village.... Yummy

can we get Mary Carillo fired?

Yes she is incredibly annoying but Patrick Mcenroe is 4x more annoying than her, too much self praise and sucking up to people he wants on his Davis Cup team.

Is Mary Carillo a transgender? She seems to have a large Adam's apple...

No, I actually know her from when she was a little girl and I was in grade school with her older brother. She has always been female.

Is Mary Carillo, the tennis sportscaster straight or gay?

She is straight as far as the naked eye can see, with 2 kids and a husband, but buy her actions, and butch like talk, she could be a Billie Jean King in disquise, only time will tell???

Is NBC's Olympics reporter Mary Carillo really a man?

You're clueless if you don't know Mary Carillo. She is a former pro tennis player that teamed with McEnroe in mixed doubles. The won the French Open together -- the only French title McEnroe owns. And she's a great tennis commentator who often puts McEnroe in his place during broadcasts.

Why Was Mary Carillo not in the booth for the Men's Final like she had been in past years?

i noticed that as well. she in years past,has been a fixture alongside ted and johnny mac for both the women's and men's finals. maybe they're changing the direction? maybe she had to leave early and get back home? pam shriver did that before the semifinals were set.

Mary Carillo Question?? Girlfriend?

She was married for 15 years to tennis instructor Bill Bowden. They divorced in 1998 and have two children, Anthony and Rachel. Mary has been a long-time friend and vocal supporter of the gay and lesbian community. However as for her being a lesbian herself, while there have always been the occasional rumor going around the gossip mill, Mary has never publicly stated that she is a lesbian. She wrote a book with Martina Navratilova & they remained good friends. Maybe it is Martina who you have seen her with? Are you sure that this other woman is a life partner?

What is Mary Carillo's ethnic background?

According to this article, she is an Irish-Italian american:

Who is Mary Carillo, co-host of the Westminster Kennel Dog show?

A moron, I think. She's a tennis expert, right? Tennis has WHAT to do with dogs? Exactly. Geez. I watch Westminster because I love the pageantry and the prestige of the show. The very LAST thing I need to hear is the endless pitter-patter yap and babble of someone who CLEARLY knows nothing about conformation (or even dogs in general) rambling on aimlessly and asking sophomoric questions. I truly wish the hosts would just know when to SHUT UP and let us appreciate the dogs and their handlers. The endless lame attempts at humor are just intrusive. How many times do I need to hear "At our house, dog hair is considered a condiment" or "it's not a breed for everyone" ... get a new line, already.

Does Mary Carillo's endless commentary ever bother you?

She adds little value to the pleasure of a match

Is anyone sick of Mary Carillo?

I usually dislike Carillo and want her to shut up, but I think she did a great job tonight and I agreed with her. She actually did a nice job analyzing the match and talking about both Wozniacki and Clijsters' games. Or maybe it was just that I was in an unusually good mood because two of my favorite players are in a Grand Slam final. As for her comments about Serena, you could tell she was really trying to get her point across about Serena. I mean, it's true, Serena deserves a much harsher punishment. In any other sport, the athlete would be facing much more severe consequences, but for whatever reason, they need time to review this incident, which baffles me. I think there is hesitation to penalize one of women's tennis biggest stars. Ratings don't lie; ESPN actually said Serena (not Roger, not Nadal, not anyone else) brings in the biggest ratings. So there may be a bit of favoritism for the game's biggest cash cow going on behind the scenes.

Does Mary Carillo know the names of the US Open's Women's players?

Quite frankly, I tend to ignore all sports commentators, as their pithy statements are hardly worth listening to, IMHO, so I have no idea to what you are referring. All commentators may be excused for not constantly using a person's name during the course of a given match, especially when only two people are on the field or, in this case, court. In other words, the listening audience (for those who bother to listen, unlike me!) can usually figure out to whom the commentator is referring, even without using that person's name. As far as being annoying, I strongly disagree with you, as well as to your rantish, one-sided, rhetorical question, but, you are entitled to your opinion.

Is it just me or does Mary Carillo from the Olympics coverage look just like Gary Busey with a wig?

lol good observation

Was our tennis mom Mary Carillo a little hard on Serena?She felt she should not play in the doubles.?

She was extremely hard and quite out of line. She's nothing more than a tennis commentator and should have stayed in her place. Who is she to say that Serena Williams couldn't play in the doubles? Glad no one listened to her ignorant self. Because Serena and Venus won the doubles! And where was Mary when they only fined Roger Federer $1,500 for cussing at the CHAIR UMPIRE?

Is Mary Carillo the worst Tennis commentator ever? ?

Yes, terrible/non-existent stroke analysis. Only talk about how great the Williams sisters are, has no idea that men's tennis is a different game. And she won't shut up during points. She doesn't even talk about tennis half the time! Of course I hate all of them because so few have any idea what it is to hit a modern forehand and only talk about the game today with disdain.

What do you think of Mary Carillo?

I think she's funny, especially when she works with John McEnroe. They've been friends since their childhood, and won the French Open mixed doubled together when she was 18 and he was only 17, so they have a great rapport that really works for TV. She can be at times a little over-talkative and too analytical/critical about the minutiae of a match and the game in general, but I think she knows what she's talking about.

How tall is Mary Carillo, former pro tennis player and NBC Olympic commentator??

her bio says 5'11"

Who is Mary Carillo (Olympics/Tennis) dating?

Carillo's imdb page QA has link to Sara Marx page in a question that suggests she is her partner. The link was deleted on Marx page. The Sara Marx is from Ottumwa Iowa, it lists, so this could be what youre talking about. And she's listed as LGBT film maker (Les-Gay-Bi-Tranny acronym). Its not rocket science. Both have children listed. Might be a suburb of Desmoines. Prob the same woman.