crowns/bridges and infections?

How do you get rid of dark rings around the eyes?

stop stressing out and sleep well.

How do I get rid of these marks from my glasses?

Rub some vitamin E oil on those parts and leave it on overnight then wash it in the morning. It speeds up the process of healing scars. (:

people who built popsicle stick bridges- hot melt glue guns okay?

Hot melt glue is pretty strong but forms weak bonds to other stuff, unless it is also hot when you melt the glue. If you go with slow cure epoxy (15 to 45 minute cure time) you will get much better results that approach the inherent strength of the wood you are gluing. White wood glue is also pretty good, once it is fully dried. But the parts have to fit together pretty well to get strong joints. for example: -- Regards, John Popelish

Are a Roman nose and a Jewish nose the same thing?

what are you saying? that jews intermarried with their roman oppressors? how can you possibly say it's "the same thing"? so racist! i can't believe it.... [furiously emails the holocaust survivors organisation.] [starts a campaign to "boycott italians until they deny being related".] [organises doctors to write about the risks and psycho-social issues of nose-jobs.]

How far is the train station from all the main attractions in Venice?

from Venice train station you can easily walk to main attractions in 15-30 minutes timeframe. 15-20 minutes to the Rialto bridge (via Frari and San Rocco churches, more artistical itinerary, or via Strada Nuova, that is out of the station to the left without crossing the Grand Canal). Once you reach the Rialto (or even the Academy bridge) calculate another 15 minutes to St. Mark's square, the pidgeons square from the Academy bridge or only 5-10 minutes from the Rialto bridge. All this timing is given without considering stops for visits and/or shopping. If you get public transportation, vaporetto line 1 from Railway station to St. Mark's square takes about 50 minutes but it is worth the view on the enchanting Venetian palaces of the past centuries. Cost of the ticket approx 5 euro per person one way.

harvest moon island of happiness unlocking Mark?

1) Yes, the rice paddy counts as visiting all areas I think. All you need to do is get Charlie to apply a Yellow Wonderful onto your hammer. A cutscene will automatically happen which smashes the boulder on your farm. Wonderfuls are found via 3 ways: Winning first place in a festival, at the bottom of the mine on odd visits (1st visit, 3rd visit, etc) or in Winter at Chen's store (if your invisible farm degree number ends in 5 - you just have to save before you go to bed and use a tool = + 1farm degree point, then go to bed and check Chen's store. If it's not for sale, reload and use a tool twice, etc) 2) The hotel automatically expands when you bring 30 sub-characters to the island.

Where to buy clear artificial nails online? (not tips!)?

This site has a lot of high quality nails(not just tips;-)

How to prevent pock mark.?

Keep the area moist with an antibacterial ointment like neosporin. And, eat a lot of protein like chicken breast slices and milk to promote healing.

What are the chances my insurance will cover a nose job/rhinoplasty?

Insurance doesn't cover cosmetic surgery. You won't get them to change the tip of your nose.

How to unlock mark on harvest moon IoH?

Moves in: Unlock all of the areas by building the 3 bridges, unlock all of the main villagers with the exception of the Mineral Town characters, vist all areas (have the 7 Harvest Sprites unlocked), and have the Hotel in E.Town expanded. Moves out: Ignore for 30 days

Harvest Moon Island of happiness help !!! Mark !?

Have you unlocked at least 30 sub villagers? You must do that to expand the hotel in E.Town. If you don't do that Mark won't have a place to stay. So he won't ever move to the island. You're right, the Rice Paddy does not matter.

Who gets marks on either side of bridge of nose from glasses?

i had the same problem,so i started using contacts. i use glasses without support pads now.

What does Mark say in violence?

I don't know the song but uhh.... 6 bottles went down the drain, one hours a waste of time, I'd ask if you feel the same, still pushin that chance to try, your breath in this cool room chill, long hair that blows side to side, you speak and make time stand still, and each time you walk right on by… Like violence you have me, forever, and after Like violence you kill me, forever and after. Can't count all the eyes that stare, can't count all the things they see, she kills with no life to spare, just victims are left to bleed, one drink and the pain goes down, soft shadows lay by her feet, lay soft as you slowly drown, lay still as you fall asleep. Fall asleep. Like violence you have me, forever, and after Like violence you kill me, forever and after. (And after…and after…and after) Like violence you have me, forever, and after Like violence you kill me… Like violence you have me, forever, and after Like violence you kill me… Like voielnce you kill me Like violence Like violence you have me, forever, and after Like violence you kill me, forever and after. Like violence you have me, forever, and after Like violence you kill me, forever and after.

in the "I heard the owl call my name" what is mark talking about the bridge and boat during a sermon?

Been too long ago for me to remember. I'm sure it's fresher for you. I remember it was a good book, though.

does any one like alter bridge i think mark tremonti is amazing and also myles kennedy can hit the high notes?

I really think they are a very good band and hope they succeed...don't know if they are BETTER than Creed , maybe just as good

Red mark on skin won't heal?

Cancer, prepare to die.

Is Palin really a champion of earmarks?

She wasn't a reformer. She supported the bridge to nowhere. After the bill passed, it became public and then she decided not to build it. What isn't being told much is that she did not return the money. So it went to some other pork barrel project. There are issues of abuse of power where she got a state trooper (I believe an ex-husband of her daughters). fired. She also was a member of a group that advocated that Alaska succeed from the union. BTW, that jet airplane, she didn't sell it on eBay. She sold it to one of her contributors who is using it for hunting bears and caribou, and it was sold at a loss. It really wasn't the governors plane, it was being used to fly prisoners to Arizona because they do not have enough prison space in Alaska.

What's the most random thing you remember from recess?

playing with my banana

How do I get the new Movie"Bridge to Nowhere"? Its about the antichrist and the mark of the beast.?

Listen That movie is still in Theaters but you can get someone to illegally burn it from the theatre. I'm just kiddn', or am I?

15 fast facts about cantilever bridges/structures?

Cheaters never prosper! That was the fastest! Best answer! WOOHOO!

is parking allowed on bridges, even tho it isn't marked?

No, parking or stopping on bridges is prohibited unless marked as permitted or for emergencies.

How do i get rid of the red spots on my nose from wearing my glasses ?

take ur glasses off for awhile

Is the Basilica di San Marco in Saint Mark's Square?

The Basilica di San Marco is definitely in Piazza San Marco - that's how it got it's name. The Clock Tower is also there. The Doge's Palace is situated next to the Basilica on the corner of the Grand Canal. The Bridge of Sighs is between the Doge's Palace and the old prison on the Grand Canal side. So all are within the same area. And don't forget to visit St Mark's Campanile, also in the Piazza.

Mark Tremonti or Ray Toro?

Ray Toro...-

What is the most underrated performance from these actors?

Robert De Niro- The King of Comedy Edward Norton- Primal Fear Christian Bale- The Prestige Al Pacino- Carlito's Way Clint Eastwood- In the Line of Fire Paul Newman- The Verdict Steve Buscemi- Trees Lounge Mark Wahlberg- Boogie Nights Harvey Keitel- Mean Streets Dustin Hoffman- Wag the Dog Jeff Bridges- The Fisher King BQ- John Goodman BQ2- John Goodman in The Big Lebowski

Does my cat have an infection on the bridge of her nose?

I had a cat who had what I thought was a scrape on the bridge of her nose, but it didn't clear up. The vet said it was a seasonal allergic reaction to some local insect. Mango had to get a couple of cortisone shots every summer for the rest of the time we lived in that area (Boulder Creek, CA). I wouldn't put peroxide on it anymore, and I would take the cat to the vet if the condition lasts more than a few days.

Does the processors i3, i5 and i7 considered as Sandy Bridge thing or not?

Your processor is a first generation core processor, which uses LGA1156 socket. Its only the second generation that are codenamed "Sandybridge". These use socket LGA1155. To differentate the Second gen from the first gen, all current second generation (Sandybridge) processors models end in 'K'. Example: Intel Core i5 2500K

How can I wear my sunglasses without getting marks on my nose?

I've woren glasses for some 40 some years and ther is no way you keep it from happening.

What guitar effects does Mark Tremonti use?

Well, I think you should ask Mark himself. But, since you can't really do that, here is a YouTube video of Mark explaining in detail about his entire rig including all his effects and if you pay attention, he even shows you where he sets all the knobs on his amps and effects to get the sounds he needs. Pretty cool, huh? This video is even better and it is specific to Alter Bridge ... Enjoy!

Pinching the nose leaves a mark?

you've bruised the area by pinching it, all of the small capillaries were broken it will heal but will take time

Why did Chelsea refuse holding a minute's silence to mark the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy?

It's to damage the Scousers' reputation and team spirit.

Red mark on side of nose?

It's probably some sort of a birth mark. I have a little red dot on my cheek that I wasn't born with but it won't go away. You probably can't rid of it. Maybe ask a doctor about it?

What are the best over the counter acne/acne mark treatments?

how can i meet mark tremonti?

I honestly dont think thats possible at the moment (Im a fan of his guitar playing too), because since Creed is gettting back together, Mark will be busy touring and writting a new Creed album...check out his tour dates to see if you can get a VIP pass.. EDIT: AHAH i found it!!

Mark Tremonti or Myles Kennedy solo projects?

During the time that Creed was at the end of its career in the early 2000s, Tremonti had intentions to form a speed metal side project called Downshifter (with Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta and Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison), but the project never got off the ground.[6] However, he has recently talked about doing a solo album. "The bands are so different," he said of his two current main projects. "And I write so much. I'm going to do a solo record because there are some songs that I'd hate to think wouldn't see the light of day because they don't work for Creed or Alter Bridge."[7] He will be playing guitar and singing lead on all of the songs himself, and former Submersed members Eric Friedman and Garrett Whitlock will perform on the record as well. As of November 5, 2010, five songs for the album have been written. Tremonti describes the music as "melody driven". In early 2009, Kennedy announced that he is working on a solo side project. He described the material as "dreamy" and "[not] aggressive," saving those songs for Alter Bridge. He also said, "It's more singer/songwriter based. I will say it's going to be interesting."[42] He later posted on his Myspace page that he is working with some "great people" and that he has details coming at a future date.[43] Slash announced via Facebook on February 1, 2010 that he would be appearing on Kennedy's solo record, and Kennedy confirmed this via Myspace.[44] Kennedy had originally hoped that his album would be in early 2010, digitally first and then on CD, but he has since put its release on hold.[45] However, he recently said that he wants to release it on December 21, 2012 as a joke, referencing the 2012 phenomenon.

What does it mean to be called a "mark"? And what does "trolling" mean?

I don't really know about the meaning of mark. There's something in urban dictionary: "noun. A person identified as an easy target, or "sucker". A mark is always the short end of a joke or scam, and is never let in on whats going on. A mark is usually being cheated out of money. It's origin is from old English traveling carnivals from the late 1800s to early 1900s, where workers would refer to people paying to see thier made up shows and games a "mark". not from urban gangsters like most people think. Mark is also the origin to the term "smark" or "smart mark" which is a person who know's he/she is being scammed." I don't know how much I would trust that, though. About trolling, to troll means to post comments meant to cause strong reactions or debate just for fun. For example, if you write on yahoo answers: "I'm pregnant with a baby from my father, what should I do?" and wait to see how people react to it just for the fun of it, or to make other users angry.

I got kicked in my face from martial arts and it left a mark how could I remove it its on the bridge of my nse?

how do you mark a lip piercing and a bridge piercing?

Surgical pen would be much better than a sharpie. Veins are blue. And stick out. Don't pierce one, it would hurt. You need to do sea salt soaks (regular table salt is NOT the same thing) and use non alcoholic mouthwash for the lip piercing - do not use that crap from Claire's. For the bridge, just use the sea salt soaks.

Would you say Mark Tremonti is the greatest rock guitarist of this decade?

Hello there, I would agree Mark Tremonti is one of the top guitarist of the decade. Top 5 is hard to decide. So many great guitarists out there. You also have to consider Michael Angelo Batio. I think Joe Satriani is the best to come along since Jimi Hendrix. But then there was Stevie Vai, Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen. Since then the scene has literally exploded with great guitarists. I would have a hard time deciding the top 5. But Tremonti is definitely in consideration. So is Batio. Later,


Is it (in your opinion) ugly to have a slighty raised beauty mark between your eyes on the bridge of your nose?

wtf is a beauty mark?

How could i get a message to guitar player Mark Tremonti?

AB is a pretty cool band and you can always write a letter, and hand deliver it xD

Why do some suicidal people choose to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge? Or some other famous land mark?

Some are trying to make a statement. I would say that they seek some bit of significance to maybe deter them. When you think about it, if they truly want it all to end, why not do it quietly and in private? To stand on the bridge with traffic going by, is it a final plea for compassion or help?

I have had new plastic frame bench glasses and they hurt and mark the bridge of my nose! What should i do?

have them adjusted and/or get some nose pads at the eye/glasses place you use.

How to diminish Crease Mark on my nose?

All aloette products have aloe in them. Which helps heal the skin. These products (anti aging) can be expensive but are worth it in the end. I know that you don't need "anti aging" products, but these products help with wrinkles. =)

Does a bridge piercing leave a mark?

Unfortunatley any piercing will leave a small mark, at least for a short time. It also depends how long the piercing was in for.. the longer you have it the longer it takes for the skin to close up and the scar to fade.

What is the song at the end of Army Wives when Jeremy is walking across the bridge mourning over Mark's death?

never be the same - the kin

How to mark where my bridge goes?

What would be a good name for a punctuation mark that bridges the gap between exclamation mark and period?

It should be called a glockenstop. It would look like a mildly sarcastic face, as follows :C Guido thinks it will be a hit :C