I need ideas for how to get my hair and makeup done for the marine corps ball?

Makeup: keep it simple and close to your skin tone. Lipstick or gloss very close the colour of your lips already. Bronze along the cheekbones if youv got tanned-ish skin. If not use a blusher closest to the colour of your lips. Cream/gold/brown eyeshadow. Make sure your eyebrows are in shape and defined, use a little eyebrow pencil to do that. Hair: a nice updo. Perhaps a big bun since you have plenty hair to work with. Something classy. Clothes: something fitted around the bust and waist then floaty. A nice nude, pale pink or dark cream colour to go with your hair .x Have fun! x

Where in temecula is the Marine Corps Ball for Motor T in Camp Pendleton?

Motor T is not going to have a separate ball of their own. Basically there are going to be three separate balls, one for junior enlisted, one for senior enlisted and one for officers. They're usually held in the enlisted club, staff NCO club and officer's club.

How old do you have to be to attend the Marine Corps Ball?

if youre 18 its no problem. if youre under 18 i dont even want to know why youre getting married, but since youre a minor it would need parental consent and the command goahead. they might even mandate that a legal guardian attend the ball with you.

Can people please post photos of their marine corps ball dresses?

The dress I'm wearing this year is from David's Bridal: http://www.davidsbridal.com/bridesmaids_bycolor_detail.jsp?stid=2333&sid=7983&cfid=55

Where to order the professional photos taken at the Marine Corps Ball?

you were given that information at the time the pics were taken.. usually in the form of a business card or brochure with the website listed. however I would hazard a guess that they are no longer available as they tend to just leave them up for a wek or two afterward. certainly not a full year.

What is the Dress Code for men at the Marine Corps Ball?

Here you go... Attire Marines: Evening Dress "B" or Blue Dress "A" Army: Army Blue (bow tie) Navy: Dinner Dress Blue Jacket or Dinner Dress Blue Air Force: Mess Dress Civilians: Black Tie http://www.usmcbirthdayball.com/ball_information And just in case you are not familiar with the different dress codes.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_tie I didn't find a good link to many pictures hopefully someone else can... But if you search Marine Corps Ball pictures you get a wide range to look at... I would simply rent a plain black tuxedo and dress shoes. Your job that night will be to not outshine your wife in her uniform! My thanks to your wife for her service to this country! I hope you have an awesome time!!!

What is the dress code for a college Marine Corps Ball?

Marine Corps Ball is always, ALWAYS strictly formal. Marines: Full dress blue's with sword & fruit salad - complete. WomanMarines: Ditto. Male Civilians: tux. Female Civilians: Gown as if part of a formal wedding party. Just so you know, the Marine Corps Colors are Scarlet & Gold. Have fun.

What type of dancing should I learn for the Marine Corps Ball?

im not sure wat this is but mabey the waltz

When is the marine corps ball in san diego?

I would guess both days. Many units had their ball this passed weekend. There are more then one USMC balls at Camp Pendleton.

What to wear to a Marine Corps ball in San Diego?

You have three options, as i see it. You can take him shopping with you and help you pick out a dress... or maybe have him look through some catalogs... on the internet. May I suggest you bookmark them so he doesn't have to wade through a whole catalog? Or -- and this may be advisable if your escort's an "up and coming" young officer on the fast track -- you could call Miramar. Tell the operator you need advice for what to wear to the Ball on such and such a date. Ask to whom you might speak to get that advice. If the operator doesn't know, you might ask if there is a "Protocol Office" or maybe the "Public Affairs Office" (that's the Public Relations office... at least it is in the Navy). For heaven's sake, don't talk to a guy if you can help it. A guy might be able to give you generalities, but a woman would be more likely be able to talk color, material, sources, and prices. Or (and this is probably the simplest) you can take the cue from what women wore to the Ball last year. I suspect he's thinking something like a cocktail dress. Nothing flashy or pretentious. It's not advisable to out-do the Commandant's wife. Get a few pictures and see if you can get your escort's approval. I'm not at all knowledgeable about women's fashion. But I was stationed in DC a couple of tours and had to attend a few rather formal functions. As I recall, my civilian dates wore long gowns... maybe not quite to the floor, but never above the knee. However that was back in the 1970's. Just for the heck of it, I did a Google search on (military ball gowns), and another on (marine ball gowns 2011). Some of them are reminiscent of what I saw civilians wear to those functions. But some of the gowns I ran across online are rather short, rather revealing, rather garish, rather overtly sexy, and, had my date worn one of them, I probably would have heard about it from the Admiral (or his Aide) the next time I walked into the office. Guess the times are changing.