Spanish translations?

Maria suggested that we go to the library to study: Maria sugirió que vayamos a la biblioteca a estudiar. You will never learn this material unless you study: Usted nunca aprenderá este material a menos que usted estudie. When I was a kid, I liked to eat vegetables: Cuando era un cabrito, tuve gusto de comer vehículos. Last semester she was always late, but now she is always on time: El semestre pasado ella era siempre atrasada, pero ahora ella está siempre el tiempo. If you do not come, I will call you: Si usted no viene, le llamaré. Hope this helped! :)

What you think of these latest arrests 25 arrested, charged with harboring illegal immigrants?

Each sentence should be made to run consecutively (one after the other) instead of concurrently (overlapping so that only the longest single sentence is actually served).

Crazy English words aren't they?

the fact is they have made differences in spellings of many worlds in order to make them as diffrent phrases, it has been a dumb method of improving english language.

Dental assistant cover letter help?

Excellent cover letter pinkpant. It caught my eye and if I was looking, you would receive a call back from my offices. Good luck with your career.

Would you consider this a hate crime by an illegal & what do activists have say about this?

Yes it could be.The illegal is of a different race and took out his hatred and anger against a person of another race.This illegal is also guilty of breaking up a family , emotionally he has scarred the children for the rest of their lives. Will her children be very frighten every time they see somebody Hispanic think that they could also be targets as well. It is a hate crime. If this were the other way around activists for illegals would be on the band wagon taking about breaking up families, he was attacked because he was Hispanic or illegally ? Whenever it is a citizen activists brush it off as other people did it before.It only changes when an illegal suffers such a fate, they scream racism, profiling, etc,etc.

Entry fees to museums?

Rome: Pantheon - free entry Piazza Navona - free, public square Trevi Fountain - free, public square Porta Portese - free, old city gate The Centre - do you mean the Roman Forum in the historic centre? If so, it's free Piazza del Popolo - free, public square Saint Maria Maggiore - free entry Santa Maria del Fiore - free entry Villa Borghese - ticket €8.50 (for info on concession ticket etc : ) Castle of Aint Angelo - ticket €5 (for info on concession ticket etc : ) There are lots to see in Rome and many are free. Check this link for free sites in Rome ( ) and this link for all that you can do in Rome ( ) - note, prices specified may not be the most up-to-date. Of course, don't miss the St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City. Dress appropriately, and while the queue may seem long they tend to move relatively quickly. The entry is free. The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel however is fee paying (€14, ) Florence : Ponte Vecchio - free, public bridge Cappelle Medicee - free entry Michelangelo's David - free for the imitation outside Palazzo Vecchio, €6.50 for the real deal in Academia Gallery (for info on concession ticket etc : ) Other places definitely worth visiting in Florence are the Duomo (free entry) and its adjacent Giotto Tower (€6 for the tower), Galleria degli Uffizi (€10, advance booking €4 extra, online booking another €3.25 extra, but they do have crazy queue there unless you're there very early if you don't want to pay for advance booking etc), Santa Maria Novella (free entry), among lots more other sites. Venice : Basilica San Marco - free, but book ahead ( ) Campanile di San Marco - free for outside view, €8 to go up the bell tower ( ) Canal Grande - well, free if you walk along the footpath, charges if you take the Vaporetto or gondola to travel the Grand Canal Doge's Palace - €12, Secret Itinerary guided tour €10 Galleria dell' Accademia - €6.50 (for info on concession ticket etc : )

Want to find friend in Canal Fulton or Clinton Ohio?

Zabasearch show a couple of hits here. Try this one 7501 Middle Street Clinton OH. 330 882 6636

How do you feel about the Camp Rock 2 plot?

Who cares? :) It's gonna be stupid no matter what the plot line is.

What should my character look like?

Hey The surname Martinez fits with the last, however I don't think she fits with the role. I like the best, she looks the right age, personality; friendly. x

is this a good movie review?

Despite maybe a few editing errors here and there, not bad! Don't say "I think that..." or "I liked the part when..." keep it in a professional tone and you have a great review! Keep it up!

How well do you know the Disney Channel? (part 2)?

1) 1983 2) Alexandra Margarita Russo 3) the other me horse sense jumping ship 4) lmfao i have no clue, this ones too hard 5) ah i remember it being something silly :/ 6) Buckey Kuntuckey 7) false, wasn't it "We Rock" 8) true, and shes paulina on danny phantom 9) false. favorite movie EVER. and no it was paige o'hara that played as belle, it was originally supposed to be jodi benson, the voice of ariel. and beast was robby benson <3 Bonus: Oh theres a big suprise! I think im gonna have a heart attack from that suprise..something something.

What is the Camp Rock 2 Plot?

Gary Marsh, the president of Entertainment, Disney Channel World, confirmed that a script was almost complete for Camp Rock 2. According to The Hollywood Reporter, all the principal cast was expected to return,[6] with a special appearance by the Jonas Brothers' young brother, Frankie Jonas.[7] According to a blog in myspace, shooting will begin as soon as the Jonas Brothers complete their North America leg on their world tour and before their next leg in Europe and also when Demi Lovato finishes her tour. Demi Lovato confirmed on her Twitter that she was in the studio to record songs for Camp Rock 2.[8] Production on the film titled Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam will begin in late 2009 and is scheduled to premiere in 2010.[9] According to Popstar, Chloe Bridges is expected to become a new camper as Dana Alee. According to Hollywood, the official plot is that Shane Gray and Mitchie Torres return to Camp Rock, only to discover that some of the students and instructors have abandoned it for nearby rival Camp Star. Also joining the cast for Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is popular hip-hop artist Matthew “Mdot” Finley. Mdot will play the reigning hot-shot singer across the lake at Camp Star who challenges Camp Rock to a musical showdown. There’s even a romance moment between Nate and Dana, the daughter of Camp Star’s owner. The movie is a Disney Channel Original Movie.

do you think these celebreties look alike?

Meh to all. But I always thought these looked alike. Dane Cook ... Ryan Reynolds (4/5) Sandra Bullock ... Julia Roberts (2/5) Bill Murray ... Tom Hanks (5/5) What do you think?

Who should play the roles in the Maximum Ride movie?

omg!! i LOVE these books...but i thought that there was a movie coming out already....???? there was a trailer to it wasnt it?? sorry....more questions than answers...i think that you got it right with ari tho

Ok, this Isnt a question, ITS ABOUT Jonas brothers, CAMP ROCK movie!!!!!!!!!!?

Cool! Can't wait!

Question about this hairstyle that i like [picture included]?

Dry it with a round brush, touch it up a bit with a large barreled curling iron in places there isn't enough curl.

Does anyone know what Senor Georges Melchior Maria Luis de Polignac have to do with the Panama Canal?

A man, a plan, a canal--Panama. Now try that the other way around.

Who would you cast in a Stephanie Plum movie?

Heh, I like Marisa Tomei as Stephanie and Steve Buscemi as Vinnie. I don't think the guy you have down for Morelli is nearly as gorgeous as Morelli ought to be, although I'm not sure who I'd cast though. This question makes me excited for Finger Lickin' Fifteen!

What do you think the color of highlights do these pictures have?

caramel or golden

Do you think that Wizards Of Waverly Place is the best comedy show on Disney Channel?

I was definetly surprised when watching it, its much funnier than your typical disney channel show it was as funny as a disney show can be. quite good :)

Selena Gomez, David Henrie, JT Austin, David Deluise, Maria Canals Barrera ... phone number and email! please!

very funny

Who else thinks Maria canals barera is smoking hot?

I didn't know who she was, so I checked out a few pictures...Smoking, especially for someone in her mid 40s

in wizards of waverly place who plays theresa russo better selena gomez or maria canals barrera?

maria canals barrera ;) shes awesome but i love selena too <3

Do Maria Canals Barrera and Marie Constance look alike?

Don't you think Maria Canals-Barrera looks just like her character in The Proud Family? ?

WOW!! she really does!!! good job at noticeing that!!!! i would have never noticed. do u think they did that on purpose?? lol!!

Does anyone think that Maria Canals-Barrera is hot?

holy crap yes.........i think shes freakin hot!!!

In wizards of waverly place who plays alex better selena gomez, Maria Canals Barrera or Jennifer Stone?

selena. she created the essence of the character alex. without her, there would be nothing to compare maria or jennifer to. plus she just does it better. (but maria did a pretty good job, since shes not even a teenager but copied a teens mannerisms rly wel)

in wizards of waverly place who plays alex russo better selena gomez, jennifer stone or maria canals barrera?

Selena herself. i think her voice-tone is like perfect for Alex's personality. Maria and Jennifer nailed it but Alex's personality doesn't fit for them. Just my opinion.

What kind of fish should I expect to find in the canals of Anna Maria Island in Florida?

Having lived in Manatee county, Fl ( where Anna Maria Is,) is located, this time of year, some of the fish that are available are Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, Redfish, Snook, Jack cravelle, Mangrove Snapper, Black drum & occasional Juvinal Black grouper ( 22" min size, to keep ). Generally, the best bait, is live shrimp, which are available at the many bait shops on & near Anna Maria. Because of the homes on Anna Maria, without a boat, most of the canals are inacessible, BUT there are several piers & bridges to fish from.