Where can I get free flu shots in Manatee county?

No you must have a parent with all records of prior shots to be immunized Children's Immunization Clinic 2200 Ringling Blvd. in Sarasota 7820 Tamiam Trail # B2 941/861/2784 info www.sarasotahealth.org

Why do people listen to Rush Limbaugh, is it because they are amazed by a talking manatee?

Listening to a drug addict can be fun at times.

What's the name of the Veggie Tales show with the cucumber(?)singing to a stuffed manatee while he watched tv?

Well, I think the section is called "Silly Songs With Larry", and the song is "Barbara Manatee", IIRC. Here it is on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bF9Z6v2XXk From wikipedia: "Endangered Love" aka Barbara Manatee (King George and the Ducky) Written by Mike Nawrocki—While watching a soap opera on television, Larry sings of his love for a stuffed manatee and holding a date for this ball and all of his other noble things.

What kind of fish can be caught on the docks of lake manatee?

In the docks of lake manate can trouts, perches,halibuts and many more be. There aren`t a lot of alligators around the shores. Greetings The Freak

whats the difference between a manatee and a dugong?

They´re relatively closely related, but the manatees are more closely knit together with each other than with the dugong. Like three brothers and one cousin. The dugong´s only `brother´ was Steller´s Sea Cow, but it has been extinct for a long time. An easy way to tell them apart is the shape of their tail. A dugong has a flipper-like tail, like a dolphin´s, while manatees have a tail that looks like a ping pong bat.

does a child net to be offically diagnosed with autism to receive Manatee co. school placement at 3?

A child does not qualify for special ed services just because they have a diagnosis. The child has to do an evaluation and the school has to do other things to determine if child qualifies. Here's a message board that can help -- http://www.millermom.proboards107.com/index.cgi?board=Education There are 14 categories that a child can fall under to qualify for special ed. I can't remember all of them , go to www.wrightslaw.com to find out. It doesn't matter which category he qualifies for special ed under, the school is to help with ALL problems. For example, if child qualifies for sped under 'autism', the school is to help if this child has problems in math, reading, etc.

What are some adaptions the manatee has made?

manatees are about 10 feet long and weigh about 1,200 pounds. They never stop growing as long as they live! Their big lungs fill up with air when they breathe, and this air helps the heavy manatee float. (Their fat helps them float too.) Most mammal long bones have space inside to make red blood cells, but manatee bones don’t. They are solid and heavy, which helps manatees sink to the bottom to eat plants. Manatees have tough, grayish-brown, wrinkled skin that feels like an elephant’s skin. Scientists say that long ago, manatees used to live on the land and eat grass like elephants. Manatees have toenails just like an elephant too. Also, a manatee’s big nose is like a short trunk. Manatees use their nose to grab plants and pull them into their mouth - just like an elephant! Of course, manatees and elephants are very different. Since manatees live in the water today, they don’t even have back legs. Instead, they have a thick, paddle-like tail which helps them swim. Their front flippers are used for steering and digging up plants to eat. Manatees have small eyes, and can’t see far in muddy water. They can smell and hear very well. Manatees communicate by making high-pitched sounds, and leave messages by putting a scent on a rock for other manatees to find.

Am I the only one in Canada that knows what a manatee is?

I touched a Manatee at St. James River. We snorkled there. They are very curious and gentle. The current forced us to face/smin into the current. The Manatees would come up behind us and "sniff" us I guess. They are huge. The hide feels like very rough and tough leather. They are very gentle and lazy but they can move with alarming speed and power. One knucklehead with us dove from the dock into the spring run right next to the Manatees and startled them. Wow does that round flipper flip! The National Park Guard yelled at him. I was embarrassed because he was with the group I was in. By the way there are probably other Canadians that know about Manatees.

Is Tropical Storm Fay going to hit manatee county?

It could, - but Don't worry about it. It's a fairly weak Storm, and all you're going to get out of it is a soaking Rain -no matter WHICH way it goes... :)

Can I legally do this in Manatee county?

Jeez dude, instead of ruining your future lawn by using poisonous chemicals to destroy it, why don't you just MOW the sucker and save the money that way???

Where can I buy a PSP and accessories the cheapest in Manatee county?

Try craigslist for specific areas like that.

Does any one know of any good fish stores in manatee county, FL?

There is one on Route 79 in western Manatee county, on Con Leche Boulevard, and its a great place, its called AquariumSuperDuperPllus

What is the 24 credits for high school graduation in manatee county?

Contact your school guidance counselor or your district office for that information./

Are there any meteorology or storm chase summer programs in Manatee county?

Oh my gosh, didn't think anyone else would really want to do this aswell! I live in England and love severe weather. Not sure about any programmes here because the weather here is really boring but im sure if you got in contact with your countries TORRO, you could sure find somewhere. Charlotte

What taxes would I be required to pay in Manatee county?

You'll pay real estate taxes to the county, which will also cover to the school system, as well as a city or town tax if you live in one. Florida doesn't have a state income tax. So your only income tax will be federal. Also you will need homeowner's insurance, which isn't a tax, but will be necessary to obtain a mortgage. And in coastal Florida is quite expensive.

What are some good stores either in manatee county or on line where I can buy storm chasing equipment?

The meat of hurricane season is still about a month away. Check out e-bay and get something good before its too late. Don't forget to send videos to the media, we'd like to see your footage.

Is there a way to buy a webkinz underwater room for my manatee?

Click on the Map button and it will give you the option to buy a room. The underwater room should cost 1,000 kinz cash. The manatee is one of my favorite Webkinz. His name is Sebastian.

Is it possible that the Florida Manatee could be harmed from the BP oil spill?

Sadly, it would affect them directly. It could be ingested, coat their skin, get in their eyes; the possibilities are endless. Because something of this sort has never happened before, marine biologists aren't sure, but they do know that rescue efforts will be futile for many. As well, it will also affect their food supply as the BP Oil Spill has slicked an area of sea grass where Florida Manatees are abundant. In answer to your last question, yes, many other endangered animals are also being affected. These include the Brown Pelican, Sea Turtles (Kemp's ridley and Loggerhead) and North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Hope this helps!

What type of permit do I need to be outside filming a category 5 hurricane in Manatee county?

An examination of your head. Leave that for professionals. Go to college and study meteorology (weather) if you love it so much! Then you can do it as a professional!

If Manatees are sea cows, what does manatee milk taste like?

Manatees are an endangered species, so the only way you'll be able to drink their milk is if you do it illegally. Also, manatees are not called sea cows because of milk ... they have the nickname because they're big and slow-moving animals that live in a marine environment. In other words: The "cow" part of the nickname: manatees are big, slow-moving, and graze for food like cows The "sea" part of the nickname: manatees live in the water

How much did they tax cigarettes and alcohol in MANATEE, FL any other taxes?

I'm not sure about FL, but here in Arkansas we are talking $15.00 per carton for the cheap smokes. Marlboro is now up to $60.00 per carton. So here you have it, its only just the tip of the ice burg as to what's to come. Get used to it I guess, or be forced to quit like I have. Our rights to smoke in public places were taken away and that wasn't enough, now the only thing left is take all our money as well

Why is the Flordia Manatee important to biodiversity?

I don't know, but there are the cutest darn things. Maybe cuz they eat lots of stuff, and then their poop fertilizes, maybe.

How much to join Manatee County Chamber of Commerce?

What exactly is the Habitat for Hugh Manatee program and why is it just for one person?

Hugh Manatee has taken a big nose dive. So we need to be his fin in need. This program allows him to get his Berings Strait.

How do I acquire a manatee/sea cow?

Manatees are huge animals (900-1200 lbs., 9-10 feet long) that need warm clean water and aquatic plants to eat. You can't keep it in the bathtub. The Florida manatee is also a threatened species so you can't go out and catch one and drag it home. If you truly and honestly love manatees, you'll leave them in their natural habitat and work to keep their habitat clean and safe for them instead of trying to get one for your own greed. They have families and home bases they would miss if you took them away. You can join the save the manatee group and work to save the manatee. http://www.savethemanatee.org/ You can also adopt a dugong through http://www.worldwildlife.org/ogc/species_SKU.cfm?gid=9 Your zoo may have some sort of adoption program too.

What kind of fish are in the Manatee tanks in SeaWorld Orlando?

Could be Gar. http://www.google.com/imgres?q=gar&um=1&hl=en&safe=off&biw=1366&bih=676&tbm=isch&tbnid=1j0pXjSkGyrR7M:&imgrefurl=http://www.flickr.com/photos/althouse/491893879/&docid=eaAqRxJ_llfWzM&w=500&h=375&ei=8DBNTvenG4vVgAfpnsnwBg&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=222&page=1&tbnh=155&tbnw=199&start=0&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:8,s:0&tx=127&ty=47

What is the difference in an Australian Dugong and a Florida Manatee?

"The clearest visible difference between manatees and dugongs is in the shape of the tail;[8] a manatee tail is paddle-shaped, while a dugong tail is fluked, similar in shape to a that of a whale." This is according to the Wikipedia. "The dugong is the only strictly-marine herbivorous mammal, as all species of manatee utilize fresh water to some degree." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dugong

Is it possible to get home schooling for free in Manatee county?

I don't think you understand what homescholing is. The someone to teach you would be your parents, unless you hire a tutor or enroll in co-op or online, or correspondence classes. homeschooling can be done practically for free if you use the library, internet and other free resources, or it can cost thousands of dollars if want to hire private tutors and/or enroll in online classes.

If a manatee lived in the big city, what are some every day problems she may run into?

As a Manatee is a water based mammal it would not really survive long ,no food ,no water large enough,vehicles,chemical pollution on the ground and on road surfaces,skin problems and infections would rapidly set in ,and of course ...Humans ,not exactly the most friendly of creatures who would want to destroy it on sight.

Has a manatee ever attacked a person, and if so is there video proof?

Not that I've ever heard of. Manatees are herbivores, I highly doubt they would have much interest in chomping off a woman's leg.

Does anyone know any quick and delicious Manatee recipes?

Manatee's are protected. You can't eat them. Legal Status/Protection West Indian manatees in the United States are protected under federal law by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 which make it illegal to harass, hunt, capture, or kill any marine mammal. West Indian manatees are also protected by the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act of 1978. Violations of these federal or state laws can be met with civil or criminal convictions associated with monetary fines and/or imprisonment. Endangered Species Act (ESA): The manatee is listed as endangered. IUCN Red List: The manatee is listed as endangered.

How can I reduce or eliminate my taxes in Manatee county?

Paying off your mortgage would have no impact on your property tax. Your property tax is based on the assessed value of the property (whether or not it is encumbered by a mortgage). Unless you are successful in challenging your assessed value, or the property tax rate is reduced in Manatee County, you will be unable to reduce your property tax. You may get a little relief due to the recently enacted increase to the homestead exemption.

What is the best side dish to go with manatee?

if you eat manatee you should go to hell. they are beautiful animals

what is different about a manatee from a dugong?

There are four sirenians in the world; three manatees in the family Trichechidae - Trichechus inunguis, T. manatus and T. senegalensis; and the dugong (family Dugongidae) - Dugong dugon. Another sirenian, Steller's sea cow, Hydrodamalis gigas, was discovered in 1741 and slaughtered to extinction in 27 years. The manatees all live in the Caribbean and in south American rivers. The dugongs are found in the archipelagoes of southeast Asia and northern Australia into the Pacific.

What sort of legal trouble in Manatee county could I get into for bringing pills to school?

You could be expelled if theres a zero tolerance policy.

Can you buy a live manatee on the internet?

Im pretty sure you can. As an acclaimed zoologist Im sure I can pull a few strings for you. Yet the pay has to be good.

How do I buy a manatee?

You cant within the USA. Manatee are not keep in captivity unless hurt or injuried. Onced they recover from wounds or illness they are relaesed. The young can not be seperated from their mothers for about 2 years. There is a program called the Manatee Rehabilitation Partnership from the Sea Shore Alliance. They have approval from all state and federal agencies that deal with these mammals, to keep track of wild manatee, capture, killed or injured. Their main responsibility is to monitor released manatee. So if you wanted a manatee in the USA you would have to go through them first. There are many state and federal laws that protect manatee. It would be difficult to obtain a wild speciem even if you had all the correct permits with the facility. Are you aware of what it takes to keep such an animal alive?

What's the amount of a fine for injuring a manatee?

Very good Manatee link:

Are there any meteorology centers I can work at in Manatee county, Florida?

You could work for news stations, government, or private industries. Don't try earning your degree because there is a lot of material you need to learn in the classroom. Here is a link to meteorology degrees offered in the United States: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/jetstream/nws/careers.htm

What do i have to do to become a Manatee Wild life biologist?

If you want to do something that specific you are probably going to have to get a Master's or PhD. Most likely a PhD. A graduate degree is very different than a Bachelor's. It is school where you go to further your education in research, not really focused on classes. Though you will take a few classes, your main business will be working on your thesis and gathering data. I suggest you try and get as many internship experiences as you can during your undergraduate years. Having a good background in research by the time you graduate undergrad is a good stepping stone into graduate school, since getting in is similar to a job application. Make sure to visit your universitiy's career center to get a plan going for applying to graduate school. You are going to want to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and get your applications in at a respectable time. These will take a while to complete so make sure to have a good timeline set up for your Junior and Senior year of college. Check out the two sites I have listed for internship opportunities and research positions around the country. To find a graduate school that deals with what you want to study, don't look at the programs! What is more important is looking at the faculty and what their research interests are. As a graduate student you will find one professor amongst the faculty to be your adviser, what their research interests are will be a good indicator of the type of project they will have you work on for your thesis, the completion of which will lead to you receiving your degree. To find faculty, search for schools online (most likely coastal schools will have marine mammal programs and researchers) and look for links to their biology or zoology departments. Then search for faculty, their research focus should be listed alongside any personal info they choose to put up as well. Send them emails for more information, some may be helpful in guiding you in the right direction. They've been in your spot before, they've obviously been to grad school too, they know what it's like.

What kind of fish or animal besides a manatee eat Turtle Grass in the coral reefs?

Direct grazing on seagrasses is limited to a number of species, e.g., sea turtles, parrotfish, surgeonfish, sea urchins and perhaps pinfish. Other grazers, e.g., the queen conch, scrape the algae present on seagrass leaves Turtle grass = Thalassia testudinum -m-

Why are there no manatee characters in cartoons?

Yeah there is. Barbara Manatee from Veggie Tales. :D http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/object/248/87/n2204858442_25031.jpg

What is the skeletal and internal organ structure for a manatee?

http://www.savethemanatee.org/anatomy.htm http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/manatee/Adaptations_RW.html On above page, check out links: #1 Fact Sheet: Manatee Adaptations: The Organs #2 Fact Sheet: Manatee Adaptations: The Head #3 Fact Sheet: Manatee Adaptations: Skeleton, Flippers, and Fat

Which manatee tour is best for swiming with the manatees?

the only place you can actually swim with a manatee in the wild is crystal river fl.. there is a place called three sisters springs and thats where they go in the winter.. they swarm the warm waters of the spring. it is the only legal place u can hop in and touch them.. its really cool.. there r places all around crystal river where you can rent a boat or canoe and go about 20 minuts to the three sisters spring and you can enter the spring and jump in.. its so clear and beautiful.. i rent from port mariana hotel.. they have many different kinds of boats to rent,, i like canoes..i just went there sunday.. but thats the best place to swim with several manatees..

What traits of a manatee changed overtime?

Some species went totally extinct.

Is a dugong and a manatee the same animal or closely related?

They are not the same animal but do belong to the same order - Sirenia. Sirenia only has Dugongs (1 species) and Manatees (3 species). I only know of the Manatee being called a Sea Cow, not the Dugong - perhaps the confusion and origin comes from the fact that the Dugong's closest relative was actually the now extinct Steller's Sea Cow. These were huge animals, much larger than Dugongs and Manatees and probably exceeded 30 ft long ! Dugong - notice the fluked tail much like that of a whale http://www.richard-seaman.com/Wallpaper/Nature/Mammals/Dugong.jpg Manatee - notice the paddle-shaped tail http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/environmental_law/images/manatee_quantum_conservation_2.gif

What is the maximum penalty for a 16year old in Manatee county for jay walking?

There is no penalty for jay-walking. Everyone jay walks as long as you're being safe and not obnoxious like some your fine! :] the police can't really do anting other then telling people "not to do it." unless they disrupt the peace or traffic. You're good! :D

What degree/major would i have to get to become a manatee rescuer/rehabilitator?

How long have we been documenting manatee migrations?

manatee?We know little about it.Sorry boy.

If you adopt a manatee, are you allowed to visit it? What are the details of adopting a manatee?

I have adopted 7 manatees in the past. Sometimes they will let you pick your manatee out of a catalouge of sorts, other times they are randomly assigned. You will get an adoption certificate, picture, and story of the manatee you choose, but your money will go to helping all of the manatees. You can visit the manatees at one of several sites in Florida during manatee season. Your particular manatee may not be there but if you call ahead to the park sometimes they can tell you how many manatees are in or not. You will also get a discounted ticket to the park if you adopt one. Its really fun and it helps the environment.