How much would I get on e-bay for a Magic Johnson autograph?

I saw a Magic Johnson autographed pair of sneakers on ebay for $350.00. You can get $200.00 for yours, I've seen them there before....

Is the NBA basketball team Orlando Magic named after Magic Johnson?

The Magic are named after the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, which is in Orlando. According to Wikipedia, Magic Johnson (real name: Earvin) was first called "Magic" in high school, by a local sportswriter. I assume the moniker referred to his extraordinary skill on the court.

Is there a movie with magic johnson in it?

This is all he's been in. There's a lot.

How much do you think this card is worth? Magic Johnson and Pistol Pete Maravich Jersey Card?

well we need to know what kind of card it is first to get an exact price. topps? fleer? orrr what? and what kind of condition its in. itd be worth it to have it mint graded but you're looking at a good amount of moola

What do you think of Magic Johnson selling the Lakers to try to buy an NFL team and bring it to LA?

Np, and thanks for the win. I think it's a great idea. LA needs a NFL team, and its shocking that they don't have it yet.

How many times has Magic Johnson lost in the NBA Finals? Does this make him a choker and/or a loser?

Magic won 5 and lost 4. But I agree with you. Once you win a championship the choker label is removed forever. Just like Peyton Manning and John Elway were labeled chokers until they finally won a SB. Until then LeBrick is a CHOKER.

If Magic Johnson had the supporting cast that James had last year .Do you think he could win the championship?

No way.. magic was amazing passer but not as good overall player as James

How much is a signed Magic Johnson MSU jersey worth?


Magic Johnson???????????

Earning the nickname Magic means that everything I do is magical. He had a monstrous size and could play every position with extreme ease

magic johnson?

Probably a basketball groupie or self employed model (hooker). Magic pulled no punches in his book years ago, he talked about how him and Worthy would call self employed models as soon as they would go on road trip. In fact if you recall James got arrested for calling an escort service when they had just arrived in Texas and the agency had just been raided by the police. The police made the contact with him and went to the hotel and arrested him for pandering. The Lakers (Chick Hearn) were truthful about it because they had to explain why he made the trip but didn't start and wasn't on the bench at the beginning of the game.....James showed up sometime during the game and had a hell of a performance.