Can a low profile video card fit in a regular size desktop?

yes it can, since most low profile cards will come with full size brackets. if yours does not you can buy one.

What's the best low profile video/graphic card?

Vid card chart

Can you convert an ordinary ceiling fan into a low-profile one?

Each ceiling fan manufacturer uses their own downrods and mounting hardware, so in many cases the downrods sold at a home center may only work with the brand of fans that they sell. Some are threaded on both ends, some threaded on one end, some have no threads at all. They are made in varying diameters and thicknesses and have holes drilled in them for their own specific mounting hardware. Some home centers may have shorter downrods on hand, but they are usually only for the specific brands of fans that they carry, so the odds of one fitting your fan may be pretty slim, although I would not rule it out and would suggest looking their first. Just make sure you take the downrod that you have with you so that you can compare them. Some people have been successful at cutting an existing downrod shorter, but in most cases, this involves having it re-threaded to match the original downrod. The threads are not always a standard thread, so you may find this difficult to accomplish on your own. There are also holes that need to be drilled in specific places. These holes need to be drilled to the same size as your original downrod. If they are too big, your fan will wobble like crazy because the parts that go through the holes will be loose. The good news is, if your fan is a decent quality fan that was made by one of the major ceiling fan manufacturers like Casablanca, Emerson, Hunter, Minka Aire and the like, you should be able to purchase a shorter downrod that is already made for your fan. These are not sold at home centers (except for some Hunter models), so you will need to contact a specialty ceiling fan dealer to see what is available (see resource below). Some ceiling fans actually have the option to mount the canopy directly to the bottom of the fan, which entirely eliminates the downrod and mounts the fan pretty much flush to the ceiling, which is what I believe you really wish to accomplish. Hunter and Montecarlo are 2 brands that have this option on many of their models, but not all. Keep in mind that many ceiling fans are simply not designed to be installed too close to the ceiling, so you might find that the fan will wobble or make noise if you shorten the downrod more than it was designed for. When you move a ceiling fan closer to the ceiling, it can restrict the airflow around the blades and the air may start to bounce between the ceiling and the blades, which will result in a very annoying wobble. If you email me the brand and model number of your ceiling fan, I may be able to help you determine if existing hardware exists, which will make your job much easier. The brand and model should be located on a label that you will find on the top of the fan motor. Including some pictures of your ceiling fan is also helpful. See email address below...

Is it possible to install a full height graphics card into a low-profile slot?

Sure. The bracket has no function other than to hold the card in. Make sure the card is supported properly, otherwise a jerking movement may dislodge or damage the card/board.

How many watts is needed for the ATI Radeon X1300 Low Profile Video Card 128MB DVI PCI-E?

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Do low profile tires give a rougher ride ?

Yes, tires with a higher profile will have more crush and filter more of the little imperfections in the road. But don't expect 20" to 18" to make a big difference. The higher profile tires only make your vehicle less sensitive to the little things, they won't make your truck ride like a Buick.

What low profile graphics card should I get to play CoD4?

I agree with Mary, the 9500 if you are using a stock power supply, the 9800 if you upgraded. If you're on a budget, and can't afford the 9800, for $5 more than the 9500, get the 9600GT, it's more than twice as good as the 9500GT. Here's the specs - And here's the card - EDIT - You should have posted the processor info first, it means you have an older system that may not have a PCIe x16 slot needed for the above cards. You might have a PCI, AGP or PCIe x1 slot that will need a different type of card. You need to post the make and model of your system (Dell Dimension xxxx, HP Pavilion xxxx, etc) so we can find a compatible card.

What is a good low profile motherboard?

MoBo's are not low profile they are ATX and Micro ATX. Do you mean video cards? They come in low profile models. Then it would be determined by the size of your power supply and how much $$$ you want to spend. Good luck

What is a good Low Profile Network Card for Desktop?

Are you looking for an ethernet card or another wireless one?

Which is the best low profile graphics card?

Currently, the best cards, in order from most to least powerful, include the GTS 450, Radeon HD 5750, and GTS 250. Make sure your power supply can handle these cards before installing them. GTS 450 Radeon HD 5750 GTS 250

What are Some Really Good Low Profile Graphics Cards?

Are low profile type videocards good for gaming?

a low profile card means.. it consumes less energy it does not heat much .. and on its not related to performance,, so go ahead AND BUY IT............

What is the best low profile video card?

This ones alright $39 and

Are big and wide low profile tires good for rear wheel drive cars? What about the front?

Larger tires in the front increases understeer, not good to have. Larger rear tires are mainly for drag racing, as they also increase understeer and put more strain on the engine, but increase the traction. If you are not racing it and just driving it around, keep the stock sizes.

Why do we have to keep a low profile at the college ?

You're in college and asking this question? I am to puzzled for words, the first comment above should be the best answer.

Is there a good low profile graphics card for a 220w psu?

ATI RADEON 4550 is the lowest power consuming card i have seen it takes only 10 watts of power. However power supply depends on many factors like the the processor you are using the a mount of ram you have installed and the no drives you are using and many more

Whats the diference between low density ram and low profile ram?

Low profile is the physical shape. It has no towers on it. Low density is about how packed in the logic is on the chip.

How do you change low profile tires without damaging them?

What is the best PCI Express X16 low-profile video card available?

Those cards Pyroflame linked to are FULL HEIGHT cards and will NOT work in your low-profile case. This is going to be as good as you can get with a low-profile

How to avoid noisy low profile tires?

Easily. Ditch the worthless low profile tires. They're designed purely for cosmetic purposes. Not comfort, not performance, etc. Sure, they attempt to have these things, but imagine your shoe. Now take half the sole off your shoe, and is it any wonder why your comfort while walking sucks? And they will likely make a slapping sound when you walk. Get some decently sidewalled tires, and ride comfort/sound will be yours once again.

What is the best low profile video card that is compatible with dell inspiron 530s???

The HD 3850 is awesome for $150 (20 rebate). It will play any game, even future games, with tons of FPS (no lag). The 8600 GT is awesome at $75 (20 rebate). Unfortunately it'll only play current games with good FPS. You might have to lower in game quality if you get lower than expected FPS. They are both single slot and slim. The 3850 is longer though. Not exactly sure how long it is or how much space is in your computer. But I would go with the 3850.

Are you dominant over your spouse?What women think about the men who have low profile personality and vice ver?

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How do Low Profile Graphics Cards fit in small desktops?

Most cards advertised as "low-profile ready" come with a shorter bracket which only has one video port. Either the full or half-height bracket may be installed by default. You can switch brackets in under 2 minutes with just a screwdriver.

Can i fit regular graphics cards into low profile computer?

If your motherboard uses a standard ATX power connector, then yes- you can transplant everything into a standard case and use regular height video cards (along with the higher wattage power supplies they require). But HP slimlines are a notable exception. Their motherboards use a proprietary small power connector so even if you move the motherboard, drives etc to a larger case, regular power supplies aren't compatible. But for most slimlines..... yes, you can. And it's a good move, since most small cases are cramped with poor airflow, which can lead to overheating problems. The best low-profile card for most slimline/small computers is the Radeon 5570. While there is a low-profile GeForce 9800GT (which is much more powerful), it requires a 400W power supply, which is almost unheard of in small chassis versions.

What is the best PCI Express X16 low profile graphics card available for gaming?

First of all, make certain you have a power supply of at least 450W. I'm afraid I must say that all the other answers here are incorrect (some by a mile) and that the Sparkle GeForce GTS 250 is the most powerful low-profile gaming graphics card. It costs $100 including shipping. Here's the listing on Sparkle's website: The HD 5570 is not even CLOSE to the GTS 250. The HD 5450 and the 9400 GT are closer to the HD 5570 than the HD 5570 is to the GTS 250. I call your attention to the following link using Crysis Warhead as the benchmark: Please note that the Radeon HD 4770 is at the top of that list. Now please look at this chart of overall performance made in December of 2009 by also using Crysis Warhead and please note that the nVidia GeForce GTS 250 is ranked 2 places HIGHER than the Radeon HD 4770. This means that the GTS 250 is so much more powerful than the other cards recommended here that it's not even in the same class. Sparkle worked a miracle of engineering here and they still kept it at $100 with a lifetime warranty. Sorry gentlemen.

does low profile mean a graphics card is compatible with a slimline computer?

Yes it is. Those Slimline PCs won't fit standard cards because the slim line case is too small.

What is the best low profile graphic card available?

there are definitely better cards that would fit..What is your price range? also are you needing PCI-E 2.0?

What is the difference between a low profile graphics card, and a regular card?

low profile is just that, the backplane of the card (towards back of the computer case), is shorter so it can be installed in cases that are thinner. They will only fit in cases that are designed for low profile cards. I wish i could explain that better.

What is a very low profile graphics card?

Hmmm #1 is - depends on the slimline model series. Mine is the s3530f (1generation old) and it came with the nvidia geforce 9500s. It has 512mb memory - so it is not exactly a gaming card but it is ok:) if yours is the newer one, try looking up the new nvidia card that it comes with now. It will for sure fit- if you can find someone that sells it. I imagine hp direct would. Good luck!

How to switch brackets on a graphics card to a low profile bracket?

the bracket will come attached to the 8400gs....just take a screw out to remove the 7100 and put the 8400 in...make sure its seated right...then screw the bracket back into the case and your done installing it.... Scott

Is there a ride difference in a car when you change the tires to low profile?

Much harder ride although you will be able to corner a greater speeds .

Can I put low profile tires on my original rims on my jeep grand Cherokee year 1999?

Yes you can go low profile and it will not throw your ABS sensors and speedometer.

Low profile air filter on a Chevy 350 engine, would that starve the engine for air?

No. If you're really that worried, check out Edelbrock and look for their low-profile, hi-flow triangular shaped cleaner. It's Part # 1002 on the bottom of this page... I have one on my 327, and I think it's more than enough. Remember, too much air can be just as bad as too little, but this should be fine. I doubt any of the others will restrict flow either, so go with style on this one.

What is a good VGA cooler for a low profile graphics card? The above one is universal, and should work fine w/ low profile cards. It has good reviews, and it comes w/ thermal compound. If you have cash to spare, you could get a Zalman VGA cooler. Zalman is one of the very best names in cooling, and you know that your purchase will be very reliable. The link below is to a fanless VGA cooler if you want silent cooling. Take your pick - happy cooling!

What is the best low profile graphics card I can get?

Nvidia GTS 250. Slightly better than the 9800 GT for about the same cost.

what is the best low profile video card that is compatibly with my HP Pavilion Slimline s3020n?

these two are the best but there both sold out right now (XFX is better then PNY I think but there both the same card)

How much should it cost to mount low profile tires?

well that was about right i was going to say 20 bucks each 15 each to balance really depend son shop that you go too but sounds about right and yes some are harder to mount but that shouldnt be extra charge for it easy to call three tire shop ask how much to mount two tires then you know for sure if they was too high or not.. a tire guy for 30 yrs

Where is a good website to buy low profile rims for a Toyota Camry 2011?

You bought a new Camry and now want a car that looks "Cool"?? Forget it!!! you're stuck withe a boring family car and any adaptations will just make you like like a person with less than normal intelligence. If the dumb driver look is for you then try here:

What is a good keyboard that has low profile keys like the new apple/imac keyboards?

I believe that the Apple Keyboard works with Windows computers (although some of the keys [Dashboard, Exposé, etc.] won't work). However, I might be wrong. Best Buy has a great return policy, you should get it there. Great keyboard, I love it! There really aren't any others.

What is a good mask for airsofting that is comfortable, low profile, and has good ear protection?

You should take a look at the Hawkeye Airsoft Mask. It has a moldable soft flexible frame that allows you to sight in down a rifle. It has a low profile that allows the use of a helmet and has straps so the goggle will not fall off while running. Can also be used for paintball.

What is the difference between a low profile modem card and a full size card?

The profile refers to the height of the card. Unless the new computer is one of those mini cases that's a third of the size of a regular case, then you should be able to find an open pci slot on the motherboard that will work.

Should i keep my religion a low profile at work?

Most workplaces frown on any kind of proselyting by its employees. You may wear some token of your religion, but to openly preach it will likely get you fired for cause, mostly because it tends to be disruptive and counter-productive to the business where you are employed.

Any good low profile video cards for the Dell Inspiron 530s desktop computer?

Whats the difference between an amplified tube subwoofer and an amplified low profile subwoofer?

Tubes are actual tubes. They usually are all-inclusive meaning they come with the sub, wiring and amp. Bass tubes, in a small environment (like a truck cab) sound smooth/clean and help fill in the bottom-end of music...but they don't really hit. A good shallow-mount sub and a good amp will definitely give you more bass than a bass tube.

What is the fastest low profile graphics card for a slimline computer?

You could try this one Matrox M9120 Plus LP PCIe x16

What is the difference in a low profile and a high profile video card?

Low profile is a shorter board than a high profile (the actual card is about half as tall and won't fit in a ful size pc).

What is a low profile bracket on a video card?

Yes. There are two types, standard PCI bracket and low profile bracket. Some cards come with both. ...

How much worse are low profile video cards?

you'll play almost all new games,,,,but on low graphics,,,,for example you'll play crysis,,,assassins creed ,,,,but it wont look that good,... check out this video of assassin's creed ,,,being played in low-med-high i think the 9400 will play this at low while the 8500gt will play it probably at med if you want some serious gaming you should try to get the 8800gts ,,,its the best out there but probably like 10 times more expensive than the 9400gt

What is the difference between low profile video cards and standard video cards?

The best graphics card you can get if it doesn't have a full-height slot is radeon 6670, I think. If it has a full height-slot, maybe you can get a bit more.

Low profile?

keeping low profile by default excludes advertising whatsoever example: he is under investigation for fraud and now keeps low profile; synonym : 'hiding'