does anybody know a book that is just as good as lovely bones and lucky by alice seabold ?

Hmmm... that's a pretty hard formula. I loved both novels. The Lovely Bones was fantastic... Lucky was one of the best memoirs I've ever read. As far as other good memoirs, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls was fantastic. It read kind of like a novel, similar to the way Lucky read. If you want to read a fiction book that's touching and slightly fantastical, try A Boy's Life by Robert McCammon. A book that will break your heart and make you laugh all the while ... Beach Music by Pat Conroy. I highly recommend that one... it has it all. Another one that is beautifully written... Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos. These books aren't exactly like Lovely Bones or Lucky... but they have that same sort of voice, I guess you could say. Another good book is Midnight Hour Encores by Bruce Brooks. All of these are books are among my favorites for different reasons. If you liked Lovely Bones and Lucky, I think you will enjoy.

Is Saoirse Ronans role in The Lovely Bones a supporting one?

She played Susie Salmon, which is the leading role. She and Stanley Tucci were EXCELLENT in the movie, though Peter Jackson sort of dropped the ball in making it. She has already won the CCA and PFCSA for youth in a lead role. And was nominated for the CCA for Best Actress, which she lost to Mo'nique's appearance in Precious (Which Mo'nique certainly deserved). The nominees for the 82nd annual Academy Awards have not been announced yet, though it is unlikely she will win anything. Stanley Tucci was nominated for a Golden Globe for best Supporting Actor (which he lost to Christoph Waltz), and is still in the running for a SAG award, Though he will likely lose to Christoph Waltz. And an Academy award nomination is likely, but his winning would be a long shot.

Is The Lovely Bones movie or book appropriate for a mature 14 year old?

Its somewhat disturbing, but if you are real mature and think you can handle it sure. There are a couple of gross scenes, and the plot is kind of disturbing in general, but its nowhere near "Saw" level.

How do I find the Cultural Context of The Lovely Bones?

What is the name of the song in the Lovely Bones when the Grandmother comes to help with the house?

The Hollies-Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

What is the flower in the lovely bones called?

These sites say daffodils were her flower.

Is the lovely bones by alice sebold a good book?

YES! I loved that book and it was an easy read. Never boring, so I never wanted to put it down. Its about a young girl who is murdered but she is watching her family live their lives from heaven. She still wishes she was alive and experiencing her milestones, as she is watching her sister do. She also watches her murderer from above. I really reccommend this book. Its a great fiction work

How is Lovely Bones important to read in relating to the world?

I personally wouldn't say that it's important to read. I think it's a good book but I also find it frustrating that it doesn't really go anywhere. I guess a reason it would be important is the obvious - it teaches a lesson about not going anywhere with a stranger. And I guess it shows how different people manage death and grieve.

lovely bones??????????????????????

its a great book, i must agree, if you want to read more on what it is about check out the wikipedia page for it, but i must warn you dont read into it to much, its a spoiler enjoy :)

Lovely Bones???

no, theres no sequel. Im excited for the movie though, this is the first ive heard of it!!