Look Who's talking too (movie question)?

Lorne Sussman ... Mikey Ubriacco Megan Milner ... Julie Ubriacco - 1 Year Georgia Keithley ... Julie Ubriacco - 4 Months Nikki Graham ... Julie Ubriacco - Newborn Mikey voiced by Bruce Willis Julie voiced by Roseanne Barr Eddie voiced by Damon Wayons

Wouldn't it be great if our babies thought... just like on the movie "Look Who's Talking"?

Yes that would be great. My seven year old recently watched the movie and he likes to imagine what is baby brother is thinking.

Movies similar to "Look Who's Talking"?

who many look who's talking were there....?

The third one was about the dogs talking and saving the marriage.

What would be a good response if you're in a big arguement with someone and he says "look who's talking"?

"Is that the best you can do?"

What's the song at the beginning of ''Look who's talking'' movie?

Its I Get Around and lol Kirstie Alley from the movie is my aunt.

where can I find a good website to watch Look who's talking Now?

How did they make the intro for "look who's talking now?"?

It was done on a computer(I thought it was real, LoL)

What does it mean when someone says "Well, look who's talking!"?

It means that you are making fun of them for something that you do also. For example, if you wear glasses, and you call your friend "four-eyes" he might say "well, look who's talking" because you're four-eyes too. Does that make sense?

Where can i watch the movie Look Who's Talking online for free?

Try here. http://watch-all-movies.com/Movie.html?moviename=Look-Whos-Talking