how do you get a job at lockheed martin?

Below is the website for applying to Lockheed Martin

Why are the republicans out to get Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman?

ACORN is peanuts compared to the covered up stories connected to the Military Industrial Complex. The war machine is run by a bunch of Corpo-Thugs but our media is controlled by them so all their dirty deals (on OUR dime) get covered up. And if the TV news isn't calling them on it then they must be innocent, right. Republicans are dumb@sses for thinking interventionary foreign policy is patriotic when its just EVIL. Neoconservatives (FAKE Republicans)have hurt this country WAY more than Obama has you dammed schmos.

What to expect in Lockheed Martin interview?

they ask the same questions other companies ask. the usual ones. they ask why you want this job and why they should hire you instead of the other ones. try to imply or mention any info that you know that would make them see that you know about their company. i think the only difference is that lockheed martin is a very big company that's hard to get into! so youre very lucky to even have an interview. goodluck! just be confident, and ask questions also in the end.

does Lockheed Martin specialize in different products per facility?

cant tell you what the facility youre wondering about produces, but i do know that there are many different divisions within the company, each specializing in a certain line of products.

How can I get a job at Lockheed Martin?

Go to their website and see what they're looking for. Engineering is always the way to go for a job like that. Engineering is hard no matter what College you go to, which is why most people in the United States don't do it. Most Engineering students are foreign students, so try that.

What kind of money could I be making with a job at Lockheed Martin?

engineering degree would be best. aerospace, electronics, mechanical, aeronautical... depends on what you like and which division you would like to be in.

Is there a good Human Resource website with information about the staffing systems at Lockheed Martin?

Call their HR department.... speak with a jr level HR person and I am sure they will help you,,,,

What to expect from Lockheed Martin sheetmetal tech interview?

First of all A and P's are technicians not mechanics. Manufacturing aircraft workers are mechanics and are expendable re-rate your self buddy. Everything your doing now should cover all the questions they would normally ask about sheet metal like " Tell me the difference between a rivet and a fastener?" or " Describe to me your regular work day step by step from clocking in to clocking out?". They are just trying to weed out the idiots that lie on their resumes about the exp or education they say that they have. I've seen alot in aviation mfg plant that gets fired within there probationary period. I don't know how Lockheed does there test but i know at Boeing you have to do the sheet metal plate test. Which consist of - drilling holes for rivets, close tolerance hole for fasteners, ream holes for ground stud, shave rivets, buck countersunk/raised/button style rivets, drill/remove rivets and fasteners with out scratching the plate. At all absolutely none within a certain time. But to make my answer short if you have an A and P i don't see why its hard for you to get a technician job anywhere in the world. Well anyways i sure wish you the best and good luck on your interview...

How do you get hired at Lockheed Martin ?

Get to know someone there who will give you a recommendation. That's the best way. Either that or have exceedingly superior qualifications.

Lockheed Martin: How hard is for prior military to get on?

Ridiculously hard. I'm prior military (USMC also), and my father is the CEO of Software at Lockheed, and even after pulling some strings, I haven't been able to get in.