Which of these teams of the Euro 2012 Qualifiers suffered the worst today?

Rooney dating a who*re was the biggest shocker. He should not have played for moral reasons.

Precios de viaje....?

i am unable to answer your question.

iran could invade iraq anytime now?

no. Iran will not invade Iraq.

euro-arab block of the antichrist empire?

Only time will tell what Sarkozy's true political + economic intentions are (not too sure about the Antichrist theory) but "for example by pursuing controversial plans or offers of nuclear co-operation with other Arab states such as Egypt or the United Arab Emirates" (quantara.de), however this agreement does aim to promote ongoing dialogue between middle eastern and African nations which is a good thing.

if nato block black sea fleet the russia will invade baltic nations ?

To start with the Russians have no need to supply their forces in Georgia by sea since Russian has two of the four borders of Georgia as theirs. The ports in the Baltic would not help because they would be at war with NATO if they invaded the Baltic countries and getting the ships to Georgia would involve getting through the Baltic Ocean, through the NATO controlled waters between Denmark and Norway, down to the Med going north to south by England where they would have to get through the Straits of Gibraltar, then through the Med with the US fleet there and through the Bosporus with Turkey on both sides to get to the Black Sea-if 1 out of 500 ships made it through all that they would be lucky. Look at geography and what you set up is rather strange-especially since the Russians have ports in the Baltic; they don;t have any in the Black except for the leased one from the Ukraine; the ships moving out from there were not supply ships but war ships to shell Georgia and take the Georgian Navy out of the war.

avrei bisogno dell'elenco delle capitali della comunità europea..?

OK if I understood you correctly, you need the capitals of the EU countries? Austria - Vienna Belgio - Brussels Bulgaria - Sofia Cipro - Nicosia Danimarca - Copenhagen (Copenaghen) Estonia - Tallinn (Tallinn) Finladia - Helsinki Francia - Paris (Parigi) Germania - Berlin (Berlino) Grecia - Athens (Atene) Irlanda - Dublin (Dublino) Italia - Roma Lettonia - Riga Lituania - Vilnius Lussemburgo - Lussemburgo Malta - La Valletta Paesi Bassi - Amsterdam Polonia - Warsaw (Varsavia) Portogallo - Lisbon (Lisbona) Regno Unito - London (Londra) Republica Ceca - Prague (Praga) Romania - Bucharest (Bucarest) Slovacchia - Bratislava Slovenia - Ljubljana (Lubiana) Spagna - Madrid Svezia - Stockholm (Stoccolma) Ungheria - Budapest In brackets are Italian names of the capitals. Sorry if I totally missed the point, I'm not that good at Italian :)

What is Up with Carmelo?

Carmelo has came out and proved himself to be one of the premeir players in the game with a great jumper and the ability to drive carmelo has what it takes to lead his team to the world championship. with the coach he has around him and the other players he has usa is bound for a world championship and carmelo will get player of the tournament

How Can American Women Say They Have Pressure To Be Skinny?

The stars are skinny, but the american public is not I agree with your statement though.

what should i do if i love her?

Stop searching girls over internet. Devote more time in your studies.

is it okay for america, europe, japan and china to occupy russia because of north pole?

I have discussed your interesting question with my friend, a north Pole, who, as you correctly guessed, lives near the Estonian border. He's called 'Lech'. His opinion is that there is not enough room in Russia for it to be occupied simultaneously by America, China and Europe; but Japan is a smaller country and so might fit into Russia (if you tilt Japan sideways). No-one would disagree with your assertion that Isreal is mentioned in the Bible.

Has anyone heard of Donatas Motiejunas?

Yes. He's actually 7-1 now and rising through the ranks of European big men. He won MVP at an international tournament Lithuania actually lost this summer. He's lithe and athletic, with not the greatest upper body strength, though that's improving. He's mostly a left-handed shooter though is learning to be ambidextrous. Footwork is good. Size, coordination, and athleticism are all significant pluses. The past year has been significant for Motiejunas, both in terms of size and skill. He could grow another inch or two and will continue to pick up strength. Contrast the video to the still below to see how he is developing . Presently, he is considered the SECOND international prospect after Rubio, though that could change. Rubio at 6-4 plays an entirely different game, of course. The downside is all in temperament. Shying away from physical contact in his mid-teens, Motiejunas has become something of a bully as he has gotten bigger and stronger. He is often petulant and sullen if he doesn't like a call. He shows disinterest or outright disdain for teammates from the bench and doesn't often closely follow the game. There have been a few famous altercations, particularly during a tournament in Spain last year, where he took on the home country fans. Prima donna in a word, if you want to be harsh--immature and developing if you prefer a gentler assessment. The 2:25 mark on the video below provides some insight into this assessment. Just watch him accept the MVP and silver medal after losing to Greece. As much as he has changed in the past year, Motiejunas remains a player to watch and could be very different again by the end of 2009.

How to call a person from Uruguay in Spanish?

Uruguayo OR Uruguaya http://buscon.rae.es/draeI/SrvltConsulta?TIPO_BUS=3&LEMA=uruguayo Have a good day! =)

virginia muzyka,lituania?

Try a yahoo search and see what you can find.

why the european union has the hightest GDP per capita?

Because some of the other countries (like Britain and Germany) have *very* large economies. Like how New York, California, and Texas compensate for Mississippi and New Mexico in the states.

which is the capital of Lituania?

First--its Lithuania. And the capital is Vilnius

Who controls the prostitution of Eastern Europe?

This MSNBC Report does a good job describing the overall situation of sex slavery in Europe: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3042166/

What do you say when you meet a person for the first time?

how was your trip over here? What are your first 9impressions of thios country? What do you want to see while you are here?

why is there a little chunk of russia between lithuania and poland?

The Region is now called Kaliningrad Oblast and had been the northern part of the german province East Prussia untill the end of world war 2. Then Russia occupied the eastern part of Poland (today belonging to Ukraine - "giving" Poland parts of the former German Reich instead, e.g. Silesia and southern East Prussia), the three Baltic States, and the Kaliningrad (till then called Königsberg) area. When the Soviet Union broke into sovereign countries Kaliningrad Oblast stayed with Russia because it could not become a state by itself due to its heritage: it never had been a sovereign country but "only" a part of a bigger state. Certainly Russia wanted (and wants) to keep Kaliningrad; it's of strategic importance as an access to the Baltic Sea - although not directly connected anymore to the rest of Russia..

i what to know the lituania licor tha name is malunininku?

Is it a vodka (dektine)? Or maybe a honey liquer? I am guessing that spelling of the one you are looking for is probably Malonininku, but I am not in Lithuania, so I'm not sure x

Anyone knows cool places and good and cheap accomodation in Wilno Lituania and Riga Latvia?

Stay in a Hostel. They are no frills and inexpensive. You basically get a bed and somtimes breakfast. Try this website. http://www.hostels.com/en/lt.vi.html I hope this helps!

Where can i watch a live game between BiH against Lituania online?

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What do Estonia, Lativia, Lituania, Ukraine,and Kazakhstan all have in common?

GEEZUS... don't they even teach geography in schools either these days. They are all part of the former SOVIET UNION.