Confused about the end of Lincoln lawyer movie?

Do you mean the one Menendez was convicted for (yes), or Levin (no -- Louis' mother killed him). Louis killed the stripper and tired to kill the prostitute.

What is the song off of the Lincoln Lawyer movie trailer?

Song played at the end of movie when credits start to roll is California Soul

Where can I find a pic of the girl with the snake tattoo in the movie Lincoln Lawyer?

The Lincoln Lawyer - link below

What brand of watch does Matthew McCounaghey in the Lincoln Lawyer?


How does the movie 'LIncoln Lawyer' end?

Read the synopsis under the PLOT title on this page. If you want you can skip to the last few paragraphs to read the end.

what is the name of the song in the beginning of The Lincoln Lawyer Movie Trailer?

The song is "Strangle Hold" by Ted Nugent Hope I helped!

What song is playing at the beginning of The Lincoln Lawyer?

Lincoln Lawyer-Marcus White

Differences between The Lincoln Lawyer novel and the movie?

I have both read the book (twice actually) and watched the movie. As with all books that have been made into a movie, there are a lot of differences. Some are subtle, some are not. It would help if you could tell me exactly what kind of differences you are looking for.

What would you like to ask?where to watch the lincoln lawyer movie free ?

watch the lincoln lawyer movie free just visit the site from source. you will have great fun with high streaming ;) enjoy mate

Is the Lincoln lawyer movie as good as the book its based on ?

I havent read the book......yet. But the movie was really good.!