How come hardcore lil wayne fans cant be swayed in to believing that lil wayne simply is not the best ever?

It's simple. Hardcore fans can't be persuaded BECAUSE they are hardcore fans. They're hardcore fans b/c they believe he's the best ever. They don't think he's the best ever because they're hardcore fans, they're hardcore fans because they think he's the beste ver.

What is the lil wayne song when they talk about not being able to move?

dumb slut no one knows what your talking about stop asking

What if Lil Wayne woke up 1 morning and decided to make a wrestling promotion?

CMCW - Cash Money Championship Wrestling. I think it would suck balls. BQ1 - it would get more attention, just because it's Wayne. But I think him or someone in his crew, or an up & comer tryin to get discovered by Wayne would perform at every show, and eventually it would lose interest because it's more of a hip-hop than wrestling show. BQ2 - for a month, it would be popular, then, it would die out. So not much of a threat at all. BQ3 - not really, as most hip-hop fans don't really get into wrestling anymore. There are exceptions, myself included, but overall, he wouldn't get the necessary support. BQ4 - not really

LiL Wayne??

According to TMZ its 29grams of cocaine, 41grams of X & 105grams of weed.


"lock you down" by mya ft. lil wayne or sweetest girl by wyclef,akon,and lil wayne

LIL WAYNE........................?

One has sizzurp in it and one has water to chase it so he won't OD like the that other rapper. Of course I'm guessing, so don't take this as the truth.

lil wayne?

if you get a tear on the left side it means you killed somebody, if you get a tear on the right side it means you hurt somebody real bad (almost killed somebody, broke someones arm,leg, you know something like that) but yea lil wayne is a blood

Lil wayne?

Hope to god it would not be Lollipop. Yeah. Mr. Carter is a good song I would say, one of his more popular.

Lil WaynE????????????????????????

bEST rAPPER aLIVE bM jR. gROWN mAN i mISS mY dAWGS kUSH lET tHE bEAT bUILD lOST-gorilla zoe ft Lil wayne lOVE mE oR hATE mE pROSTITUTE fLANGE pRAY tO tHE lORD i fEEL lIKE dYING sHOOT mE dOWN tAKE u tHERE tIE mY hANDS wEEZY bABY bABY bABY wHEN tHEY cOME fOR mE yOUR gONNA lOVE mE {lil wayne version} sTAND tALL pLAYING wITH fIRE oOPS oH mY {lil wayne version} lEATHER sO sOFT i tOOK hER bRAND nEW bEAT wTHOUT bASS

Lil Wayne?

yeah i think so too, i love lil wayne n so do all my friends, who mostly just listen to rock and punk. its cuz how could u not love listenin to lil waynes rapping, when its soo good and so real and makes a shitload of sense.