Have you ever teared up during a concert?

Yeah, I have. I used to think it was really lame too, since I could never understand why in the world someone would be crying at a concert, but it doesn't seem lame while it's happening. I went to see Marilyn Manson and Slayer in Cleveland 2 summers ago with my best friend. We got there about 2 hours early and then sprinted to the barrier as soon as the gates opened (it was an outdoor concert). Slayer came out and I just thought "this is awesome. I'm a mere 5 feet away from The Gods of Metal themselves." But I didn't cry, I just thought it was cool. Then they blocked the stage so Manson could set up. By that point it still hadn't hit me where I was standing and who was going to walk onto the stage. And then, they started playing, and Manson walked out, and I almost burst into tears. It was the single most amazing moment of my life, being so close to someone I've listened to and pretty much idolized as the single greatest genius in music. Still can't explain it. But yeah, you're not lame.

Anyone going to any Music Festivals this spring/summer?

i really want to go to the 'sasquatch music festival' in washington state. http://sasquatchfestival.com/2008/ EDIT: and defiantly going to inaugural 'outside lands festival' in goldengate park, san francisco. here is the line up: In addition to previously announced headliners Radiohead, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Jack Johson, the fest has added Beck, Wilco, Broken Social Scene, Black Mountain, Devendra Banhart, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Bon Iver, Drive-By Truckers, Andrew Bird, M. Ward, Nellie McKay, Manu Chao, Regina Spektor, the Cool Kids, Two Gallants, the Coup, Steel Pulse, Lyrics Born, Cold War Kids, Café Tacuba, and both Little Brother and the Felice Brothers, who are apparently unrelated to each other. The Jack Johnson fan in your life will be sated by appearances from Ben Harper, Widespread Panic, Primus and Galactic, while the Tom Petty contingent will get a boost from Steve "Higher Love" Winwood. btw, my mom's family is from fortuna, humbolt co. CA. (cough, cough.)

How the hell could Aretha Franklin be the greatest singer of all time?

where the hell is Britney Spears???

Can you come up with a list of your 100 favorite bands?

Wow. My list is almost the same as yours. Adding you to my contacts and trying to find my list. I had one around here somwhere.... Ok....going through all my old answers was too exhausting/distracting, so I am just relisting: 1. The Grateful Dead 2. The Doors 3. The Shins 4. The Decemberists 5. The White Stripes 6. Bob Marley and the Wailers 7. Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young 8. Creedence Clearwater Revival 9. Howlin' Rain 10. The Dixie Chicks 11. Willie Nelson 12. Iron & Wine 13. Johnny Cash 14. Neutral Milk Hotel 15. Joni Mitchell 16. Simon & Garfunkel 17. Solas 18. Led Zeppelin 19. Richard Thompson 20. Blue Oyster Cult 21. Dolly Parton 22. Eric Clapton 23. The Feeling 24. Jimi Hendrix 25. The Mamas and the Papas 26. Wilco 27. Elvis Costello 28. Pink Floyd 29. Nick Drake 30. Leonard Cohen 31. Tom Waits 32. Van Morrison 33. The Temptations 34. Porcupine Tree 35. Metallica 36. Shemekia Copeland 37. Amy Correia 39. Pantera 40. Jefferson Airplane 41. Meat Loaf 42. Ray LaMontagne 43. The Strokes 44. Phish 45. Godsmack 46. Ozzy Osbourne 47. Death Cab For Cutie 48. The New Pornographers 49. Emmylou Harris 50. The Raconteurs 51. Fionn Regan 52. Jose Gonzalez 53. Marc Broussard 54. Nirvana 55. Of Montreal 56. Peter Tosh 57. Patsy Cline 58. Radiohead 59. Reba McEntire 60. The Wood Brothers 61. 10,000 Maniacs 62. Stars 63. Lyle Lovett 64. Aimee Mann 65. Amy Correia 66. Beck 67. The Who 68. Mr. Gnome 69. NIN 70. Whatfor 71. Modest Mouse 72. Spoon 73. Janis Joplin 74. Cream 75. Guns N Roses 76. Lynyrd Skynyrd 77. Of Montreal 78. DeVotchKa 79. Kathleen Edwards 80. Waylon Jennings 81. The Blow 82. Stevie Ray Vaughan 83. Cold War Kids 84. Iron Maiden 85. Belle & Sebastian 86. Carbon Leaf 87. The Velvet Underground 88. John Lennon 89. R.E.M. 90. Remy Zero 91. Robert Plant 92. Alison Krauss 93. Bonnie Raitt 94. Sufjan Stevens 95. The Arcade Fire 96. Mojave 3 97. Superwolf 98. The Cinematics 99. Thievery Corporation 100. Smokey Robinson That was exhausting and I feel like I've left out a lot and put in a lot that maybe I shouldn't have.

Rolling stone 100 greatest singers of all time.?

One of the most ridiculous lists I had ever seen at the time, and still is to this day. Any list that has Elvis Presley beneath Ray Charles & Aretha Franklin (who I'm not saying aren't amazing, but c'mon, NO ONE had Elvis' pipes) and PATSY CLINE (PATSY CLINE for goodness sakes!!!!!!!) at 46(!!!!!!!!!!) (under Kurt f***ing Cobain, Janis Joplin, & Bob Dylan no less, not to mention about 35 more bullshit "artists") has absolutely no basis or legitimacy. In all honesty this list isn't worth the match it would take to burn it Ones (I feel) should remain (definitely not in this order though): 91 Levon Helm 90 The Everly Brothers 89 Solomon Burke 87 Don Henley 84 Darlene Love 80 Frankie Valli 79 Mariah Carey 77 Merle Haggard 73 Dolly Parton 72 John Fogerty 71 Toots Hibbert 70 Gregg Allman 69 Ronnie Spector 68 Wilson Pickett 67 Jerry Lee Lewis 65 David Ruffin 63 Dion 62 Lou Reed 58 Christina Aguilera 56 Mavis Staples 54 Luther Vandross 53 Muddy Waters 52 Brian Wilson 51 Gladys Knight 50 Bonnie Raitt 48 Buddy Holly 46 Patsy Cline 44 Bobby “Blue” Bland 43 George Jones 41 Chuck Berry 34 Whitney Houston 31 Howlin’ Wolf 27 Hank Williams 26 Jackie Wilson 24 Van Morrison 22 Etta James 21 Johnny Cash 20 Smokey Robinson 13 Roy Orbison 12 Little Richard 10 James Brown 09 Stevie Wonder 08 Otis Redding 06 Marvin Gaye 04 Sam Cooke 03 Elvis Presley 02 Ray Charles 01 Aretha Franklin Omissions: Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) Connie Francis Loretta Lynn Faron Young Marty Robbins Buck Owens Bill Monroe Jim Reeves Alan Jackson George Strait Natalie Maines Shirley Owens (The Shirelles) Ben E King Clyde McPhatter (Drifters) Tony Williams (Platters) Linda Ronstadt Rick Danko (The Band) Richard Manuel (The Band) Ricky Nelson Glenn Frey (The Eagles) John Denver Anita Carter (Carter Family) Lala Brooks (The Crystals) Mary Wells (Shangri-Las)

R&P: How does this sound?

Perfect :) You did good.

Do you think Bob Dylan should be at number 7 on Rolling Stones 100 greatest singers list?

I think it's easy to say no now, cause we have all those quality rap voices and beautiful rap songs. But in his hay-day....

Your 2009 so far....?

I think 2009 has been pretty good actually, for the most part. So far I've gotten the following albums: Journal For Plague Lovers - Manic Street Preachers The Eternal - Sonic Youth Fork In The Road - Neil Young Merriweather Post Pavilion - Animal Collective Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes Fight Like Apes & The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion - Fight Like Apes Farm - Dinosaur Jr Relapse - Eminem 21st Century Breakdown - Green Day Out of those the only ones I've been disappointed with are the last two. I'm also looking forward to albums by Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Them Crooked Vultures and The Cribs so hopefully the year will get even better.

What do you think of Rolling Stone Magazine's "100 Greatest Singers of All Time"?

I dont think its very good. I think Elvis should be no.1 and Roy Orbison no.2 . I don't understand why John Lennon is up so high. I don't think he was that good of a singer, Paul McCartney was better. Any why is Bob Dylan so up in the list???? XxX

Do you honestly believe The Band isn't underrated?

anyone that lived through that era will tell you that the band is not underrated. besides, the terms overrated and underrated are lame to begin with. many people remember bands like the stones, beatles, hendrix, and clapton because of their popularity and impact on popular culture. many bands over time are forgotten and certainly younger people don't know of them. the band was good, but there were many bands just as good or better that have been forgotten due to time. it doesn't mean they are underrated just because people have not heard of them....you wouldn't know what a banana tastes like if you've never had one.

R&P: Battle of the Drummers?

John Bonham Charlie Watts Topper Headon - Dave Grohl Ginger Baker Moe Tucker (she rarely gets listed nice pick) Levon Helm (he rarely gets listed also)

Has anyone here seen "The Last Waltz"?

I've seen it. It's excellent. A wonderful event captured with precision and style by the brilliant Martin Scorsese. I know Levon Helm criticized it though. He felt it put over-the-top emphasis on Robbie Robertson and presented him as the most important member of The Band. I don't know though... I just thought it was very entertaining. I felt as if I was *there* and loved the tunes. "I'm only gonna do one song, but I'm gonna do it good." -- great Neil Diamond quote from the concert On a related note, I also loved Scorsese's Rolling Stones concert film Shine a Light. Very classy and exciting -- he captured the enduring appeal of the Stones. A real tribute to Jagger, Richards, and their bruised-but-still-kickin' brand of rock. Can't wait to see what Marty does with his planned George Harrison documentary. =)

Who wins the award for "best guest appearance" at a concert you have been at?

At some really lame concert an old boyfriend drug me to was the best guest appearance ever, Iggy Pop. That guy is legendary!

Name Ten Awesome Drummers...?

Billy Cobham Carl Palmer (EL&P) Danny Carey (Tool) Mike Shrieve (Santana) Bill Buford (YES & King Crimson) Neil Peart (Rush) Terry Bozzio (Zappa) Cozy Powell (Rainbow & Sabbath) Mike Portnoy - Dream Theater Ginger Baker (Cream) BQ: No BQ2: Maybe BQ3: Don't play BQ4: Piper @ at Gates of Dawn / Saucerful of Secrets BQ5: Like Phish. Can't stand their fans :P

Top 5 Favorite Unique Voices?

1. Gordon Gano 2. Bob Dylan 3. Kurt Cobain 4. Lucinda Williams 5. Daniel Johnston

Rock and Roll Feuds?

Hmmm, you can also look at it this way; the band would not have been as great as they were, had Robbie not penned the majority of the lyrics for Levon to sing. Of the 5 members, 2 are deceased. So that leaves Robbie, Levon, and Garth. It's a tough call, and I feel that it's sad that legalities always take precedence over morals/ethics in these matters. It's nice to have an opinion though...and mine is that royalties should be split equally amongst all 5 members (or their families); Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Rick Danko, and Richard Manuel. Richard was a huge song writing contributing factor to The Bands music along with Robbie. Richard died back in the late 70's, while Rick Danko passed away around 10 years ago. Their families should be entitled to an equal share of the pot. You're correct, this legal battle has been going on for years, and I doubt we'll see a resolution any time soon. Robbie is a brilliant song writer/performer, but I feel he may be letting his anger & greed get in the way of what should be done. Every bands circumstances are different, so it's hard to give a general answer. But in the case of 'The Band', I say split it equally. On a side note...considering that 4 of the 5 members were Canadians, I still get a kick out of how many people still presume 'The Band' were American. The same goes with Steppenwolf...Oh well.

Best Singing Drummer?

Kelly Keaggy - Night Ranger Phil Collins - Genesis and solo

Which song should I use out of these two?

I would use Porchlight. If it "fits him EXACTLY." Everyone else should be watching the video and thinking about the words, not the voice thats saying/singing. It's whats being said that will tie it all together.

Which song should I use?

Seems to me that since the song Porchlight reminds You of Him the most, it would be the best choice here. I am sorry for Your loss. And Your Welcome.

Do you like The Band?

Yeah they're great, I like their work they did with Bob Dylan such as on Planet Waves and Before The Flood but haven't heard any of Levon's solo work.

What are your top 20 drummers?

My list, (not in order of greatness) 1. Tommy Lee 2. William Rieflin- Ministry, Kmfdm etc.. 3. Joey Jordison- Slipknot 4. Vinny Paul- Pantera 5.Don Henley- Eagles, impressive singing and drumming. 6 Dave Grohl- Nirvana 7 Chris Vrenna-nine inch nails 8 Randy Castillo 9Chris Adler - Lamb of God 10 Neil Peart 11Jaska Raatikainen- Children of Bodom 12 Ginger Fish 13 Lars Ulrich 14 Igor Cavalera -Sepultura 15 Dave Lombardo - Slayer, Fantomas 16 Jimmy Bower- eyehategod, Crowbar 17 Samantha Maloney- Motley Crue, Hole 18 Peter Criss- KISS 19. Daniel Erlandsson - Arch Enemy 20. Matt Sorum- Velvet revolver, GNR

Who is your favorite drummer/singer?


The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico?

I loved the mockumentary!!! The music was actually really good I thought. Thoroughly hilarious - esp. when they were interviewing Merle Haggard and friends.....I'm a big fan of the movie and will likely own it seeing how I've watched it 3 times already....

Who's going to fill their shoes?

Maybe Nickleback. But that is a far stretch at best. I hope Evanescence as it is rare for a Female to be the lead Singer of a Predominately male Band and Succeed . Edit: I think They are good. But to put them in the Echelon of Zep or Floyd is blasphemy. I still believe if Evanescence can keep going they could be the next great band. Just not right now after only 2 Mega Albums.

Care to share your favorite The Band song(s)?

Mine is "The Weight"

Mystery Drumsticks. Can you identify them?

Here is a site where you can find out about Levon Helm. http://www.levonhelm.com/index1.htm As for value of the drumsticks, you will probably have to see a dealer for an exact estimate.

Battle of the song #1- Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

.....all versions are good but I'll take; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Johnny Cash and The Carter Family As the best of them

Which bands had the drummer as the lead (or one of the lead) singer(s)?

What kind of music do your parents like?

Seeing as my brother is Zacky Vengeance, they LOVE to listen to A7X! We have something in common! Isn't it so cool that I know Zacky Vengeance?!? He is such a nice guy. But he always steals my sweaters and hair gel!! He also likes to bake cherry pies.

I need some suggestions for some quality country music.?

Check out Timelife music on the computer.

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Who do you think is the next Larry Campbell? The guitar player.?

he is successful

What are your favorite recent albums to come out from classic rockers?

Good Question. Tom Petty - Highway Companion Deep Purple - Bananas Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam UFO - You Are Here Rush - Snake and Arrows

Is "The Band" the most grossly underrated band of all time?

One of the greatest bands ever. They are a bit underrated. Much much love to The Band. But so is Goose Creek Symphony they are completely amazing and had a lot of success in the 60's, but have been lost. They are one of the best bands out there and are still playing today. And nobody knows who they are :( BTW, Levon Helm's new solo albums are awesome!

What are the lyrics to a song The Band did at their first shows at the Winterland It's called Little Birds

Try Googling it. Always works for me with lyrics.

Who will win the Grammy 4 Best Americana Album?

Been loving Levon Helm a long time an i am so hoping he will win it there is an honesty in his music and he lives what he sings..If not Levon then Willie an Asleep at the Wheel, they are so underrated.

Who Are You Most Wanting To See At ACL Festival 2009?

Sounds Great! But I live in England. This year I'm going to VFestival, Boardmasters & Glastonbury :D It's gonna be so much fun and my favourite bands are playing, like, Dream Tribes, Friendly fires, Can't wait!

How long can smoke stay in lungs?

Ask your doctor.

Levon Helm, of The Band, was born on May 26th of what year?

Not sure what year, I'd guess probably 1940, but I liked The Band better when they were the Levon Hawks, when they used to back up Dylan.

Better vocalist: Graham Nash or Levon Helm?

Graham Nash respect for Levon a better "singer" certainly and after all that was the point of your question this time I feel no guilt (lol) how you doing Paperbag?

What group did Levon Helm play for?

He was the drummer for "The Band"

Why doesn't levon helm play "the night they drove old dixie down" live anymore?

maybe because he doesn't...... want to..... ever think of that. he has new music.... most singers.... leave the old behind... and play the new live...... that way you buy new... not old.

Better drummer: Levon Helm or Mitch Mitchell?

I don't know why this decision is difficult. Most would automatically go with Mitch because he was in The Experience. But, Levon was a drummer and a vocalist. I saw him in the Scorsese's film "The Last Waltz" and he was pretty great behind the kit for The Band; quite the multi tasker. But, I'll have to go with Mitch Mitchell on this one, purely based on ability showcased on the Hendrix albums. It was a tough choice.

Do you know Levon Helm?

i met them at a concert in the early 90s in richmond, va...this was the "reunited" version of the band...got to talk a while with levon about his drummin' style and discussed his solo work (which has finally been released on cd)...levon and rick both were very gracious and polite...if only garth hudson (we still miss you like hell, garth my man) and robbie robertson had been there...

Who is Eric Schuster in Levon Helm's autobiography 'This Wheel's on Fire'?

Well sadly neither Google nor a librarian can supply you with the answer. If person has no clue to what one is asking one ought not answer. That aside this is a very good question and actually has come up between me and my comrades (all devotees of 60's music). As it stands the true name of "Eric Schuster" will most likely be in doubt unless Levon or one of the other lads comes clean on their deathbeds. Many names have been bandied about from Seymour Stein to Mo Ostin. I however have come to the conclusion that it was Stu Phillips. This is my reasoning. Levon mentions that they were forcibly ejected from the building and were spied by the legendary Doc Pomus who was also working in the building. Now at the time Doc Pomus was working with Mort Shuman as part of the songwriting duo based in the Brill Building. The only record label that had offices in the Brill Building at the time was Colpix Records and, of course, the A&R man for Colpix at the time was Stu Phillips. It is also noted that Stu Phillips composed a lot of music for TV and Dick Clark at the time was developing a lot of TV shows and might need music. Hence Levon relating that while in "Eric Schuster"'s office... Phone rings. 'TELL DICK CLARK I'M TOO BUSY. CALL BACK IN AN HOUR!' ...it is not exactly definitive but I'd take my theory to a court of law.

What did everyone think of Levon Helm's most recent album Dirt Farmer?

I love it! His voice is very different, but with the style of music he is now doing it works really well.

What were Levon Helm's 5 favorite songs on the Imus in the Morning Show on 11/20/09?

I remember one of them. It was Ray Charles "Drowning in my Tears". I'm trying to find out the name of the Chuck Berry instrumental but can't find it anywhere. I hope this helps a little.

How much are you looking forward to the new Levon Helm (Levon from the Band) album?

Not always up to date as to what is coming out next. But thought I would say, I would like to hear it. Dirt Farmer is a good one, I like Got Me a Woman and False Hearted Lover Blues. Especially the Blues. Last.fm has full track for all songs on that album.

Levon Helm and Traditional music for guitar?

levon helm was the drummer in the band.there is a web site called mahalo.com that you can get the music chords from. i am a huge fan of his and the band was and is my favorite.

Why does Levon Helm refuse to play The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down during his concerts?

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down has not been performed live since The Last Waltz. The inside story is that Levon now refuses to sing it, seeing Robbie's portrayal of the south as patronising. This is odd if, as he claims, he participated in writing it. Levon contradicts Taplin on the speed of the recording. Robbie is sensitive to Levon's charge, denying that he was writing it directly "at" Levon, but nevertheless it ceased to get done on stage by Levon or by The Band. But probably Robbie had too much to say about it in various interviews, which got Levon's bristles up. A later note from the website mentioned a Larry King radio interview where Levon simply says they stopped doing it "because it's hard to sing". http://theband.hiof.no/articles/dixie_viney.html