should i play for dundee united or leicester city?

Leicester. Dundee is a sh*t hole. I went to uni there for half a year, and it's the most barren, depressing place I've ever been in my life.

What places in leicester will accept work experience students . what shops offices etc?

Try the shops. Ask if they will take you as a work experience.

Does anybody no the team line ups from Leicester City v Man United August 1997 0-0 League game?

English Premier - KO 19:45 Leicester 0 (0) - 0(0) Man Utd At Filbert Street on 23-08-1997 Leicester: Keller ,Kaamark ,Guppy ,Elliott ,Prior ,Walsh ,Izzet ,Lennon ,Heskey ,Campbell (Savage ,59 ) ,Marshall (Claridge ,59) Subs not used: Andrews,Fenton,Parker, Man Utd: Schmeichel ,Neville ,Irwin ,Pallister ,Beckham ,Butt ,Sheringham ,Giggs ,Keane ,Cruyff (Scholes ,8 ) ,Berg Subs not used Neville,McClair,Van Der Gouw,Mulryne, Bookings: None Attendance: 21221 Referee: D J Gallagher (Oxfordshire)

Football Poll:: Coventry City + Leicester City or Chelsea FC?


Is the K block at Leicester City's' Walkers Stadium as noisy as L1 ?

i wouldnt say so

What is the best restaurant in Leicester?

Address: 38-40 Granby Street, Leicester, Cuisine(s): Italian Opening Times: Mon - Sun: 12:00 - 23:30 Tel: +44 (0)116 251 9332 When one of the country's most respected and leading critics says that a restaurant in this group is 'the best Italian Restaurant outside London' it is time to take them seriously. Britain's love affair with Italian food is a cause célèbre of long standing and shows no signs of waning, so it is always welcome news when somewhere like San Carlo sets out to reach for the skies. Located in the heart of Leicester, San Carlo is well suited to catch both day and night time business, and the menu reflects this. There are 147 different dishes, plus blackboard specials, offering snacks, meals, celebrations, all in true Italian style, dishes that bring Italy into the very centre of life in the city. San Carlo is one of a chain of similar restaurants, yet each one has its own personality. The San Carlo at Leicester is particularly famous for having the city's only wood burning oven, ensuring that they produce the freshest pizzas in the area. Favourite dishes include marinated Tuscan beef in extra virgin olive oil with porcini and topped with flakes of Parmesan cheese, and that old favourite of connoisseurs the world over, pan fried breast of chicken with spicy Italian sausage, fine chopped peppers, sun brushed tomatoes with white wine and a touch of tomato sauce. Many of the ingredients to create these dishes are imported from Italy, and it goes without saying that the wine list is unashamedly and spectacularly of the same origin. A combination of Italian cuisine and fish has always seemed logical - all that coastline - as well as highly attractive to the British taste. The antipasta at San Carlo includes fresh mussels Provençal or muniere, and spiced Italian sausage cooked in borlotti beans served with grilled polenta. Amongst the main courses expect to find on the blackboard Dover sole, either grilled or Colberg, fresh halibut, sea bass, a mixed grill of fish, salmon in lobster sauce, lobster Thermidor or tagliolini and shellfish Mediterraneo. It is customary to look for Italian wines in such places, nor will you be disappointed, but there are a few French inclusions also, with a rather nice Chablis in evidence. House wines, and few off the list, are available by the glass. Service is a good example of that Italian 'just make yourself at home we'll look after everything' manner, when you generally surprise yourself by taking their advice. In Britain we just say 'no problem', which may be succinct, but lacks style. San Carlo Leicester is a real gem amongst the San Carlo collection, with its location in Granby Street, and its architecture and décor providing the best of Italian luxury. Groups are welcome at San Carlo, but to preserve the balance between groups, a limit of up to nine people applies on Friday and Saturday, and twenty to thirty on weekdays. Booking will always make for security but in general the arrangements mean there is room for everybody. For those wanting a special location for their event of the year, or the week if you prefer, the Royal Suite at Leicester Can Carlo is for you. It is worth remembering that you will have the best service and advice from their Italian Directors and staff throughout. Ultimately a restaurant is judged by two main factors, each dependent upon the other. Combine quality food with life's movers and shakers in attractive surroundings and you have a sure fire record for the sweet buzz of success that permeates San Carlo. HOPE I HELPED YOU AND THANKS FOR 2 POINTS AND WAITING FOR STARS

Is there any free parking near Leicester train station?

That seems unlikely, but maybe you can park at the The Junction - St. George's Retail Park and sneak over to the train station. Otherwise there is the Calais Street Car Park, which probably charges.

who should i buy Leicester city on fifa 07?

please reword question. It does not make sense.

who should i buy for Leicester city on fifa 07?

you should buy some players from seville... they are awesome!!!!

What is the city of Leicester like?

Very diverse... It's quite racist in some areas due to the variety of different nations living/studying there. More than a third of the population of the entire city are first/second generation migrants and in a few years time it's estimated that migrants will then make up the majority of the population. Nowadays the racism problems isn't as bad, in fact for a while I haven't heard of many major issues. The city used to be quite run down, but over the past 2-5 years it's been trying to get its act back together. Completely renovating most of the city centre... meaning better pathways, modern lighting in the city centre, modern designs, better roads. They even added a huge extension to the main shopping centre, Highcross (now over 120 shops including an enormous new John Lewis, Cinema de Lux, great restaurants to try out). So I highly recommend you visit the Highcross shopping centre and try out the cinema there too.

How much would it cost to get a taxi from Leicester to Birmingham (the city centres)? Thanks.?

about £50

Leicester city,uk..useful website?

Did Henry or Wenger thank Leicester City for...?

i'm sure they did

leicester city shopping?

Wilkinsons round the back of the Haymarket Centre.

Chelsea vs Leicester City live stream free FA Cup?

leicester city vs manchester city fixtures in the last 5 years?

Sat 24-Apr-2004 Leicester City 1-1 Man City (Premiership) Wed 14-Jan-2004 Leicester City 1-3 Man City (F.A. Cup) Sat 03-Jan-2004 Man City 2-2 Leicester City (F.A. Cup) Sun 09-Nov-2003 Man City 0-3 Leicester City (Premiership) Sat 14-Apr-2001 Leicester City 1-2 Man City (Premiership) Sat 04-Nov-2000 Man City 0-1 Leicester City (Premiership)

Is It Hard To Get Into Leicester City FC ?

You cant. Kids at 15 are already turned professionals. Join MLS and go from there

What shops sell Wham bars in leicester city centre?

Don't know about shops in Leicester but you can still get them in old sweet shops. There are plenty of online suppliers.

Sven Goran Eriksson relieved of his duties at Leicester City?

i'm shocked, i'm wondering what he thinks of this too, his been been thinking positively of the way leicester is doing this season, eriksson did spent alot of money though and leicester(which is my prediction too) should be up there

If Torres went to Leicester City instead of Chelsea...?

torres will become a priest first before playing for LC :P

Is leicester city the best football team?

Certainly not. They are in the football league- one tier below the Premiership where all the best teams are. Leicester are an okay team though.

Live NORWICH CITY VS LEICESTER CITY || Live Streaming ELC/Soccer Live Online TV Channel LINK?

Watch READING VS LEICESTER CITY || Live Streaming LCH/Soccer Live Online Free TV Channel LINK?

In leicester city centre what time is tkmax and primark open til on wednesday (today)?

They are open until 9pm.

Is It Hard To Get Into Leicester City Football Club?

They are all hard to get into good luck. I used to live in Jabrihah.

How would I get to Leicester Square from Croydon City Centre?

Catch a fast train (stops Clapham Junction and Victoria only) from East Croydon Station to Victoria; they are frequent and the journey takes 18 minutes. Then either take a 24 bus from Victoria Wilton Road (at the side of the station) to Leicester Square, or the Underground (Victoria Line to Green Park and change to the Piccadilly Line for Leicester Square). An all zone One Day Travelcard (£7.50) will cover all parts of this journey

Are Leicester city fc a good team....?

amazing - tony cottee

Where is most convenient to stay in London between City Airport and Leicester Square?

The docklands is about 15 minutes from the airport and there are some hotels on the docklands, such as the Ibis and hotel Britannia. Any further into town and the hotels become quite expensive. There are Dockland light Railway (DLR) services which take you right into the middle of town into Bank and has connections to Oxford Circus and Westminster. You can also find hotels that are close to Wembley and Leicester Square but sorry I dont know hotels in that area. If you do find a hotel, on your arrival and departure you can go to Kings Cross which is like 20 mins from the airport on the DLR. Hope this helps!

Did you know that if Leicester City win on Tuesday...?

Hello Luvvy After that i can now sleep at ease at night. Thanks love. See YA.

Is frank Moussa who plays for leicester city good ?

No idea - never seen him play

Are Swansea City striker Nathan Dyer and Leicester City winger Lloyd Dyer related?

yes they are both brothers as well as having kieron dyer as a brother

who is the better team out of Leeds united and Leicester city?

History says Leeds, but Leicester will finish above them this season by quite a few points. so u got to give it to them.

Were Everton right to sell Jermaine Beckford Leicester City?

they sold him to keep the bank happy - they are in a shocking financial state

Does Leicester City have any glory hunter fans ?

No - I can't remember the last time they had a bit of glory that would attract glory hunting fans to their fold.

do you think Leicester City are the Barcelona of the championship?

_________________________________ LMFAO LMFAO LOL WOWWOWOW okay I'm done..

Where can i watch it Newcastle United v Leicester City live?

On Sky Sports, like everyone else did.

where can i watch a replay of the leicester city vs real madrid game?

youtube. skytv, espn,ten sports etc.

So, just who are the Thai owners of Leicester City going to try now?

They may go for Martin O'Neil or even Mark Hughes is a good candidate..

Does Leicester City Football Club receive lottery funding?

No, they get all their Money from Milan Mandaric and have just appointed Sven Goran Errikson as manager this morning.

How can Yakubu be at Leicester City and Torres at Chelsea?

We hopefully will be buying Yakubu to stay this season at leicester city.

Can Leicester City cause an upset today ?

Beckford has been decent Lately, Nuggent however has been "world class" 2-0 Foxes or a draw to take it to the KP stadium

Isn't it a glorious victory for Leicester City ?

Only One Team Will Go Home Happy And That Is Your Beloved Leicester City!

Where to watch England Carling Cup soccer match Reading vs Leicester City live streams online HDQ Video on PC?

Reading vs Leicester City live- Reading vs Leicester City live-

Watch Queens Park Rangers vs Leicester City Live Streaming English Coca Cola Championship Where Can I Watch?

Queens Park Rangers vs Leicester City Live Streaming Video Free Game Football Great site and awesome quality streams! Those guys have so many matches live, and it's a godsend not having to spend hours trying to find some blurry jerky stream!Enjoy with Live Action.

Can I get scouted for leicester city fc?

For fcukssake!! stop with this stupid question man!! be a plumber or something

How Can I Join Leicester City Football Club Academy ?

check the internet or there Official site, there maybe trials and schools in the area

Are PSG jealous and scared of Leicester City ?

Leicester City are the new Barcelona.

Where can I watch Newcastle Utd vs Leicester City Live Streaming Online - 31st August?

Hey Newcastle v Leicester is live online at You'll get a load of live Championship matches there and all the Premiership games. Brilliant quality streams!

Who will Leicester City buy in the Janurary transfer window?

if u want answers then don qstn on leicester sh!tty . ur da only fan dey got .

How old do you have to be to enter a leicester city match on your own!!!!?

Alright mate. I'm from Belfast and I go to every Linfield match on my own every week and I'm only 14!!! As long as you're not a wee kid, you'll be fine