2 Laurens, both in college towns, loosely similar descriptions w/ different heights, go missing. Connection?

Lauren was a fairly common name for baby girls about 20-25 years ago... So I suspect there are lots of colleges with at least 2 people named Lauren who are roughly the same height. That 2 such people on the same campus go missing may be uncommon but not statistically improbable. Oh, and the thing with Susan Smith isn't that earth shattering either. I'm sure 1000s of others said the exact same thing - especially since there is a strong precedent for parents murdering their children and then just reporting them as missing. I'd say you had a 30% chance of being correct with such a prediction in these cases.

Anyone following the story on missing Indiana University girl?

I live in btown. I've been following this story really closely. The cops have told the family and close friends not to search personally- end of story. It is probably a combination that some close friends are suspects- and the others shouldn't be around if actual evidence is found.