Sophia, Victoria, Miley or Lauren?

Ehhh I think a mixture of Sophia Bush,Miley Cyrus,and Victoria beckham. I think your pretty.If I was to rate you on the pretty scale,I'd give you a 10/10. Good luck.

I'm trying to find charities that sell t-shirt... preferably helping the third world countries..?

Africa Aid Gap / Product Red HOPE NLN

Did Prescott Bush's banking for Hitler(UBC) teach Bush Sr. investing with Bin Ladens(The Carlyle Group) is OK?

You have made a good point. This is another example of how President Bullshit's "war on terror" in nothing but a farce, and only retarded people are impressed by it.

Did Prescott Bush's banking for Hitler(UBC) influence Bush Sr. to invest with bin Ladens(The Carlyle Group)?

I didn't have any idea our family was into all that. How did I get left out. Raymond Bush

Did Prescott Bush's banking for Hitler(UBC) teach Bush Sr. investing with Bin Ladens(The Carlyle Group) is OK

I can't answer your question concerning Prescott Bush and Hitler. However, it is fair to compare the current president with "A great dictator". He has cut off the United States from the rest of the world, and engages our country in a hopeless and sad war that will only lead to larger battles. He has helped Islam more than Osama bin laden and all of Al Quada combined. He has given them the nation of Iraq, complete with free target practice and training fields. This man is a disgrace to all humanity.

lauren conrad and sophia bush????

None of that I have heard of. There might be a contest later on to meet the One Tree Hill cast soon, since they do one every season.

POLL/SURVEY: Lauren Bush (Dubya's nephew) married David Lauren (Ralph Lauren's son). Guess her new name?

Surely she'll go by Lauren Bush Lauren for her own sake....then most commonly referred by her original name. Thats funny though.

Who is prettier to you: Amy Adams, Sophia Bush, Lauren Conrad, Julia Roberts, or Christina Applegate?

Amy Adams, she has gorgeous skin.

Did Lauren Bush marry Ralph Lauren's son?

Lol yeah, their wedding is tomorrow.

Once Lauren Bush marries David Lauren, is she going to take her husbands family name ?

ha ha.. that is a good one. Well if she does not have a middle name, she should quickly choose one so that it does not sound so odd. Like if her middle name is Mary, it willbe Lauren Mary Lauren