why do republicans support KONY 2012 when all they care about is money & themselves?

Can someone summarize Joseph Kony for me?

Who Is This Kony Person That I Keep Hearing About?

how much money of the kony 2012 action kit proceeds go to the children?

When do we hang Kony 2012 posters in the night?

How would a Ron Paul president help the people of Uganda against Joseph Kony?

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How to get the Kony 2012 action kit?

Who is this Kony guy everyone is talking about?

Where can I find the Kony 2012 video without using YouTube?

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People are so obsessed with Kony, there are more pressing problems in the world?

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are people really mad about joseph kony and killing of children?

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What do people know about the "Invisible Children" in Uganda with Joseph Kony?

All that I know about your question is that Joseph Kony is the leader of a violent group in Uganda called the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) and that his men abduct young children (mostly males) and threatens them to join his army or be put to death. The children become his combatants to terrorize parts of Uganda. His reason for doing all of these horrible things is because he says that he is following the ten commandments. Hope this helps:)

How many braclets buttons and posters does the Kony action kit 2012 come with.?

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Who is this Kony person everyone is talking about?

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Did Obama's 100 American troops go to help in the capture of Joseph Kony or to spy on Museveni?

Whatever obama said was probably a lie and should stay out of their politics.

How did so many people not hear of kony before that video?

Why did the us help out the rebels trying to kill Gaddafi but dont do anything about kony?

Should I start a Cover the Night Cleveland - kony 2012?

Start one! Invite your Cleveland friends. Ask them to invite their Cleveland friends. The college population of Cleveland will join in a matter of days.

Where can I get the different Kony 2012 posters that were featured in the video? The ones with his face?

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I understand and fully support Kony 2012, but someone told me the money is all just going to the government?

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Why is this whole section filled with questions about Kony 2012?

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After watching the documentary Kony 2012, this question popped into my head?

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Is Joseph Kony ever going to stop abducting and killing child soldiers?

Not until the U.S. Gets involved and bombs him he wont

How much of the profits of KONY 2012 are going to the cause?