can you translate this japanese verse into english?

I'll translate the first verse I guess; Welcome, sorry we kept you waiting Bustle all over, this city's performance Just keep quiet and follow us for once So classy that it fascinates throughout the world That's Japan, It's Number One Jump around, Now it's our turn Teriyaki Boyz in the place to be We'll show you, our original V.I.P.

ROMANTIC MANGA WITH SCHOOLLIFE/and a bad boy!! no fantasy.?

Skip Beat! Ouran High School Host Club


well.....for the manga part: a lot of hwang mi ri's and han yu-rang's mangas meets most of the requirements you can look up the titles on

Help with Japanese oral (for finals!)?

1.ok " watash no namae ha minato desu" might be better. 2.excellent 3.(if you are pro)soudesune. 4.ok. but "iie, ko-ko sei desu"is more formal. 5.Apple valley ni sundemasu. (you can't leave out "ni" in this sentence.) 6.ok. As you wrote, "go nin kazoku desu"is better. 7.chichi to haha to ani ga futari (to watashi ) desu. (You should use "ga" instead of"wa".) 8.ok. 9.hachiji han desu. 9The question is "what time do you get up every morning?" So you can answer " Rokuji ni okimasu." for example. Good luck on your final exam.

A Hikaru No GO question?

1) no, it really disappointed me... first i was hoping that he would be able 2 see sai again, and secondly... he wasn't that good... i thought he would become the best... specially because u know when sai played against toya's father online... that he said something like "oh if he woulda played there, he woulda won" he saw something sai hadn't seen... so i thought that by the time that sai was gone he woulda been the best... 2) i think that it woulda been sai's way of leaving... it was just really stupid how he left... but it was almost everything at the end that was really bad... lol 3) no, i don't know how to play go... lol 4) i think that he meant that the game is just going to keep on evolving, they might find different strategies.... but they still need the basics down... like how it was obvious that what was the name of the first guy that sai kinda "possessed"? shusaku? whatever... since they had records of his games, it was obvious that he was the best for a really long time, and probably would be the best even in this time period... but he woulda had to get used to the way people played nowadays, and that the game would continue to evolve

Translate vietnamese?

blessed is he who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to him from the Lord

Salam, actually i am muslim. i am worried these days.plz help me????? actually it seems me that every thing?

Assalam o Alaikum dear brother in faith and humanity, i hope u are fine and in good healths. meri piyari see behan, main bhi urdu bolna parhna jaanta hun, is liye meri aap se yehi quzarish/ pratna hai, ke ap apni baat un logon se kahain jo deen ke bare main ma'loomat rakhte hain. ya'ni: ya askimam ya ya apne kisse dost/saheeli se mill kar usey apni mushkil halaat se aashna karain. i wish to share the following beneficial links in order that u may read and act according to the knowledge gained. insha'Allah Weakness of Faith - what are its symptoms n how to cure it? Learn to repent to Allah in the best of manners! To become a better muslim, u must start Avoiding the Satanic 'Intellect' i.e.

Can someone translate this from Vietnamese?

1, Did U like it ... Why no one told me a bout that ... OMG ... how dare U insulted me by your national language ... That's not good ... Go to hell, man ... love you ... 2, AWW... you're wrong ... how did you say that , honey ... why you don't go to hell ... Hmm ... fuck off dear 3, OH ... You want it ??? Are those accounts fake ??? I didn'tknow that ... Seem this new one is also fake ... i see ... go to hell and have fun, dear You can call to your network provider to block her number

What episode does Sakura become a perv?

The part where it involves Sai and Sasuke didn't happen in the anime yet, but it's in the manga. It's chapter 347. I laughed when i read that chapter.

How do you translate this in English?

just looking to your eyes I be mad on you with your sweet talk I lost my senses don't know why I am feeling so It will take lot of time. Will get it by tomorrow.

Could someone translate these Japanese lyrics for me?

EDIT: Oh my god!!!!! Shiina Ringo! I had no idea. She is one of my favorite artists!!! ^^ She has the prettiest voice, it's so unique! Here is your translation: I just want to be with you tonight I know that you want to be my babe I don't need promises I hate things like that, which won't end. I want to be linked always Longing for a window upon which morning never comes. Why have words come about throughout history? Sun, Oxygen, Sea, Wind... shouldn’t these be enough already? We each face loneliness No one can find any fault with wounds we licked properly clean Unravel the strings, faking life. Forgive me for always going back and forth, Don't think it’s too late, just rush me. Go in deeper now, make me climax. The light of the moon that seems like it wants to say none of it matters Inferiority complex, categorize Let's try and forget all that. In the end I'll be alone anyway, It's good to know this empty reality will be forced to a conclusion. I love that sharp gaze. I don't need promises I hate things like that, which won't end. I want to be linked always Longing for a window upon which morning never comes. Forgive me for always going back and forth, Don't think it's too late, just rush me. Go in deeper now, make me climax.

cho em hỏi câu tế nhị này với,hi?

Go F a goat!!!!!

What do these suffixes on the end of names mean, when addressing someone in Japanese?

San basically means Mr or Mrs. Dono is barely used nowadays but it basically is used for people who are much higher up. Kun is used with kids. Sama is a honorific for again those who are higher up. Not quite the same level as dono though. I don't know what don is. Chan is also used for kids. Senpai is similar to sensei in that it can be used for teachers. But i'm pretty certain Senpai can also be used for like a leader. And I think you mean Arigatou gozaimasu

How would you say "time for you to die" in japanese?

That's one of those phrases that doesn't translate over well into Japanese. I think it would be better to say "Ippen shinde miru" which loosely means "Perhaps it's time to die"

Can someone translate the following from Chinese to Japanese (romanji & kanji)?

are you serious?

What is your favorite Ko-budo Weapon?

Kusarigama, Naginata, Tanjo, and the Daisho.

Do alot of hippies go to thailand islands such as ko lipe?

Hippies??? Wasn't that in the 60's and 70's? I don't think you would call them hippies. They are just young people who like to party.

What Japanese song starts like "Ki No Wa Ko Sai Zebu Kettai De"?

The song is 'Yellow Moon' sung by Akeboshi