What are your favorite rides at kings dominion the amusement park?

The INTIMADATOR 305! It is the best. mostly for adults and middle to upper teens :) You can go to their website for videos and pics of the rollercoasters. kingsdominion.com :)

What was the song David played on the piano in the second Kings episode?

In last night's episode - Prosperity Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?i=159205977&id=159205943&s=143441 In the first episode - Un Sospiro 3 Concert Etudes No 3 in D flat major http://www.last.fm/music/Franz+Liszt/_/No.+3+in+D+flat+major,+%22Un+sospiro%22 I hope this helps.

What do you think of kings and royal families?

Should Jonathan Bernier get the start for the Kings tomorrow?

Oh god they had better. Anything beats playing Erik Errorsberg, I mean Ersberg, what a piece he is. Seriously, I'm fairly certain my 10 year old niece is a better goalie then Ersberg.

What player will the Sacramento Kings get with the 5th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft?

DeMarcus Cousins Derrick Favors will most likely be picked by the Nets at number 3 But DeMarcus Cousins could fit very well in a front court with Jason Thompson they been needing much help at the center postion Spencer Hawes isnt cutting it out at center,Jason Thompson is not a center, and Landry is undersized PG-Beno Udrih SG-Tyreke Evans SF-Omri Casspi PF-Jason Thompson C-DeMarcus Cousins

What evidence is their supporting the claim that characters in the Bible are based on Egyptian kings?

City of David archeology http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAss39Ckuhw The "experts" also used to say there was no ancient city of Troy. Until it was found.

What type of government do kings and queens rule in?

Two Types Absolute Monarchy ex Saudi Arabia Constitutional Monarchy ex Japan

Why does the king of spades face a direction different from the other kings?

The King of Spades is the highest rank card in the deck. Yes the suits themselves are ranked. Maybe that is why he faces differently than the rest

How much would a hockey stick signed by the 1977 river kings team sell for?

If it were the Mississippi Riverkings then you might be able to find out if someone went on to the NHL or AHL, etc. and you could sell it for a few hundred bucks. But, I'm sorry to say it, the Memphis riverkings team isn't as known so you could only likely sell it for 50-75 bucks top price.

How do i reach Kings Circle from Borivali?

Hay Sachin... King Circle is a station on the Central Western Harbour Train Line... Yes, U can definately take a cab, from Dadar... But personally i would get down at Bandra & here I will tak the CST bound, Harbour Line Train. Next Station is Mahim & then King Circle. This route is more convenient as there are CST trains from Bandra Every 15 Min (in the afternoon @ times there r 30 min gaps between Trains). Also fare from Borivli to Dadar/King Circle is same, but the cab would take some 17/20 buks... (it would b better if you take a cab from Matunga, as Matunga is more closer to KC than DDR...) if u dont like train journy much.

What song did The Kings Of Leon sing on the TV Show Greek?

kings of leon was never on greek.. the band you are referring to is American Bang.. i think it was Wild and Young ...the song..

What kings and queens of england are related to prince charles?

The Prince of Wales descends from William the Conqueror as well as Harold Godwin and a long line of Anglo-Saxon kings--that is if he actually.descends from all the Plantagenet kings who survived to sire children through Henry Tudor's marriage to Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Edward IV, whose parentage is disputed. The Hanoverians descend from James VI of Scotland, who ascended the English throne as James I of England because James' great, great grandmother, Margaret Tudor, was the consort of James IV of Scotland.The Stuart dynasty traces its descent to Robert the Bruce. whose family originally came to the British Isles at the time of William, the Conqueror. All of the above descend from the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. Along the way, both Scottish and English royal families intermarried with each other as well as with royal families in France, Spain, the Netherlands, the Germanies, and Scandinavia/Greece.

What happens when both kings are under check in chess?

One rule in chess is that a King cannot move into check. Thus, the king that moved next to the other one made an illegal move.

What are the LA Kings doing to make them so successful in the playoffs?

Don't kid yourself Vera. Anyone who watches hockey much and has half a brain is not all that surprised by the Kings. They have a truly great defense, a solid goaltender, and a well balanced attack. They are definitely one of the deepest teams in the league all around. They play a disciplined defensive system similar to a few other teams, such as the Capitals and the Rangers. They try to collapse at least 3 to 4 guys around their net when they are in their zone without the puck. This really limits the quality offensive chances by the other team, as most shots can't even get through to the goal. I've been watching and following hockey for over 30 years, and all this Jon Quick talk is nonsense. He is a good goalie who is very good down low, but he really isn't that great. The people who say he is great just haven't actually seen him play that much, and they just listen to the T.V. analysts. Remember, these analysts are not really there to tell you the reality of things. They are there to create a story and sell the game. They love talking about big upsets and big stars, even when it really is not all that true. They spin stories and create hype, just like most media people are trained to do. That is their job. If you watch T.V. expecting to find the truth, I feel for your naive mind.

Who were the kings of England during the colonial settlement of America?

House of Stuart (or Stewart) James I (1603-1625) Charles I (1625-1649) ~Commonwealth Interregnum 1649-1660~ Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector (1653-1658) Richard Cromwell as Lord Protector (1658-1660) House of Stuart Charles II (1660-1685) James II (1685-1688) William III & Mary II (1688-1702) Mary d.1694 Anne (1702-1714) House of Hanover George I (1714-1727) George II (1727-1760) George III (1760-1820)

Besides Cedar Point and Kings Island, is there any other place in ohio to go on vacation?

Avoid Columbus unless you are in need of a lot of down time. Canton has the football hall of fame; Cleveland has the rock and roll hall of fame. Dayton has an airbase with museum. Findlay has buzzards.

What do you guys think of the kings 35 point comeback vs the bulls?

That was insane. Its was crazy. I guess the kings are a little better than we all thought. But the bulls were careless and did let them come back. Some people might say that the bulls are not yet as mature and can't handle these situations.

What is the best book on a brief history of all kings and queens, nonfiction?

Lady Antonia Fraser's Kings and Queens of England.

How busy is Carowinds compared to Kings Dominion During Spring Break?

Shoot - they are both getting amazing new rollercoasters, so they will both be packed. If you must go to Carowinds during spring break, then go on a day where the weather forecast would elude people (cooler, cloudy, maybe slight chance of rain). Definitely go during a weekday (Mon-Thurs will be your best bet). It probably will be just as busy for both parks...during Carowind's "Spring Break" week, it is shortly after Carowinds opens for the season so all of the kiddies will want to be one of the first people to check out the new rollercoaster during their Spring Break, and Kings Dominion's new coaster will attract a lot of enthusiasts because of it's size and uniqueness (the new coaster at Carowinds is similar to others of it's type so I don't think it'll attract too many enthusiasts as compared to Kings Dominion's new coaster). Anyway, that's my prediction. If I were you, I'd try to go to both parks during a weekday in May, when kids are at school and adults are at their job. Good luck - have fun!!!

What is the probability of getting three queens and two kings?


What is the order of the episodes of pair of kings so fair?


Why do Americans think that India is still ruled by kings and princeses, and elephants roam on the streets?

For the record, I'm an American and I do not think that. I am well aware that India is a Parliamentary Republic led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. And while I don't know much about the nation's elephant population, I would imagine that elephants in the streets would make it very difficult for cars to get by. I would think that the government would keep them out of the streets if that were at all possible! But there are a lot of Americans who don't know a damn thing about geography. This isn't specific to India; many Americans couldn't name a single foreign head of state. And quite a few of them probably couldn't name their own state's governor or senators. I don't think this is unique to the United States, though. There are ignorant people all over the world. It's just something we have to deal with.

How much per person does it cost to go to Kings Dominion?

go here for an overview of their tickets http://www.kingsdominion.com/shop/shopping.cfm

How safe is for 2 teenager girls staying at Kings College Residence in London during the summer?

They should be fine. the area where Great Dover Street is located is Borough and there are many restaurants and bars etc around so lots of people. Its just South (but less than a mile) of very central London so you get the advantages that its a bit less busy and a bit less overly touristy. There are several art galleries, museums, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and other attractions such as the London Eye within walking distance or a 5-10 minuite bus or underground ride. I have worked in teh area and now live just South of it and I would recommend it!

What is the difference of the Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion on Friday and Saturday?

Pretty much the prices and hours differ. Plus maybe the amount of people hired to scare depend on the day too... On Fridays the hours are from 7pm to Midnight (12:00am) On Saturdays the hours are from 10:30am to Midnight. On Sundays the hours are from 10:30am to 10pm The price differs as well. Friday nights admission is $32 Saturday/Sunday nights if your 48 inches or taller then $56 Saturday/Sunday nights if your less than 48 inches then $32 Saturday/Sunday nights buying tickets online then $32

How did Cardinal Richelieu of France prevent the Bourbon kings from losing power?

dang it I learned about this a week ago but I don't know the answer sorry

How was debt and debt remission used by incoming kings to consolidate their power?

lol u have western civ at cw post???

How do you get to the London ExCeL from kings cross station?

Trains from Exeter arrive at Paddington or Waterloo Stations and NOT at Kings Cross. From Paddington take the Bakerloo Line to Baker Street, then cross platform change to the Jubilee Line to Canningon Town, where you change for the Docklands Light Railway for Custom House From Waterloo Station catch the Jubilee Line to Canning Town; then the Docklands Light Railway to Custom House www.tfl.gov.uk www.nationalrail.co.uk

How did the first kings and emperors become kings and emperors?

Kings originally were leaders of their people. Such people usually rise through strength of personality, courage or intelligence, ruthlessness and brutality, and more likely a combination of these. The institution as such is much older than wealth per se. Take Genghis Khan. His father was dead, his family was of little renown and influence, and yet he became the greatest conqueror this world has ever seen. Personality, courage and intelligence, ruthlessness and brutality. How about Napoleon? An ordinary joe from a backward island province ends up as the absolute ruler of most of Europe. Personality, courage etc. Now, the very first kings of Europe... actually, I don't know very much about that. But practically all continental royalty (Great Britain has its own story, as usual) ultimately leads back their nobility to Charlemagne. He didn't exactly come from nothing (He was a prince) but he still upgraded an awful lot through personality, courage etc. He conquered most of Europe and delegated local rulership to vassals. Those vassals, in the centuries that followed, intermarried, had wars, bought land off of each other and inherited, and the end result is modern royalty and aristocracy. They're all descended from this or that count, baron or duke originally in service to Charlemagne. Charlemagne was also the first emperor, after the Roman Empire; he simply forced the pope to pass that authority on to him. He wasn't all wrong, since, although he was a conniving, treacherous, greedy snake, he did manage to bring order and rule of law in an enormous empire.

How did the conflict between the Pope and kings during the Middle Ages end?

You need only review the history of Henry VIII and the Church of England. This is the conflict you speak of, and it started with the Pope's refusal to grant the King a divorce so he could marry his new love interest, and continue his quest to have a son. The Pope would not budge and it ended with England changing its national religion and making the King the head of the Church of England (Anglican). Henry VIII seized the properties of the Church and executed any Catholic clergy that defied him. There were other minor power struggles, but what remade the authority of the Church and royalty was the Plague. The people turned on the Church when it was unable to protect them from the Black Plague, which devastated Europe's population.

Why did the Prussian kings become more independent and powerful than other German kings?

A is the best fit. It allowed the Elector of Brandenburg to retitle himself as King in(note not of!) Prussia. That being said, it was sometimes a curse rather than a blessing; the Prussian holdings were constantly under threat by Poland and Sweden.

When will Kings Island open up for the 2010 season. And how much will the tickets cost?

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What is the number of permutation for three aces and two kings?

if each card is treated as distinct, the answer is 5! = 120 but if aces are treated as one identical group and kings as another, the answer is 5! / (3!*2!) = 10

What is the name of the ring that kings use to make their mark on a document?

Signet Ring

What is the probability of picking three kings out of a deck?

there is a 1/13 chance of it. That is only if there is no jokers

What is the probability of drawing 3 kings from a deck without replacement?

There are four kings in a particular deck of cards. Whenever you draw one king, the amount of kings is reduced by one, but so is the amount of cards. At first, you have 4 out of 52 (4/52) chance to get a king. If you get one, you have 3/51 chance of getting another, as there's three kings left and 51 cards. After that, your chance is 2/50. To get the chance of drawing all three kings you need to multiply those probabilities: 4/52 * 3/51 * 2/50 equals your answer.

How can Sacramento Kings rebuild to the point they were in 2002?

That is a good question. Presently all of the professional teams in Northern California suck (some worse than others). I am and have always been a Raiders fan but they SUCK (really SUCK) The 49ers SUCK and are in first place because Seattle seems to have bitten the dust, Arizona looks like a 1 year wonder. The A's Suck and so do the Giants but not quite as bad as the A's Golden State Warriors SUCKKKK, they pretty much need a new team and finally the Sacramento Kings, currently they suck but I am really wondering if the owner is just to afraid to spend any real money to get top notch players, especially with the economy the way it is and the unemployment rate in Sacramento is terrible (I live in Redding and it is 13% here)

What is the relationship between cypress hill and kottonmouth kings?

west coast

What are some kings that were well liked by the common people and helped the poor?

King Louis IX of France was so just and pious and kind to the poor that he became a saint. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_IX_of_France

How do i get from london kings cross to cheshunt?

frankie is not incorrect ... however it would be a shorter journey to get the Victoria line northbound from Kings Cross to Tottenham Hale, and change onto the Cheshunt train there

How many kings throughout history have abdicated their throne to marry?

I don't know of any others who've abdicated in order to marry. I can only think of one situation that even comes close: Albert, the only son and heir of Duke Ernest of Bavaria, secretly married a commoner named Agnes Bernauer in the early 1400's. For some obscure legal reason, this marriage would have made their children ineligible to inherit the dukedom. In effect Albert was "abdicating," but his father found out and had Agnes murdered before she could bear any children. You might also take a look at the Wikipedia article on morganatic marriage.

What players should the Sacramento Kings sign this year to become more competetive in the West?

They need a solid small forward who is young and athletic, I think they should go after Wilson Chandler then re-sign the rest. I don't think Dalembert would re-sign with them, DeAndre Jordan would be a good replacement.

Why did school history lessons start with the Normans and not the Saxon kings?

I researched for two days on this and came up blank for the "most part". I don't normally spend so much time on "two" points. What did seem apparent is that this was an oppressed time for the English. I offer a few links below that may assist in determining in your own mind that this oppression was not accepted well and therefore a time that would like to be forgotten by as many Englishmen as possible. I agree that history should be honest and true, but often time history is written by those who are either victorious in war, or have a power over the masses. Hopefully I helped somewhat. Good luck!... ☺

How much do tickets to Kings Dominion with a passholder cost?

No, but my man Troy will hook you up. You need to go downtown and ask around. You'll find Troy. He'll hook you up with a 19% discount (non-negotiable.)

How to get giant kings mask in the xbox arcade game Raskulls?

The same thing happened to me AND my boyfriend. My boyfriend thought it was my xbox because when he put his hardrive on his own xbox the items appeared. But im not too sure. My items say that they are there but can't view or equip them. How long have you had your xbox, because mine is like 3 or 4 years old now so it could be that... but then again i dont see how that would work. All i can suggest is trying to put your hard drive into another xbox and see if it comes up then. Thats what im going to try :/ sorry im not much help

How does Banquo beget a line of kings if Malcolm ultimately wins the throne in Macbeth?

About 250 years later, the son of Robert Bruce (probably Scotland's greatest king) died without offspring, and the crown came to the son of Robert's daughter, who had married Walter the Steward--i. e. Stewart. Their descendants ruled Scotland and later England as well until 1714--well, actually, until now. although the name is no longer Stewart. The scene in which Macbeth returns to the witches and is shown a vision of the descendants of Banquo as kings, with the line culminating in one who rules a double kingdom, is a compliment to King James VI of Scotland and I of England, who united the two countries after the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603 and became Shakespeare's patron. (This was also the King James who commissioned the translation of the Bible. There's even a tradition that Shakespeare worked on it.) The hitch in all of this is that there's no real evidence that Banquo really existed. Still, if there was at least a legend or a tradition that he was an ancestor of Walter the Steward, you can see how he was thought to be the ancestor of a line of kings even though he was never a king himself.

What can be inferred from the fact that kings began to ask nobles for advice in running their kingdoms?

Kings have ALWAYS had advisors. Who better to ask for advice than someone nearly as powerful as you are?

When did kings in England lost their power, when did the prime minister thing start?

The monarchs of Britain effectively lost their power following the deposing of James II. He was replaced with William of Orange who ruled, with his wife, at the behest of Parliament. When the last of the Stuarts, Queen Anne, died Parliament invited the Elector of Hannover to become the monarch (as George I) and the crown was settled upon the successors of Sophie, Electress of Hannover and that remains the position to date. During this time the first modern Prime Minister, Robert Walpole, came to power and the party system, then Whigs and Tories, slowly came into being. The powers of the King gradually declined as the power of Parliament, the Prime Minister and Cabinet increased. There was, however, no 'delegation' of power from King to Parliament as the first answer suggests.

How come Kings and Emperors weren't richer than Industrialists or Business people?

Way back when, there wasn't much distinction between the wealth of the sovereign and the wealth of the state. Yes, they had wealth, but they also had all of the expenses of maintaining the state. Governments don't come cheap; and the expenses could be ruinous (particularly when they went to war). Industrialists only had themselves to worry about, so they could amass great personal fortunes. Hope this answers your question.

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in fact a King can't, strictly speaking, be Royal .. why? the word Royal derives from the French Roi which means King .. so to say a King is Royal is tautological