Song title with repeating lyric "over and over again..."?

I definately do not know it, but the guy that said that the title is "over and over again" is either retarded or a tool. If no one answers, give me ten points for at least being honest.

this is driving me crazy. i need this song!!!!!!?

Uploaded it for you ^_^

Who are the top 3 musical artist out of this list (inside)?

MJ FANS. What other artist do you enjoy listening to?

Mute Math Beyonce Fugees Duffy The Beatles Prince TLC SWV The Script The Fray Jason Mraz Bob Marley Parampre Panic At the Disco John Mayer Kanye West R. Kelly Radiohead Black Eyed Peas Selena Perez Janet and Rebbie Jackson

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to maintain pitch while singing long runs?

to main tain pitch you have to think up. and breathing/ posture always counts.

Please tell me how to communicate with Kim.?

use google type her name and get her official website there should be contact information on there

i'm looking for the name of the CD from kim burrell with a tract called "my help" on it.?

I could only find 2 albums by kim burrell first one being "Try Me Again" and the other "Everlasting Life" But neither had the song My Help on it, are you sure that it is called that? Check out the site to find all the tracks on both albums. Hope this helps.

I'm looking for a Kim Burrell song. Can you help me please?

I have searched and searched, and below is the only thing I could find!

Does anyone know where to find the full length version of Kim Burrell's "Special Place"?

Try myspace they might can help you or go to her website. they might can help. good luck.

When is Kim Burrell's CD coming out?

Kim's new CD is coming out in August. I can't wait!

WHO is Kim Burrell?

Can you tell me how to contact gospel artist Kim Burrell or her booking agent?

who is that?????????????????????????????????????

Singers/bands that sound like Kim Burrell?

Karen Clark Sheard Kelly Price - Healing Yolanda Adams - Open My Heart Trin-i-tee 5:7 - The One Onitsha Feat. Coko Mary Mary Deborah Cox - My Life Mary Mary - What A Friend Coko - Open My Heart Shirley Caesar Clark Sisters - Living Ramiyah - You Never Left Me Ledisi

where can i get this song called Try Jesus by Kim Burrell with the Stewart Singers?

The CD is expensive and not sold new anymore (see below). Maybe Youtube?

Looking for song - Thank You Lord for all you've done for me by Kim Burrell?

I think the artist is Walter Hawkins according to Google. You can look it up on YouTube.