Why did Obama delay the Keystone Pipeline Project?

He has alienated some of the rich special interest groups that had backed him; he's trying in this case to win back the environmentalists.

what is the official stand of the republican party on the keystone pipeline?

The more sources of energy the better. The project, called the "Keystone XL Pipeline," envisions a pipeline from Alberta, Canada all the way down to Texas (where many of our refineries are). It would have connections to other pipelines to other refineries in the U.S. along the way. The Keystone Pipeline would have the capacity to give us yet another 1.1 million barrels a day from our kindly cousins in the Great White North. Our Canadian kin are moderately well-disposed towards us, unlike the Arabs and the Persians. I mean, when was the last time you saw some wild-eyed Canadian kid detonate an explosive belt to kill Americans while screaming, "The Maple Leaf is great!"? So letting this project proceed would seem like an economic and national security no-brainer. Alas, the pipeline has been stalled by the no-brainers in Washington since 2008. Environmentalists have been in heavy opposition to the pipeline, and despite favorable reviews by both the State and Energy Departments, Obama -- the biggest no-brainer in Washington -- has ordered yet more environmental studies. The environmentalist beef with the project is that the oil the Canadians will ship through the pipeline is be extracted from the reserves in their vast ranges of tar sands. These reserves are huge -- on the order of 175 billion barrels of oil, which makes for more than two-thirds of Saudi Arabia's proven reserves. But the environmentalists fear that the after-products of the tar sand oil extraction will harm the environment. However, it is both presumptuous and silly for American environmentalists to oppose this joint project to ship Canadian oil. First, it is not as if Canada were a corrupt, third-world dictatorship where the leaders are willing to despoil their own country for some low-end cash. The Canadians have a fine record on environmental protection (as good as our own, in fact). And they have gotten the extraction process for tar-sand oil very ecologically safe. Over 80% of the water used in the extraction process is recycled, and the "trailing ponds" (which contain the remains of the extraction process) are being planted over with trees and shrubbery. And remember: these tar sands are already laden with petrochemicals to begin with! So a project that would bring an estimated 20,000 new construction jobs and 250,000 long-term jobs overall to a country with an unemployment rate still up around 9%, not to mention bring about $585 million in corporate and other taxes -- and $5 billion in property taxes -- to states most of whom are experiencing financial crises, is being held up by the usual green dreamers. You know the green dreamers: they oppose all sources of energy known to work, and they support only sources of energy proven to be inefficient. o_O " " " " "

What song would you dedicate to Obama to convince him to not allow the Keystone Pipeline?

teach your children - csny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQtRsSmU-6k

Why are labor unions supporting the Keystone pipeline & betraying Obama the Great; environment before jobs?

Wouldn't there be more jobs if Mr.Pass My Bill Now wasn't obstructing the Keystone pipeline?

the number of jobs is highly inflated by the companies wanting to profit. An independent analysis has far fewer long term jobs- maybe even less than a thousand. Of course, more jobs will be created during spills and cleaning up the aquifer. None of this addresses America's deficit- it's still foreign oil. About $500 million every day is spent on oil the US does not have: how long can that go on?

What do you fear most about the Keystone Pipeline Project?

That the environmental loons will keep it from becoming reality.

After the Ogallala Aquifer has been poisoned by the Keystone XL pipeline?

It doesn't matter R. They aren't paying attention. They don't really think there is going to be a water Shortage out west. You see, Al Gore made all that Global Warming up just to Get Rich and the reason the Hedge Funders are investing heavily in water companies and bottlers isn't because what he said is true. they know people just like the plastic bottles better. When everything drys up within the next 15 years out there and it will, they will have another convenient excuse. "It's just the Weather, It's just the Planet Changing it does that all the time." This is all dripping sarcasm because I really don't know how else to address this since it has gone to the point of ridiculous in ignoring

Black History Prep: 0bama, bravery, Seal Team 6, Bin Laden & Keystone Pipeline: If 0bama was "brave?

Did 0bama delay the Keystone Pipeline to anger unions or to show his hatred of America's middle class workers?

He prefers we keep depending on the middle east for oil. 50,000 immediate jobs with close to 1/2 a million once it is finished.

Why is Obama refusing to make a decision on the Keystone pipeline until after next November?

votes / his re-election is more important than the country is why

why doesn't the keystone xl pipeline project take the shorter route to the pacific coast?

Why is the thin walled pipe of the Trans-Canada Keystone XL Pipeline allowed to be routed over an aquifer?

High pressure is not an issue, just large volumes. Because the pipe walls are not under a lot of stress they do not need to be very thick. Also there are pump and valve stations along the line. If there is any loss of pressure due to a leak in a section of pipe the pumps will shut down and the valves at each end of that section will slam shut. The volume of oil that would leak out is not as large as you would expect; the volume that would leak out IS known and every drop must be accounted for if there is a leak. I do not know if there are any other measures used along the line where it specifically passes over an aquifer. It is quite possible that the gravel trench the pipe is laid in is lined with rubber to contain any leaks from flowing into the aquifer underneath. You should find out for sure what measures are used to protect sensitive environmental areas and if not adequate it is an issue you should bring up with local politicians, Trans Canada Pipelines and environmental lobby groups.

How come Republican Governors don't want the Keystone XL Pipeline anywhere near their state?

Why are the enviro-hippies protesting the Keystone XL pipeline?

Because hippies aren't happy unless they're protesting something. You're right---a pipeline is much more eco-friendly than trucking it.

so the company that is wanting to build the keystone pipeline?

Would the Keystone pipeline create jobs and decrease our dependence on foreign oil?

Depends if you call Canadian oil "foreign."

Why build the Keystone XL pipeline when we have excellent railroads operating over the same territory?

Because a pipeline is a cheaper method of transporting liquids over long distances. A pipeline can pump liquids continually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why do right wingers keep claiming the Keystone Pipeline isn't going to be built? It is.?

NEWS FLASH!!!! Obama postponed the decision until AFTER the 2012 election. The rerouting has already been accepted by the pipe builders, I saw it on TV. Obama is playing hot potato between his union friends and his environmental friends. One or the other will get the shaft,and he wants BOTH on his side come election 2012. I wonder when people will ever wake up to this lying two faced Obama .

is 0bama blocking the Keystone Pipeline because his Kna Growers hate the idea of getting a job?

Why is the Keystone oil pipeline such a big deal that the president has to make it political?

For the present he must satisfy the environmentalists. He knows at this point he can count on the vote of the Unions but be assured: If he is re-elected he will approve the pipe line. It will create jobs, not for the average citizen but for the Unions.

Why is it the Keystone Pipeline jobs dont count because they are not permanent?

Obama sure took credit for all those temp Census jobs but now all of a sudden has a problem with temp jobs.

Why is Obama killing 20,000 jobs by rejecting the Keystone Pipeline?

G'day Becca the Tea Lady. Thank you for your question. Because at the moment, he does not want to have to choose between 20000 proper jobs and alienating the environmentalists who are part of his base. Shame when he has spent billions of taxpayer dollars for so little in terms of real jobs or economic benefit. Regards

Why has Obama blocked the Keystone oil pipeline? Now Warren Buffet will have to ship the oil with his?

Obama never wanted to create jobs. his goal has always been to hit 20% unemployment so the people will rise up and institute Socialism. Warren Buffet money is just the icing on the cake.

Do the liberals against the Keystone pipeline project know how many thousands of miles of pipeline there?

keystone length is irrelevant. I am always against big oil. Fight for the planet and go green

Should we applaud the House for refusing to pass Obama's jobs bill until he approves the Keystone Pipeline?

Absolutely we should

Do you think President Obama will approve the keystone pipeline?

Why does 0bama need to study the Keystone pipeline until 2013?

he put some buddies from chicago in charge of the study and they have to get their bullsh!t government salaries for a while so they can loan him money to buy property.........

Why are conservatives throwing the state of Nebraska under the bus with regards to the Keystone Pipeline?

Actually it's your messiah-wannbe-but-never-was, Obama that killed the pipeline and jobs. Yessir! Obama is all for jobs just as long as they don't help or employ Americans.

How much of that oil traveling on the Keystone pipeline - will just end up on the global market exported?

What will the republican candidate do about the Keystone Pipeline that Obama has shelved?

Would Republicans vote for the Keystone pipeline if it was added to Obama's jobs bill?

Lol....of course not.

Are liberals so dense that they can't understand obama is playing politics with the keystone pipeline?

Yes he is doing what Soros wants.

Would the vote on the Keystone Pipeline be able to get 60 votes and override a Reid filibuster?

Are U surprised that Obama has refused to approve the keystone pipeline while @ the same time telling us he wa?

And at the same time says Republicans are the party of no while Obama says no to more jobs for Americans which he has been doing ever since he got into power!!!! What a scummmmbaggggg!!!!!

Do you think Obama killing the Keystone pipeline and its 200k jobs will hurt him in the election?

Yes and yes

So how do liberals feel that the left has been effectively split apart on the Keystone pipeline?

Eco terrorist is a good term to describe the opposition. There will be more damage to the environment if the pipeline is not built. Obama cares more about ruining the environment than creating jobs.

Why does Obama want to wait until after the 2012 election to decide on the Keystone pipeline project?

Easy one: So he won't piss off the extreme left loons. He needs their votes.

How do Libs feel about unions wanting 0bama to build the Keystone pipeline to create jobs?

What makes the Keystone pipeline any different from the tens of thousands of miles of petroleum pipelines?

It is an expansion of the existing Keystone pipeline that would allow for a larger volume of crude oil to be shipped to the Gulf coast refineries. People protested because the expansion would pass over a major aquifer and risk possible contamination of the water table. The Canadian oil company who would own the pipeline offered to change the proposed route of the expansion, so now the Obama administration needs to make sure the new route will be environmentally safe. Conservatives are trying to criticize Obama for delaying temporary construction jobs for the pipeline out of concern for environmental safety, nevermind that conservative politicians are blocking hundreds of times as many infrastructure construction jobs out of concern for rich people's taxes.

why exactly are the Marxist Democrats against the Keystone pipeline that will create over 100k permanent jobs?

yeah, Im seriously googling fer an answer to "why are democrats against the pipeline" and cant find an actual answer other then "environmentalists oppose it", guess I'll have to google why environmentalists oppose it cuz democrats dunno why they are against it.

Why don't Obama and Harry Reid want Keystone Pipeline jobs?

A strong America is NOT their agenda.

Do you think the Keystone Pipeline will create jobs?

Why is legislation to approve the Keystone pipeline being slowed down?

Why do we need a pipeline to go all the way from Canada to Texas? Why not build a refinery in, say, North Dakota?

What makes the Keystone pipeline any different from the thousands of miles of petroleum pipelines already in?

The construction will be more strictly monitored than ANY of it's predecessors

Is the KeyStone Pipeline REALLY attached to the PayRoll Bill?

I dont know

Dems, should 0bama build the Keystone pipeline to create union jobs or cancel it to save the planet?

Rock and a hard place on that one. My guess is that jobs will win the day. People need jobs in this country. That may be why Republicans are filibustering every jobs bill. They want to force his hand on that pipeline.

Why is Obama blocking jobs by not supporting the Keystone Pipeline?

Why are Conservatives trying to portray the job-killing Keystone XL pipeline as a job creator?

Because they are stupid.

Why are radical environmentalists trying to prevent the Keystone Pipeline?

Why is the Keystone XL Pipeline a Bad Idea?

I don't believe that it is a bad idea. It serves as a means of transporting a valuable energy source from source to market.