are any of the baseball cards worth anything?

even if non of them are worth a lot ...u can sell that hole pack to a fan for some big bucks

Fantasy Football Trade Help?

No you shouldnt take this trade. Fred Jackson is better than Mendenhall and Mendenhall is banged up so theres no point in trading for him when you have a very good team in my opinion. Marshalls not going to benefit you that much anyway since Hennes out for the season and Matt Moore is just not a good football player. Keep your team but try get a better tight end

six degrees of separation: who are related? who are not?

sure, ill get right on all of that....

This guy really wants turner, but I dont know what to ask for him. Help?

Turner is probably your best RB so unless you are gunna get an upgrade somewhere i wouldnt do it. And since he says Foster and Rivers are untouchable it doesnt really look like your gunna get an upgrade because he doesnt really have anybody else

Who gets the better side of this blockbuster trade?

You get Marshall so you win

Help with Fantasy lineup for tomorrow?

Looks like a good team. I don't like Brandon Marshall vs. the Patriots but Boldin is in a worse predicament with the Steelers. The only change i might consider is Britt in for Marshall but that's a toss up. The plus for Marshall is the Dolphins will play from behind the whole game so he should see a lot of passes if he can hold on to the ball and Henne can get it to him. But Britt has a very good chance at lighting it up against the Jags. Hasselbeck is a good QB and Britt should have a good game. I'd probably go with Britt personally. He has the better matchup.

Black History Month: 100 Acheivers?

How many of these "people" did you come up with?

Does anyone know were this book came from?

This is what I could find for you: This was a homeschool type book with a wide variety of subject matter. Check out the first link for a more detailed description, and the second link for the Library of Congress catalog entry. Good Luck!

American Idol Group 3 - What are your thoughts about it?

I thought Kendall reminded me more of Pickler than Carrie, but without so much of the ditzy-ness. You can tell she struggled with the higher notes, her range is limited, but she dressed right, picked country, and did the best she could. Felicia was the best of the night, I thought. Followed by Ju'not most likely - he picked a likeable song by everyone and you can tell he can sing better than that. He limited himself with that song. Kristen really disappointed, she picked a bad song, her image is messed up -- girl needs some help. You can tell she can sing, but it's unfortunate she'll probably miss this opportunity due to everything else gone wrong for her -- including the drama in Hollywood week associated with her. I know Lil Rounds can sing, but I didn't like that peformance at all! I may be one of the few, but I hated the song, I don't find anything standout or distinctive about her voice or style. She bores me to be honest. Sorry. She can sing, but we can say that about some of the other girls who are also forgettable and not distinctive.

is my story good??? please critize well?

It sounds pretty good, except for one thing: The teacher's name. The fact that his name is Mr. Rambler, and he rambles on about polotics and social studies, just sounds cliche. I suggest you change it.

American Idol top 9....?

Group 1: Anoop Ann Marie, Jackie, or Stevie!? Danny Wildcard - Ricky Group 2: Adam Jasmine or Taylor Von Wildcard - Jasmine or Taylor Group 3: Matt G. Lil Kris Wildcard - Arianna or Megan

Rate my fantasy football team?

I'd give that a 9,5/10....Tebow isn't that trustworthy of a QB so you may be taking a risk down the stretch there. Besides that, it does look very good good luck

What would you name at least ten kids using the following names from 1990?

Jordon Elliot Gage Emanuel Josiah Clifford Dean Marshall Alec Nickolas Andy Demetrius Marisa Ann Jessie Mariah Sophia Kellie Deanna Sydney Audrey Kirsten Mallory Claire BQ: Jordon Elliot & Deanna Sydney BBQ: (haha Barbeque(: ... : Jessie Mariah & Josiah Clifford (: Star!! *

This OR That -- Boys names?

Adrian Bentley Camden Dominic Elijah Fabian Gerard Harrison Ivan Jordan Kendall Lucas Marshall Nicholas Owen Paul Quinn Riley Samuel Tierney Ullie Victor Walter Xane Yuan Zachariah

Please pick your favorite and/or rate these baby names?

Elsie Reese and Maxwell Thomas get 10/10! They're gorgeous. My next favourites are Millie Reese and Caleb Thomas, they get 9/10. I don't really care for the others but Reese and Thomas are great middle names.

Which was the best of the american idol top 36 Groups?

group 1 was the toughest group, so i'd say group 1. group 2 was a bunch of flops for me, apart for allison iraheta. group 3 was average- i actually liked nate

Can anyone help me out here, please?

Pick only two surnames please. Very simple?

Amelia, Thomas, William, & Jane Hudson. Amy, Gina, Ella, Benjamin, Mallory, & Brian Parker.

Help with Fantasy Football Team?

It all depends on who out there as a FA. You could trade away one of your QB's for a stud receiver maybe, and/or use one of your RB's as bait. You're stacked at RB. No need there. Steve Jonson's a must start, and WR2 would be a toss up between Marshall and Nelson depending on matchups.

What do you think of these names?

I love them all. Trinity is a beautiful name, as is Kendall. I highly disagree with the person above me who thinks Kendall is a masculine name... Very much a feminine name. And Aiden is a great name, also.

This or that boy names #3! Just for fun!?

Elijah Jeremiah Brandon Trinity Kendall Calvin Xavier Adam (love Sean too though) Dedrick Paul Tatum Garrett I like Elijah, Drew, Nolan, Jeremiah, Kendall, Calvin, Adam, Sean, Paul, Tatum, and Garrett best :) Hope this helps!! Could you please answer mine as well?;_ylt=Av4BvhoHJPVX8yvil_KDSz7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101026100437AAy75qj Thanks :)

Look at my fantasy lineup for this week?

I would keep Bush, Gore hasn't been doing so great. Bush has actually become consistent. You have a stacked team if you haven't already realized it. Foster is playing against Percy Harvin is just a monster, Wes Welker is a monster, Drew Brees never fails, and Baltimore D/ST speaks for itself. Tony Romo is also favoring Laurent Robinson, so I would just stick with Brandon Marshall.

What would you name 6 kids?

Aiden Jacob Hayden Paul Alice WIlla Jonathan Kendal Faith Lilan Samantha Jiselle

Name Survey ~~Boys~~?

1. Campbell ~or~ Crandall - CAMPBELL Carroll ~or~ Tyrell - TYRELL Cordell ~or~ Odell - CORDELL Darrell ~or~ Randall - RANDALL Darnell ~or~ Lindell - LINDELL Kendall ~or~ Wendell - WENDELL (I only like Kendall for a girl, it's one of my fav girl's names, :D) Marshall ~or~ Maxwell - MAXWELL Mitchell ~or~ Russell - MITCHELL 2. Angelo ~or~ Marcelo - ANGELO Arlo ~or~ Carlo - CARLO Milo ~or~ Pablo - PABLO 3. Abraham ~or~ Malcolm - MALCOLM Abram ~or~ Graham - GRAHAM Adam ~or~ Liam - LIAM (One of my son's names, :D) Callum ~or~ William - WILLIAM 4. Anselme ~or~ Come - ANSELME Bartolome ~or~ Jerome - JEROME 5. Dino ~or~ Gino - DINO Luciano ~or~ Valentino - LUCIANO BQ: Would you use any of these names? Which ones? Liam (I have used lol)

Combine these names game?? (:?

Grace Elizabeth Aria Jane Lily Arielle Kendall Jacob River Nathaniel William John Oliver Daniel Kellan James The names I listed were the only ones I could salvage. I'm sorry, but most of those names are absolutely horrid. Kitson?! Rhyder?! Logann?! Amelya?! Ellington?! Jayce?! Racen?! Ghram?! Good Lord... ~ мσσкιє ツ

WDYT of, Rate, these Boy names?

John Gregory: 10/10. Classic, dignified, timeless. Arthur Hayden: 9/10. Love Arthur...Hayden is just OK. Blake Stanley: 5/10: Blake is OK. I dislike Stanley but it's bearable as a middle. Martin Gabriel: 10/10. Love both names, and they have a strikingly handsome, intellectual ring together. Ray Leonardo: 4/10. Love Leonardo, but Ray seems rednecky as a full name. What about Raymond Leonardo? Seth Antonio: 10/10. Love both names, and they sound great together, provided the last name doesn't clash too much with Antonio. Jared Ezekiel: 7/10. I like Jared OK and Ezekiel more. Cash Dakota: 1/10. Hate both names...Cash sounds sleazy and low-rent, Dakota girly and also low-rent. Adam Rene: 9/10. I love Adam and like Rene, especially as a middle, though IMO it only really sounds good with a French last name. Marshall Wallace: 5/10. Both names are OK but not great. Kendall Rodger: 3/10. Kendall is too trendy for girls and sounds like "Ken doll", and I can't get over the slang meaning of Rodger/Roger. Abel Gustavo: 9/10. I love both names...the styles seem to clash slightly, but with the right last name and aesthetic they could work together.

Which of these names do you prefer?

GIRLS: 1. Lacy. The others are a little to old for me. But I know both a Stacey and Tracey. 2. Janae. 3. Rebekah. I like Delilah too, but Rebekah seem like it would work better. 4. I like Elaine as a first name and Lorraine as a second name. 5. Rosalyn. I think this is so pretty. 6. Vivian. This is a cool name and I really don't like the others. 7. Adriana. Pretty for a girl. BOYS: 1. Joshua. I don't like any of the other names. (I like Dakota, but for a girl.) 2. Raphael. I don't think I would ever use it for a baby, but I really like it. 3. Noah. This one was hard! I really like Elijah and Micah too. 4. Ronald. I don't like any of them, but I would choose this if I had too. 5. Marshall. 6. William. A great classic, masculine name. Adam is cool to though.

UNC lost the ACC Champtionship to Duke, right?

They won the regular season title, but lost in the ACC tournament to Duke. They are still referred to as "ACC Champions"

UNC gets its 2000th win?

yea it will BQ1 Yes BQ2 Still good defense but we just need hands and stop turning over the ball BQ3 No the should let them have a 10 game battle Drew II 5 games and Marshall 5 games who ever is worse = BENCH! BQ4 HANDS DOWN DUKE!!! they cocky mofos maryland is good (at somepoints) but Duke going down the drain if Coach Gay leaves

Please rate this NBA trade with Deron Williams going to the Lakers?

Best situation for Lakers is to acquire Williams in free agency. They are understandably reluctant to break up their core of Bryant, Bynum, and Gasol - and they are really only a point guard or two away from being a top 5 team in the NBA. I don't think that Howard is worth getting over Bynum.

NBA 2K11 Draft Class?

Pick 2 last year Evan Turner is rated a 76 and pick 3 Derrick Favors a 73, compare to last years draft players. I would cut all these ratings down 9-10 points, and LeBryan Nash and Austin Rivers are still in highschool.

UNC Tar Heels!!!!!!!!!?

i think they will win it all

Who is the best current college passing PG in the NCAA?

Marquis Teague is a scoring PG that is more of a Derrick Rose score first type of player. While Kendall Marshall and Jordan Tyler are two amazing PG. Kendall is a pass first PG that will fill the need of the Jazz the most, while Taylor is more of a dual threat Kemba Walker type that can be a #1 scoring option but can also hand it off to his team when they need it. If you want another John Stockton type of player that will pass it 9 out of 10 times then Kendall Marshall is an old school PG that gets the job done. If you want a guy that isn't a great passer but is able to score and get the job done then Taylor is your man.

Laker fans, should we just ride out the rest of the season with what we currently have and try to draft a PG?

First of all, I'm glad to see a question that is literate. Some people on Y!A can't form a question and it's giving me a headache. Just had to say that. And, I don't know, because as long as we don't trade away any of the Big Three (Kobe, Pau, Bynum), then I think a trade would be a good idea. If they can get a decent PG for one of their first round picks and a minor player, then I think it would be a good choice, because this team could be a contender if they do that this year. If we can't get a PG without trading away the top three players, then I think we should just wait it out. We can't let those three go. EDIT: I also don't want Gaudlock (sp?) gone because he has a lot of potential to be a solid player in the future.

What would you name 7 boys (first & middle/s) using these?

Henry Evan Charles Cameron Nathaniel Clark Matthew Dominic Zachary Spencer Blake Marshall Samuel Bryce

UNC Basketball 2010-2011...Starting Five?

Ya know--watching the game was kind of hard for me last night. I'm a Wake Forest alumni (Go Demon Deacons), but I'm also a Tar Heel fan and rooted for them to win the National Championship last year. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy my guys won...but I kind of feel bad for UNC. Roy Williams must be hella pissed. Anyway, I agree with what you're saying. I'm just thinking about Barnes though--if he plays well and the NBA wants him right away, then maybe Roy shouldn't play Graves before him. And as for Larry Drew, homeboy must think that turnovers are sexy. I can't stand that guy--Roy needs to put Marshall ahead of him.

UNC/Carolina Tarheel basketball?

I'm a tarheel fan, and as far as I'm concerned we are not even half way through the season he has time, he just needs to relax and quit forcing the issue. For all the tarheel haters, go ahead and tease and poke fun, because like Jay Bilas said if you are going to beat Carolina you better do it "now" this year !!!!! Go Heels !!!!!!!!!!!!

UNC Tarheels Starting 5 next year?

I don't know nothing about basketball..sorry! but if you want people to pick a name out from each then ok..i'll pick the ones i like the sound of LOL Errrrmmm.... Harrison Barnes or Larry Drew and David Wear

College potential 1-and-done players or 2 year players?

I;d have to go with Tony Wroten who is going to Washington State. He's just aimed for the pro's. His parents could make him go to school but he wants to play the leagues BAD!

Should I pick up Kendall Hunter?

All of your players have pretty good trade value so I would not drop them.If you have someone of lesser value on your bench like an extra D,TE,K,or 3rd QB I would dump them for Kendall;Whom could explode if Gore gets injured..His caries should steadily increase even with a healthy Gore. (I picked Kendall up today.) BTW-I definitely like the 2 for 1 trade idea,,but if I were to dump someone it would be Mike Thomas,or Plaxico. Stay thirsty my friend.

UNC third NCAA basketball title under Roy Williams?

ya they'll win it for sure

Who are all of the 2011 Carolina Tar Heel B-Ball Playas?

I hate to burst your bubble but Carolina doesn't have many "Playas" this year..hell they barely have any decent players. So much for the over hyped pre-season all-american Harrison Barnes!

thoughts on the North Carolina/ Duke game on Wednesday night?

Go to Hell Duke! I'm a UNC student, so there's no way I can be impartial about this one. I was at the Florida State game on Sunday, and we played well, but we were definitely playing sloppy during parts of the game. We have to clean it up a little bit if we want to win tomorrow night. It was really important that Kendall stepped up after LD II left. The whole campus was furious and a bit confused, and we desperately needed him to step up, and he did. I think that if we play smart, avoid sloppy mistakes, and don't let the Dookies dictate the pace of the game, then we can win.We're trying to prove ourselves after having a player walk out on the team, and we need a big win.

What do you think of North Carolina beating Creighton 87-73 to advance to Sweet 16?

Will the 2012 Tar Heels win the national championship in college basketball?

I hope so.

trying to locate dear friend, kendall dean marshall of san antonio, Texas contact

try it worked for me . guess if u are luck can work for you too.

Does anyone know Kendall Marshall (UNC basketball player)'s formspring?

wut da frik is a formspring

What ethnicity is Kendall Marshall of UNC?

He's mixed between black and white. I know this because someone asked him on his formspring account and that's what he said. Here's a picture of him and his parents..

Is Kendall Marshall the purest point guard in the NCAA?

he might be one of the best passers ive ever seen, his passing skills are hall of fame level passing is the only part of his game that is truly great, everything else hes pretty good at he needs to become a better shooter, the defense tends to play off of him because he cant hit open J's he definately has to work on his shot if he wants a chance to play for an NBA team im saying he will stay four years and break the NCAA career assist records, Jon Hensen will also break the record for most blocked shot if he stays

What kind of player will Kendall Marshall (UNC) be in the nba?

He will be a Brevin Knight type player. Look up his stats below.