I dont know what I wan't for Christmas?

Just ask for money. Then you can get whatever your parents failed to get you on Christmas

What Should I Add To My Christmas Wishlist 2011?

For Christmas, My two biggest wants is a New TV (Mine is like dying!) & a Vera Bradley Backpack! I also asked for clothes from Hollister, Gilly Hicks, & American Eagle. Moccasins & Sheepskin Slippers (My Gray ones broke!) PLL Ruthless (I've read all of the books so far!) Anything from Bath & Body Works, Vera Bradley Wallet & Gift Cards (especially iTunes!~My iPod Touch 4g has no music on it! lol!) OOh & a full sized Pillow Pet! (I already have a mini ladybug!) I hope my Wishlist helped! :)

What is the Kardashian Kard?

I had one for a few days but I had to get rid of it because my American Express black card kept peeing on it.

Is one of the Kardashian sisters pregnant?

It was kim Kardashian is dating Halle Berrys Baby Daddy. Looked it up

Where can i find the new Kardashians Christmas card i heard about this afternoon?

no its there christmas card

Kardashian Christmas Photo?

because at the time they had split up!

Am I the only one who thinks the Kardashian Christmas card is ridiculous?