Can you help me with a few college football bowl picks?

Ohio vs. Troy- Ohio G. Tech vs. Air Force- G Tech Syracuse vs. K State- K State USF vs. Clemson- USF USC vs. FSU- USC T Tech vs. NW- T Tech MSU vs. UM- MSU Stanford vs. Virginia Tech- Stanford

Weekly college football predictions for the BCS bowl games and the Cotton Bowl.?

I believe that you are looking at outdated predictions or Florida wouldn't be projected for the Cotton Bowl and Kentucky wouldn't be in the Sugar Bowl. But the results would be... Kansas/Florida toss up Oklahoma Oregon West Virginia Michigan LSU

Which of the following would be the most exciting bowl game?

If the Rose bowl does indeed feature the matchup of USC vs Georgia, then that will be the best bowl game of the year. Not only will it feature the true stellar teams from their conference but will also feature as a preview of perhaps next year's national championship. Now as to why this will be the better bowl game: Well for starters, if you ask all sport analysis at this time the two teams you do not want to play right now are Georgia and USC. They are the hott teams as of late. Many go back and forth as to which two are the best two loss teams in the nation. This game will feature two explosive offenses. Georgia which is led by outstanding freshman Knowshon Moreno will put to test the USC defense that is ranked #4 in the country in Rushing Defense(#2 In total defense). This is not the first time that Georgia has gone up against a might defense. Georgia on Nov 10th went up against a then top ten rushing defense in then 18th ranked Auburn. Georgia then tore the field and put up 45 points on the Tigers. Georgia isn't a puppy either when it comes to their defense. They are ranked 28th in the country in Rushing defense (19th in total defense). They have a young team but they are no longer "inexperienced" with the intense SEC season that they have had. Georgia as well as USC have been very well keeping ahold of the turnovers, giving so few but taking so many. Georgia is ranked overall 69th in the country in total offense while USC is 43rd in the country. This has to be a major compliment to such a young offensive line that the Bulldogs have. As I stated, this is the best matchup. It feature the two hottest teams in the country who will be competing for National Championships throughout the next 2-3 years. USC VS GEORGIA. I pull always for my dawgs and just love the fact that its SEC vs PAC-10 and finally a better matchup than USC vs Arkansas. "The Cure" Maurice "KeMo" PS: Did I mention that the dawgs have averaged 37.2 ppg the last 5 games???

A college football scenario to end conference supremacy debate?

It would be nice to watch and would add a little fuel to the talk of what conference is better..but wouldn't solve anything. The problem would lie in that people would take record and say, "well the Pac-10 is better than the SEC" based on who won more games in the showdown. Now with it being hard to predict who will be good and bad from year to year...what if you were to take this schedule: USC vs. Arkansas Oregon State vs. Kentucky Oregon vs. Vanderbilt Arizona State vs. Miss State Alabama vs. Stanford Florida vs. Cal Now the Pac-10 may win 4-2 in series...but people would still argue that Florida could beat USC, Alabama could beat Oregon...and so on and so forth. In other words, saying if you took #1 vs. #1 from each conference, and #2 vs. #2...things would've turned out differently. Get what I mean? Like it wouldn't solve anything...would just give more to argue about.

predictions for this years college bowl games?

Wake Forest Colorado State South Florida BYU Troy TCU Hawaii Central Michigan North Carolina Florida State California Northern Illinois NC State Missouri Maryland Oregon Western Michigan Air Force Oregon State Boston College Kansas Georgia Tech South Carolina Georgia Nebraska USC Virginia Tech Mississippi Kentucky Alabama Connecticut Texas Tulsa Florida

What are your 2010-11 Big Ten bowl predictions? 2011-12 season predictions? How are mine?

I agree with most of your bowls. but disagree with your next year standings Hawkeyes are losing to much, there only winning 7-8 games, Michigan will only win 7-8, and the Badgers will only win 8. The Spartans and Huskers are both winning 10 games. Also expect Penn State to be better than 7-5.

In College Bowl games, who do you have to win and whats your CONFIDENCE for these picks?

My thoughts: Navy Memphis Cincinnati Nevada UCLA Boise State Central Michigan Texas Boston College TCU Oregon State UConn Mississippi State Texas A&M Alabama California Georgia Tech Oregon Kentucky Oklahoma State Auburn Wisconsin Missouri Texas Tech Florida Illinois... Just kidding... USC Hawaii West Virginia Virginia Tech Rutgers Tulsa LSU Just my thoughts

Which two teams will be in Title game and who will win?

mizzou and lsu

BCS Matchups?

**nice basically picked every team in the top ten and put different combinations of them in five pick for the natl championship is ohio state/hawaii/arizona state/oregon/kansas/lsu vs. oklahoma/kansas/ohio state/michigan/uconn/SHUT UP!


Texas A&M is playing Oklahoma State Oklahoma State BYU Ohio State Baylor Clemson Florida State UConn Kentucky Air Force LSU Oklahoma Michigan Michigan State North Carolina Virginia Tech Oregon State Georgia Georgia tech Alabama Oregon USC Notre Dame Iowa

Who is going to be in the BCS bowl games?

National Championship: West Virginia vs Florida Rose: LSU vs USC (showdown of the century) Fiesta: Texas Tech vs Georgia Sugar: Ohio State vs Missouri Orange: Oklahoma vs Illinois

Kansas vs. Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl?

OU vs KU, the back-up Big 12 championship game, the game that could've been.....

NCAA Final Four Predictions?

i would say kentucky, my favourite team hands down

Help with NCAA Basketball brackets.?

1 Kansas Jayhawks vs. Lehigh Mountain Hawks - Kansas Jayhawks #8 UNLV vs. Northern Iowa Panthers - UNLV Runnin Rebels #5 Spartans of Michigan State vs. New Mexico State Aggies - Michigan State #4 Maryland vs. Houston - Maryland #2 Ohio State vs. UC Santa Barbara - Ohio State #7 Oklahoma State vs. Georgia Tech - Geigia Tech #3 Georgetown Hoyas vs. #14Ohio Bobcats - Georgetown #6 Tennessee vs. #11 San Diego - San Diego State #1 Syracuse vs. #16 Vermont - Syracuse #8 Gonzaga vs. #9 Florida State Seminoles - Gonzaga #5 Butler vs. #12 UTEP (first bubble team in) - Butler #4 Vanderbilt vs. #13 Murray State Racers - Vanderbilt #2 Kansas State Wildcats vs. #15 North Texas - Kansas State #7 BYU vs. Florida Gators (another bubble team in) - BYU #3 Pittsburgh vs. #14 Oakland - Pittsburgh #6 Xavier vs. #11 Minnesota - Xavier #1 Kentucky Wildcats vs. #16 East Tennessee State - Kentucky #8 Texas Longhorns vs. #9 Wake Forest - Texas #5 Temple vs. #12 Cornell - Temple #4 Wisconsin vs. #13 Wofford - Wisconsin #2 West Virginia vs. #15 Morgan State - West Virgina #7 Clemson Tigers vs. #10 Missouri - Missouri #3 New Mexico vs. #14 Montana - New Mexico #6 Marquette Golden Eagles vs. #11 Washington Huskies - Washinton #1 Duke vs. #16 Winthrop Eagles - Duke #8 California vs. #9 Louisville - Louisville #5 Texas A&M vs. #12 Utah State - Texas A&M #4 Purdue Boilermakers vs. #13 Siena Saints - Purdue #2 Villanova vs. #15 Robert Morris - Villanova #7 Richmond vs. #10 Saint Mary’s - Saint Mary's #3 Baylor vs. #14 Sam Houston State - Baylor #6 Notre Dame vs. #11 Old Dominion - Old Dominion

Should Missouri, West Virginia, Ohio State, or Hawaii be #1?

Hawaii has a really good team,but you put them up against any of the top ten teams,and they lose by double digits to all of them.I am not dogging them;i do like Hawaii,and I am always rooting for underdogs(non-BCS teams).They were a better team last year.I think it's a toss-up between WVU and Missouri.

Title Game is Now West Virginia vs. Kansas Or Missouri?

I just can't help but think of the staggering odds that would have been given at the beginning of the season that Kansas or Mizzou would meet West Virginia in the NC game.... I would not have bet...

How does Ohio State get 6 votes for first place in a bye week?

Six morons, who probably come from the Big Ten as you fore mentioned.

What is the game time for NCAA men's Elite 8 regional championship in St. Louis?

Ncaa: syracuse vs Kansas?

kansas. why is cuse in your finals? they are on a 2 game losing streak. they havent been playing hot lately. and there star big man onuaku is hurt. i think that the finals will be kentucky vs ?... syracuse has lost there magic touch i think. sorry dude

NCAA College Football Predictions for Week 13?

LSU TexasTech Kansas West Virginia Missouri OSU Kentucky AS Virginia Tech

NRHH: What's your favorite flavor sunflower seed?

Final Four Poll: Who do you got tonight?

Ohio State vs. Kansas: Kansas will win Louisville vs. Kentucky: Kentucky will win

What are you BCS predictions at the end of the season? Bowl games? Postseason Rankings? How are mine?

Wow this was really well thought out. I enjoyed reading it. It's looks pretty accurate to me. The only thing I have a problem with is Oklahoma and Ok. St. I think St. will beat Oklahoma, unfortunatley. Unless Oklahoma comes out ready to play, and plays all out, I think Ok. St. will beat them. Let's hope Oklahoma comes out with more determination and focus though eh? -Also the Alabama FSU game, that one will be intresting. I'm going with Alabama, but would rather FSU win. Very good job thinking this all out.

How should the BCS work out this year?

LSU won the SEC title, they should play Ohio State, although I do not like the fact there is no playoff! Ohio State had a weak schedule this year and the Big Ten has no playoff game like other conferences, which gives them an advantage over those that do play another game and if they lose, they drop. The NCAA Division I needs a playoff to obtain a real champion in football like it does in the other divisions and like it does in basketball, baseball!

March Madness Bracket Help?

That's Just Terrible just Terrible!

Flip a coin. Who will advance to the Elite 8?

I flipped a coin. lol!!! and here's my result Syracuse Ohio State North Carolina Kansas Kentucky Baylor Louisville Florida G0t it? Go0d!!!!

My 2010 March Madness bracket predictions?

You loaded all the talented teams in the midwest. it would never work out that way

Ncaa tournament bracket help! final four?

unc, texas a an m, florida and ucla. unc takes it all (they are 7-0 vs top 25 teams!) Those are mine, but if I were to pick between your picks i would have to say Florida because of thier depth and coaching and Georgetown because of thier road record and winning streak at the end of the season. In the end for the big one go for Georgetown because of thier 6-2 record vs the top25 combined with their hot streak

Ohio State Football Question?

It's amusing watching people grasping for straws. LSU will win the NC. Get used to it.

ncaa march madness predictions 2012 rate/fix?

i predict UNC

Final Four predictions for tomorrow?

Kentucky over Louisville 83 to 76. Kansas over Ohio State 76 to 72.

What is ur prediction for the Bowl Games and Nat title?

National Championship game: LSU vs West Virginia Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs Virginia Tech Orange Bowl: BC vs Kansas Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs USC Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs Arizona State

The Top 10 rivalry games I must watch?

How could you forget: 1. USC vs. Notre Dame 2. Florida St. vs. Florida

Will the Orange Bowl t and BCS Championship game next Monday be blowouts like the Rose, Fiesta and Sugar?

I think it will all be more blowouts!

Who wins the sweet 16 matches?


Football Holiday College Bowl whos going to win from these picks!?

Hawaii, C. Mich., UCLA, Alabama, Cal, Rutgers, Clemson, Oregon St, So Carolina, Texas Tech, Maryland, Boston College, Texas, Virginia Tech, Nevada, Tennessee, Auburn, West Virginia, Arkansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Louisville, LSU, Cincinnati, Southern Miss, Florida

Please help with a couple of the picks for my bracket!!?

I'm with Nemm.

Will this be the best College Football Weekend of the past decade?

NO way not by a long shot. conference play is always the best Georgia Florida Auburn Alabama Oklahoma Texas rival week that's always the best

Here are just some SEC vs NCAA match ups, who would win?

LSU, Fla, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Oregon, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Texas. SEC 8 The rest 4

Do you sense bitterness from the Ohio State fan who did this...?

Sounds like it probably was. But that's a pretty clever move, spelling out the "asterisks"... good job! And you're right, the Big Ten is a totally weak-asterisk asterisk asterisk conference! And Ohio State and Michigan are the two most overrated teams in the history of college football... Last year just proved it with not one, but BOTH of them getting shredded in their bowl games against supposedly "inferior" opponents... We all went through a solid month of OSU/Mich fans talking about how the two of them should have a rematch for the national championship. How'd THAT work out? lol Florida 41 Ohio State 14 USC 32 Michigan 18 (edit: Both the answer before mine and the answer after mine are very reasonable, and both good answers..from true OSU fans that can be proud of their team for what it accomplished...that's a good thing). I'm not really sure why your answer would have been deleted... and all teams do have fans that are jerks. Who knows, maybe the moderator is a Michigan fan, lol.

How many of the remaining NCAA unbeatens will lose this week?

Ohio State should be fine against Michigan State. South Florida better watch out, I think this is a trap game. USF is not used to being ranked this high and it might get to there heads a little. I know they beat Auburn and West Virginia but if there is one thing this season has told me its that anybody can beat anybody on any given week. I wouldn't be surprised if Kansas lost to an improving Colorado team that upset Oklahoma a few weeks back so I would say Ohio State is a lock to win but the other two are really toss ups.

Who's excited for the Final Four tonight (pick winners-10 points)?

Kentucky:74 Louisville:66 Kansas:82 Ohio st:78

Whose going to win march madness?

I have UConn over Purdue 75-68.

I have K-State to win the NCAA tournament, opinions?

I was thinking about taking Kansas State to the Final Four, but they were in the same Region as Pittsburgh, so I couldn't. I think its a good pick, they started off bad, but have really come on as late. Pullen & Kelly have played great lately, so they might win it.

Kansas vs. Northern Iowa- Who ya got?

I'm guessing that Northern Iowa will be leading Kansas 36-28 at halftime and win the game 69-67 and make a clutch three pointer at the end of the game.

What is the biggest state vs. state rivalry in the US?

I'm going with Missouri-Kansas. I'm biased because I'm from Kansas, but whatever. That is a rivalry that transcends sports--it comes from the civil war when Kansas was in the process of becoming a state. There was arson, murder, and all sorts of other crimes in an attempt to decide whether Kansas would be a free state or a slave state. It has earned titles like Border War, Bleeding Kansas, and Bloody Kansas because of the amount of violent events that occurred. To this day the name John Brown inspires pride in most Kansans, while the name William Quantrill upsets them. The battles have now transferred into sports, with the University of Kansas Jayhawks and the Missouri Tigers involed in what is called the Border War, a contest determined yearly by the success of each school's sports teams. While it's no longer as intense of a rivalry as it was (meaning no one has been murdered in a while because of it), it is still a very, very passionate one. There's nothing quite like being in either state (especially in the homes of the universities, Columbia and Lawrence) on the day of a border war game.

Who will face off vs Ohio State in the National Championship?

There are better teams than Boston College, however, if they run the table, I can't see anyone else playing Ohio State for the national championship. That's according to BCS rules. Of course Ohio State still has to run the table as well. Michigan would like nothing better than to throw the BCS into turmoil once again.

Who Else Is Pumped For Final Four Games?

I am! The same predictions --- My Buckeyes just barely over Kansas, and Kentucky over Louisville. And I think Kentucky will beat my Buckeyes in the championship game on Monday.

Final Four is set: Kentucky vs Louisville AND Ohio State vs Kansas.. Who wins?

Kansas vs. Kentucky, Kansas wins.

How about Ohio State vs Duke and Kansas vs Florida in the Final Four?

thats how i have it in my pool so yeah i think it is a possible happening but "march madness is upset city baby" so we will have to wait and c