Can you mess up a vehicle by using it to jumpstart another?

Yes, You can damage the regulator. The safest way to prevent this is to remove the ground cable (either end) just as soon as the car starts. This will also help protect from damaging the computer. The problem is having two regulators trying to set the voltage. If you want to be totally safe, unhook the dead battery from the car then charge if for a while (15 min?) with the good car. Of course + to + and - to - That should go without saying.

How to install JumpStart Around the world on mac OSX Leopard?

Dunno if it will work for you, but I guess try a program called Sheepsaver. I don't know much about it except that its supposed to be able to emulate the classic environment on Leopard. It comes as a universal binary so it will work on an Intel Mac. Try reading up on that and see if you're then able to install and run the game. Good luck.

What was the old educational Jumpstart game with the blue-haired people?

i know exactly what your talking about! i remember playing that game too! but i cant remember what it was called either. sorry.

Is it okay to jumpstart a wet car battery?

just remove as much of the liquid that you can before trying to jump the car. wet terminals shouldn't matter. just make sure you hook the terminals up correctly. red to the red terminals and black to black. (positive and negative terminals.

How Do I Save My Game in Jumpstart 4th Grade Haunted Island?

I personally dont have the game - but I would press escape and see if there are any options like "save" or something. Also, I would like to assume you are a parent....And not actually playing this..

What do you have to do to open up redwood park on jumpstart?

I'm guessing YA classified this as a SF travel question because you mention redwoods. You'd probably get more and better answers if you tried this on the internet and gaming boards.

How to jumpstart out of the blues, instead of waiting for it to happen?

take a hot bath, eat higher protein meal, have sex (even if you don't want to), get up a move around (even if you don't want to) have a glass of wine, have sex again. It releases endorphines that will make you feel better.

How long should I keep my car running after jumpstart?

Buy a battery charger. Running it is not a good method.

Is it safe to use herbal progesterone to jumpstart my period?

Progesterone is a steroidal *animal* hormone (or it can be manufactured industrially), so there's no such thiing as "herbal progesterone". Anyhow, the answer is no... even if the progesterone isn't "herbal"... messing with your hormones always carries some risk, and it won't "jumpstart" your period.

How do you jumpstart a Suzuki Boulevard?

You cannot have a 1987 Suzuki Boulevard -- the marketing people put out the silly "Boulevard" name in 2005. Your '87 Suzuki is an Intruder, a Marauder, a Savage.... Do you want the "oh dear, you are suppose to do blah blah..." or do you want that works? I use a car battery charger. Every one that I've ever had have a 2 amp level for smaller batteries. On my Savage I remove the took kit cover, remove the battery cover, move the rubber hood and *carefully* clip the positive clip of the charger to the positive terminal of the battery -- *carefully* so as to *only* touch the clip to the battery and to *not* touch any other metal. Then put the negative clip of the charger to clean metal of bike, the fins of the engine. Leave it on the charger on the 2 amp level in 12-24 hours. I leave the key/headlight too often. About the third time the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. A year ago I had medical problems and let the key on three times on a two week period. Last time I was pissed so I charged it at the 10 amp level -- from zero to enough charge in 3 hours to start the bike. The battery took the abuse. Survived. Am still using that battery a year later. Quite impressed by the Big Crank AGM battery.