where do you think Julius Peppers will go?

Packers would be a good choice becuz they r switching to a 34 def. so he could play oppisite of kampman and have barnett and hawk in the middle that would be one scary linebacker core. that would let them take malcome jenkins or bj raji with the first round pick id take jenkins becuz he is really simualr to woodson and harris. then i think they take a good DT in the second to develope behind pickett this season and mayb have him go to d-end once in awhile to see where the best fit would. but any team that gets Peppers just got the best defensive player out there becuz most likely the titans are goin to resign haynesworth.

Julius Peppers to Green Bay?

There have been rumors of Julius Peppers going to any team which plays 3-4. Since the Packers play a 4-3 I seriously doubt if Peppers would go there because he has said he want to go to a 3-4 team. You can only trade players from the day free agent signing begins to either the Tuesday or Wednesday (I can not remember which) after week 6 of the regular season.

Out of these 2 Teams...Who has a better chance of Landing Julius Peppers?

Chicago. They are in need of a defensive back like Peppers, and Lovie Smith may go after him. I also think Peppers would really suit the Bears explosive style offense. Check out this article I wrote on the Bears signing Peppers if you like: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/351677-move-in-the-making-julius-peppers-to-the-chicago-bears-makes-sense

Julius Peppers leaving Carolina!?!?

im a huge panthers fan, so ill imform u. panthers will franchise tag him and trade him, the team who offers will have to give up 2 1st round pickS for Julius Peppers, hell either go to the Texans, Lions, or Eagles. and the QB situation is not that hard to figure out. Jake Delhomme is gonna start for the Panthers this upcoming season. but the other next year Jake Delhomme may not be the Carolina Panthers starter or be with the carolina panthers but that dosn't mean Matt Moore is gonna be the Panthers' starter. so when Matt Cassel's contract expires the panthers may try to get him, the other options is to wwait for michael vick to get out of jail

Where is Julius Pepper's website?

Just look up Julius Peppers in google and if he has a website it will pop up.

where do u think Julius peppers is going next?

Well...since we just franchised him, I expect he'll stay a Panther for one more year. The only way he can leave now is if another team offers huge money, and 2 first round draft picks! Don't get me wrong...I think Peppers is a fantastic athlete, maybe not Hall of Fame great, but top notch...it just bugs me that after all the good years he's had with Carolina, that he suddenly wants to go elsewhere! I mean...he just had his best sack year ever, and Carolina is still a Superbowl contender! So what gives? He's certainly lost a lot of fan support in the Carolina's recently!

What about Jay Cutler to Carolina Panthers for Julius Peppers?

Would Julius Peppers be the starting quarterback

Who would win in a fight Jason Witten or Julius Peppers?

well Jason Witten is jacked he is 6"5 262 Julius Peppers is jacked he is 6"7 283 both are beasts but Julius Peppers has two inches and twenty pounds on Jason Witten which could be a huge advantage It would be a great fight though should be a cage match

Jay Cutler for Julius Peppers?

I could see this being a good deal for both teams. Carolina is going to need someone to replace the aging Delhomme after this year, but I just don't see them letting Peppers walk without getting at least 1 first round pick, (which they currently don't have), as part of the deal. He's way too valuable to do just a player for player trade! And as I mentioned, they are in sore need of a first round pick! The first pick they have is currently the 59th overall. Not good!!

Matt Cassel's future? Julius Peppers's?

Because Matt Cassel's contract will only be a one year deal he would probably be worth a 4th or 5th rounder maybe a late 3rd rounder to just the right team. I think Julius Peppers also just has one year left on his contract so probably about the same for him. Players with one year left on their contracts are rarely worth more than a 4th round pick.

Who's better Julius Peppers or Mario Williams?

Right now Peppers is, but in time that may change Mario is a great player, but plays on a bad defense. Because of this he looks better, but can not produce as much. Put a better team around him and you will see the difference.

Where will Julius Peppers land?

Come on now Zach, do you honestly think TT will break the bank in a trade for Peppers? He will undoubtedly want to sign a new deal, the amount of which will surely go against Thompson's prudent style. No chance on that one. And I'm guessing that Green Bay weren't on "the list" of teams that Peppers said he would play for. Maybe New England or Dallas will get him. Other that that, difficult to say.

julius peppers?

It wouldn't shock me, but I'm not sure what Cleveland's cap space looks like. Peppers wants to be in a 3-4 defense and could look at Cleveland as a legitimate contender with a couple of additional pieces on their defense (including him). I'd still put it at no greater than 20% odds, but thats not too bad, really.

what is Julius Peppers price tag this year?

I think the panthers had to pay 16million for the franchise tag but i believe the deadline has closed for that and they showed no interest in placing the franchise tag on him. Latest news says peppers agents where meeting with the bears personal representatives so threes a possible bidder. The pats would be interested they need to upgrade there pass rush and there was interest there last season. I would say peppers would want something similar to what Albert Haynerworth received from the redskins which was a 100million 7 year contract with 41 million guaranteed

Buy or Sell:Julius Peppers Gets The Bears Over 8 Wins?

Buy. Julius Peppers is an outstanding defensive player that makes plays like it's nobodies business. I also think he's the type of guy that is going to give the Bears confidence, especially Jay Cutler. If he knows he has someone on the other side of the ball that is going to make stops, he'll play a lot better himself.


You really can't compare the two, because they play in two different systems and are asked to do different things. The Bears run a Tampa 2 defense, which basically is a standard 4-3 that drops the middle linebacker into coverage. This defense scheme relies on the linemen to pressure the QB, which Peppers excels at like few others in the NFL. Meanwhile, the 49ers prefer a 3-4 scheme, where the linemen are asked to tie up the offensive line and open gaps for the linebackers to blitz. Justin Smith is unarguably one of the best in the NFL at doing this, so while he lacks the numbers that Peppers puts up, he's every bit as good a defensive lineman... he is simply doing a different job.

Do you think playing with Julius Peppers will help Gabe Carimi?

Assuming that the Bears start him in his first year then I think he will. Julius Peppers made that whole Bears team better and was key to helping them reach the NFC Championship, like Polamalu helped the Steelers reach the Super Bowl after being injured all 2009 season. What's not to say Peppers won't make Carimi even a little bit better by going up against him and teaching him hour to beat a defensive lineman.

Who's better Julius Peppers or Jason Babin?

Jason Babin in the last two years has proven to be an excellent and talented DE, but Julius Peppers has proven in his entire career that he can man handle offenses. So i would say that Jason Babin is a better player last year and this year, but overall Julius Peppers is far better if you are talking about their careers. (And by the way to all the STUPID people out there just because a player is dirty doesn't make them a worse athlete)

Do you think the Patriots will end up with Julius Peppers ?

He may end up there, your right. But at the same time, he comes with a huge price tag. So, is spending all of their money on one defensive player justified in the long run? Or is spending their money on a few younger less greedy players that can be developed for the same price they would pay for Peppers a better idea? To me Peppers isn't worth the price they would have to pay. And if he doesn't go to the Pats, that will be the reason. But, as I said, you are probably right, and they will most likely make some kind of deal to get him signed.

can somebody find me a fake julius peppers madden cover?

http://photobucket.com/mediadetail/?media=http%3A%2F%2Fi22.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fb338%2FMaddenCovers%2FCarolina%2520Panthers%2FPeppersCover.jpg&searchTerm=julius%20peppers&pageOffset=10 If you don't like that one, just go to http://photobucket.com and search Julius Peppers.

Will Mario Willilams be as good as Julius Peppers?

Mario Williams vs Julius Peppers is like asking if Vince Young is going to be as good as Tom Brady. The rooks are both really hyped, but hype is just a bunch of hot air once you get on the field. FWIW the Texans are changing from the 34 to the 43 and were in need of a good pass rushing DE, they did what everyone for the last 4 years has been saying and addressed their needs.

If the saints signed Julius Peppers?

If you are a huge Saints fan, then you have likely watched Peppers play at least twice a year for the past several years. He is a huge factor when he wants to be. He will also "dog it" on the playing field when he decides to. He was elected to the Pro Bowl this past season, but if you go back and watch tape, he played half heartedly most of the season. He sat himself out in key third down situations all season. He has huge talent and could be an awesome acquisition for the Saints, but he could also be a expensive liability. You never know which Julius will show up!

who better Julius Peppers or Umenyiora?

Statistically Juilus Peppers had a pretty decent year last year. But his impact on the Bears defense was glaring. Peppers is probably the best defensive end in football. I don't think i'd take anybody over him. He could have been the defensive MVP IMO. And I hate the Bears, so I don't give praise to them too often.

Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, JULIUS PEPPERS!!!?

Their defense would be great, no doubt. But if I were the vikings, I'd rather be looking to spend my money on a QB instead of defensive players. Peppers to the Broncos....thats what I think.

Who's better Julius Peppers or Michael Strahan?

Right now Peppers is better because Strahan has retired. But if you mean over the course of both their careers Strahan was better. He holds the single season sack record and was a great vocal team leader, not as athletic as Peppers but more of a motivator for sure!!

Jay Cutler for Julius Peppers?

Id be happy with it beings a Panthers fan. Delhomme sucks and ruined the palyoffs for the Panthers, and Julius Peppers wants WAY too much as a salary. If they get Cutler it would clear up some the salary cap and give them a better QB

Any chance of Julius Peppers joining the Pats?

Well, there are two things to consider. The first is that Peppers wants a championship. I think the Panthers are capable of getting there, but the problem is they choke in the big games. They should have won that game against the Cardinals, but their defense nor offense showed up. So I can understand why he wants out. The Patriots have a shot at getting the super bowl, and I think Belichick puts them in position to win each year. The second thing to note is that the Patriots defense could use another player to increase the defense they already have. I think him added to the defense would increase the sack ration, and turn over ratio. The only problem is if the Panthers put the franchise tag on Peppers, then the Pats won't be able to take him. But I think its a good fit.

Odds the Redskins trade for Julius Peppers?

That would be ridiculous. They already sold the farm to get Haynesworth, and now you want them to give up two first round picks for Peppers? Haynesworth and Peppers are both very inconsistent players. Why would you want both of them on the same team? The Redskins need to realize that they need to build a team, not buy a team. It hasn't worked for them in the past. Even Jerry Jones isn't as bad about that as Dan Snyder.

Who would win in a fight? Julius Peppers or Tom Zbikowski?

If it was in a boxing ring I'd definitely take Zbikowski. Did you see the fight between Jose Canseco and Vai Sikahema? I imagine it would turn out something like that. In a street-style fight I think Peppers would have a better chance (just because he's so much bigger and stronger), but I'd still take Zbikowski in the fictional street-fight. I think Peppers would have to get close enough to Zbikowski to be able to use his strength advantage that Zbikowski would fire off some good quick punches and put a fast end to the fight.

Could Julius Peppers stop Toby Gerhart?

well yeah, he could, but out of 10 opportunities to stop him, Peppers isnt going to stop him all 10 times, maybe 5 or 6. but thats true with almost any 2 players gerhart could run peppers over, we all know that force is mass times acceleration, so if Gerhart is charging and peppers is moving towards him, than most likey gerhart is going to generate more force, but if they switched sides than peppers would probably run over gerhart too. its physics, in most cases RBs have the advantage here, that's why teams have 350lb defensive tackles.

What team will Julius Peppers go to this offseason?

A team that runs the 3-4. he said his reason for leaving Carolina is because he wants to try a new system. I want to say Baltimore. Terrell Suggs is a free agent after signing his one year franchise tender last year. Peppers will come at a cheaper price than Suggs and can essentially play the same position of OLB/DE. Other teams to look at are Denver with them hiring Nolan and trying to convert to a 3-4. San Diego might go after him out of fear that Merriman won't be back to normal next year. New England might also try to get him due to the fact that their LB's are too old. Peppers is 29 years old so I don't think he will want to go a team that is rebuilding.

DREAM FIGHT: Julius Peppers VS David Haye, Heavyweight 10 Rounds?

Peppers gets stopped by Haye and the two Klitschko brothers, easy. A few fights and an elite trainer would'nt give Peppers nearly enough experience. The Klitschko's and Haye have been training and Boxing since they were kids, that's something Peppers could never match. If Peppers had trained and been a Boxer since he was a child, then that would be a different story. I can't say he'd beat them even if that was the case, but since he is so big and is such a freak/coordinated athlete considering his size, he would probably be a very good Boxer. We don't know about his heart, ability to take a punch, or things like that though.

Who had more sacks this year Julius Peppers or Jared Allen?

Jared Allen had 3 more sacks this year than Julius Peppers, Jared Allen had more Tackles this year Jared Allen had an interception ran back for a touchdown Julius Peppers didn't have a touchdown. Julius Peppers only had 8 sacks, Jared Allen had 11 Julius Peppers had alot of hype this year for some reason, i think because he hustle's on every play, but he gets dominated by offensive lineman sometimes but atleast he hustles. Jared Allen is a better Defensive End in my opinion, Jared Allen was on a losing team this year but he did achieve his goal of getting more sacks than Julius Peppers. From all the hype with Peppers this year you would think he would have more sacks, Brian Urlacher had 8 sacks one year and he is a Middle Linebacker.

I think Julius Peppers is the top end in football (who do yall think?)?

Peppers is probably the most physically gifted end in the game today, he has outstanding speed and strength for a man of his size. He isn't as consistent week in and week out as you would like, plus last year he did not seem as disruptive as in other years. Last year there is no question in my mind that Jason Taylor was the best defensive end in the league. There was only 4 games where he did not record at least one sack and had 9 forced fumbles. (Stats) If I was building a football team for the next five years, I would want Peppers as my Defensive end, but he was not the best end in football for the last season.

Do you think the Pats will end up getting Julius Peppers?

Yes I do; they've been manuevering quietly towards this move. Hence why they decided to franchise Cassell then trade him. Cassell was franchised at 14 million, Peppers contract is 16 million. Along with the obvious picks they'll be giving up to Carolina, it's essentially getting Julius Peppers for 2 million dollars. Brilliance again by New England and this is coming from an Eagles fan. Another note, Peppers even said he'd like to play in a 3-4 system like New England's at the OLB spot. Jerod Mayo was an outright beast last year, it'll be something to see Mayo and Peppers together.

Julius Peppers or Richard Seymour?

Julius Peppers all the way!!!!! Sure, he had a bad season last year, but I think that's just because the offense sucked and they ended up putting all the pressure on the defense. But when he is healthy (or rather, his team), Peppers is by far the BEST defensive end in the NFL. check out these stats... In just six seasons: 288 tackles (233 solo) 56 sacks 3x Pro Bowl selection 2x All-Pro selection This is a guy that has almost always demanded double (and even triple) teaming his entire career.

Julius Peppers leaving?!?

julius peppers cant STAND the panthers organization. i think he'll want to go somewhere with a bright future focused on the D-line. a PERFECT fit for him would be in kansas city to replace the gap left by jared allen. think about it, in 3 years that d-line will be, glenn dorsey, tamba hali, (possibly) julius peppers. give me an o-line that could stop that.

Julius Peppers vs Toby Gerhart? Who would win in a fight?

Peppers is one of the most elite athletes on the planet 6'7", almost 300 lbs and agile as a cat. The dude is so skilled he played real minutes on a very good UNC Basketball team in college - we're not talking Donovan McNabb on the end of Syracuse's bench here. Gerhardt's only advantage would be leverage being that he's shorter and more squat. I just can't see Peppers with that long reach and agility having any troubles with Gerhardt. Peppers 1st round knockout.

What should Julius Peppers do?

If you paid attention then you would have read Carl Carey (Peppers' agent) said that Jerry Richardson was the one not getting back with them. John Fox doesn't negotiate contracts. J.R. was the one *reportedly* telling staffers that he wasn't going to resign Peppers. If John Fox could do deals, he would have given himself an extension. John Fox coaches, he is not a personnel guy. The extent of some Panther fan's ignorance amazes me. If you don't like John Fox, that's one thing but you're giving him far too much power. Jerry Richardson is pulling the strings here and letting Fox and Hurney take the heat.

seriously no B.S. Julius Peppers to the BEARS!?

Peppers would be a great stopgap for the Chicago D. He's a sack machine. But he's only going to be in the league for another 1-3 years tops. If Lovie doesn't at least make an attempt at this during free agency, then he deserves to be fired. Any and every team should be trying for Peppers. The previous answerers all presume that the lack of a receiver will damn the Bears to another year of mediocrity, however I don't see this as the case. Devin Aroushmadou has the potential to be the absolute best receiver in the league next season (with proper coaching of course). Plus, the Bears have never had a top tier receiver. They throw to the TE or the RB and pound the ball until opposing defenses give in. The Bears, without a first round pick, won't be able to do this because of the age and deterioration of their OL. It doesn't help that Olin Kreutz is taking anger management courses either. Without a younger, more powerful line, the Bears won't be able to succeed offensively. And offensive success is necessary for a super bowl, and thats what Peppers wants. That would be the only reason he doesn't go. PS--Virginia McCaskey has some rather deep pockets as well, so money shouldn't be a factor

Julius Peppers should go to the Jaguars:)?

Julius Peppers would be a great fit for the 49ers. We need a good pass rusher to help the defense become stronger. I have said all season that if the pass rush was there, the CBs and safeties would look a lot better. The 49ers looked like a different team after mid season. Singletary will bring in a winning team with discipline, the win mentality and the basics. It wouldn't surprise me if Singletary is already looking for Peppers to fill that weekness of my team. With Alex Smith likely to have a huge cut in pay, we could afford a player like Peppers. Thumbs up to those who agree.

Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, and JULIUS PEPPERS??!!!?

No chance they will sign him. First of all they couldnt afford to pay another elite DL and address other obvious needs. Offensive LG, QB, WR and DBs are all obvious areas that need upgrading and they could also use another LB. Peppers not only will command a 3 or 4 year deal of 12-14 million per he also has been very clear the only reason he wants out of Carolina is he wants to be in a 3-4 defense and the Vikings use a base 4-3 defense. His family lives in Carolina so the theory he would want a change for the sake of change and would accept a role on another 4-3 defense simply wont happen. He believes he is being misused in a 4-3 as is. Sorry to burst the bubble but these are the facts as he and his agent have presented and both have clearly stated a 4-3 isnt an option at all.

Who would win in a fight? Julius Peppers or Paul Posluszny?

Julius Peppers becuz you compare them. Posluszny 6'1 238 and Peppers 6'7 283. Peppers has the reach and weight advantage well posluszny is short so he could hit his mid section but id have to give it to Peppers just on his strength size and athleticism. well posluszny has a more stockyer build Peppers has the more all around best.


Peppers or Walker? Why compare a def. player against an off. player? Do you mean Peppers vs Javon Kearse? Peppers plays D like an all pro, all the time and Javon Walker is a broken leg WR who had one good year and then got booted out of Green Bay for being a cry baby little b*tch who couldn't get along with Brett Favre. So to answer your question Peppers. Ok now lets compare Ray Lewis and Tiki Barber. WTF?

Where will julius peppers go if he does become a free agent?

Peppers said himself that he doesn't want to re-sign with the Panthers, but that was like 2 months ago. Things could have changed, but he will leave Carolina becuase he will be one of the highest paid players coming out of this FA. I don't think he will go to GB, but i could be wrong. I don't see Ted going after a big name guy like him. Peppers will get a big, fat, and juicy contract and I'm guessing a team will sign him 12:30am on February 27th. That's a 1/2 FA starts. I see him going to the Broncos being that they are the 3rd best team in salary cap. They have money to spend this off-season and i expect them to load up on defense. If the Broncos had a good defense they could be SB contenders every year.

How about Julius Peppers for Jay Cutler?

I could see a Peppers-Cutler deal being good for the Panthers. We do need a new QB asap, since Jakes contract is up next year anyway! And I agree that Steve Smith will need a QB that can get him the ball right out of the gate! He doesn't have the patience to break in a rookie!! LOL We also need to address our Cornerback situation now that Ken Lucas has been cut! I also hadn't heard that Peppers wouldn't consider Denver, but i had heard early on that the Patriots were one of the "mystery 4" teams that he would agree to play for. So i guess we'll see! Welcome to the off-season folks!! :-)

Who would win in a fight.....Brian Urlacher or Julius Peppers?

Peppers. Urlacher got.. A. Trucked by Bettis B. Shook by Tom Brady, yes the white immobile Tom Brady C. Sat out almost 3 months because 'his toe hurt' D. All of the above D is the correct answer. Urlacher talks a big game against weak opponents and don't get me wrong is good, but Peppers, who is black, is a dominating force against anyone and would NOT sit out because of a toe injury. You always take the gangster in a fight. Peppers in a 3 minute knockout.

Julius Peppers, Brain Westbrook, LaDainian Tomlinson Will go were!?

Let see: Julius Peppers: This probably the hardest question because of the time of athlete he is. So many teams are going to possibly go after this guy. I am not going to go into full detail on this guy just because of that fact; my picks: Pats or Bucs. Brian Westbrook: First off Brian isn't as good as he use to be so he wont be a top selection like Peppers or LT. Yet LT is on a lil decline from his past seaons with SD. With his health effecting him over the past couple of years, i couldn't see him going to any elite team, possibly a team who is trying to break into better records and make something of their seasons who have not bin so graceful in the past years. Yet, i could possible see Brian going to a team within the same division. Alot of the NFL teams are running 2-3 backs. Yet I don't believe that Brian can hold the work load like he use to. I can see Brian going to an AFC do to the fact that many of the NFC teams have several star running backs, ranging from Peterson, Bush etc. He could possibly go to washington because they don't have anything. Perhaps even seattle. on the other hand if he goes into an AFC i could possible see him with Browns. the Browns cut Lewis, so they are going to be looking for someone with experience to take his spot. lets face it wherever Brian goes, he wont be the main feature on the team, hell be there to be support, and help out as much as he can but with injuries haunting him who really knows. My pick: Browns or Packers LT: There is alot of discussion of LT being on a decline from his past years at SD and not being as much of a game changer as he use to be. Yet fact still reamains that LT is still dominate in football regardless if he is busting for 15yds. There are several options on where LT could possibly go, but it is certain that he will probably be picked up before Brian Westbrook just do to the fact of Westbrooks injuries and etc. If LT has his choice hes gonna want to go with a team, that has already established themselves as elite teams in the NFL and Super Bowl bound. Taking a look at the teams who need runnings backs or could use running backs that are elite in the NFL, the Saints probably wont take him, the Vikings may possibly take him, do to the fact that taylor is or may be gone. But i dont foresee that. If the Colts were to pick him up, i believe we may see more of the old LT do to the fact of the time of OL the Colts have. Granted yet the Colts dont rely on the run as many other teams in the AFC do. But Peyton cant throw forever. So it basically comes down to who wants to pay him, and who needs a experience and yet good running back. My pick: Bengals or Denver.

Julius peppers and LT with the bears?

Julius Peppers, yes. LT, nah. I'm excited for when FA starts 2mrw because all signs point to Julius Peppers coming to Chicago. He'd make the defense 1000000x better. LT, on the other hand, wouldn't really make an impact. He's still got a year or two left, but the Bears already have Matt Forte as a starter. LT would come expensive even as a backup, so they should look at Chester Taylor or maybe even Brian Westbrook [he'd be a good receiving back in Martz' offensive system]. But yeah, I REALLY hope the Bears get Peppers.

who is a better football player, scott fujita or julius peppers?

Julius Peppers is one of the finest athletes in the NFL. He is one of the rare players with great size, speed, and strength. I believe he is playing on a very poor team and it has affected his production this year. He has recorded double digit sacks 4 of his 6 years in the league. He was a first round draft choice, and at times has been one of the two best defensive ends in the league. From the stand-point of pure athleticism, Peppers is easily the victor. His combine 40 yard dash time was 4.5 seconds! At 6'7" 285 lbs. he is an incredible athlete, and has been a dominant, franchise type player at times in his career. Scott Fujita has been on 3 different teams, he was a 5th round draft choice, and is part of a very weak linebacker corps in New Orleans. Although he has at times been a valuable player to his teams, he is far from an elite player or athlete. He may be an important player on his team, but he is nowhere near the level of a Julius Peppers.