what do you guys think of chris jericho as an nfl running back?

the big show would own all off there ass remember on raw the spear he did on evan bourne?

If you could get rid of any player in the NFL who would it be?

Chad Johnson or Tom Brady

settle a bet for me?....?

They both played four years of college ball, so it actually makes it very easy to compare their stats side-by-side: James: Tot Tk: 376 (Solo - 160; Ast - 216) Sack: 13 FF: 4 Int: 9 Yds: 72 Avg: 8 Lng: 25 TD: 0 Rey: Tot Tk: 272 (Solo - 163; Ast - 109) Sack: 9 FF: 2 Int: 5 Yds: 76 Avg: 15.2 Lng: 48 TD: 1 The only thing Rey beats James in is INT return yards. Going based off of stats alone, there's no way you can say that Rey is a better LB. Sorry, but it looks like your friend wins this one.

big name unsigned: nfl teams too cheap?

It depends on each guys situation as to why they are unsigned. Many simply havent played well the past couple years and with the NFLPA agreement veterans must be signed to a veterans minimum so teams opt for younger and cheaper players. Some have injury issues and either cant pass the physical yet or teams are waiting for them to prove their health before inking them. Other guys on your list have "issues" and teams are increasingly staying away from these guys because of cap issues and their potential to be stupid again. Others have so far priced themselves out of jobs, when their contract demands lower their odds of signing will increase. And there are a couple of guys on your list who are notorious for not signing until the pre-season starts, they have no desire to go through mini camps and only want to deal with the 4 weeks (or less) to get ready during pre-season. And some will never get a sniff at the NFL again because they simply dont have the skill set anymore.

Historically, Which College Football team Produced the Best Linebacker Alumnis?

You missed Shane Conlan and Greg Buttle from Penn State, but of recent vintage, I'll take USC's linebackers.

Among the 3 defenses I listed below, which is the best?

Why is it that Usc's defensive talent goes underrated in college,while the offensive talent is hyped up,and then the defensive players have a better career? I have been wondering this for a few months now. I am going to pick Miami.

MFS: Did anyone heard the sad news?

what do you guys think of chris jericho being an nfl running back vs these not wwe hof-ers but nfl hof/2 bers?

What the hell?

what do you guys think of chris jericho as an nfl running back?

He would not get 1 yard on any of those guys

floyd merriweather is 1 of the best boxers ever. but how badly would he get cracked as a wr/rb vs these guys?

Stupid question. What grade are you in, 7th, 8th?

Pick your own NFL all star team?

QB: Peyton Manning-Simply he is the best Carson Palmer-I know he has the weapons but that team has just been in shambles I think he is legit plus I just hate Brady. HB: LT-A team player and a nice guy with charity events plus he just has so much skill. Reggie Bush- I know this sounds stupid but he just has so much speed plus he provides solid hands in the backfield with all that speed no one can catch him. WR: Randy Moss-I dont like him but with his speed and height he is unstoppable TJ Houshmanzadeh-He is sure hands for the bengals Chad Johnson-He is very fast and a really good player and should be higher but he did not have a good season last year plus he is whining alot now. Marqes Colston-I think this guy has a very bright future he just needs Breeze to give it to him but the O Line needs to get better. O Line: Shaun O'Hara, Orlando Pace, Steve Hutchinson, Jonathan Ogden, and Jake Long. TE: Antonio Gates-When he is not injured you can't stop him. Jason Witten-Every Cowboys game I watch he makes the 3rd down catch or takes the Cowboys down the field. CB: Champ Bailey and Antonio Cromartie LB: Shawn Merriman and Patrick Willis and Brian Urlacher D Line: Osi Umenyiora, Julius Peppers, Glenn Dorsey, Sed Ellis SS: Troy Polamalu FS: Ed Reed

What Do You Want to See In Sunday's AFC Title Game?

EXACTLY what you put. Except Cro needs to return an INT for TD to make up fo that horrible call last week.

bruce lee/brandon lee as a running back vs...................?

Brandon Lee was not a martial arts expert. He was mid level at best. Not sure how he would do against a NFL player? Based on his height and weight that is hard to judge. I can tell you that Bruce Lee would beat any of these guys with his physical skills alone. Bruce Lee was a master of over 6 different systems. He was a master in Wing Chun Kung Fu before he was 18 years old. Yes NFL players are big but does not mean they have speed and just because they weigh more does not mean that they would easily bring him down. Bruce Lee defeated plenty of opponents that were much larger than he was. Bruce Lee was quick and he had incredible power. He 1 inch punch sent many people flat on their backs. Including professional athletes. When someone studies traditional Kung Fu the primary focus is always on foundation. The stances are much lower in Kung Fu in the southern systems like Hung Gar and southern 5 Animal. In addition to Wing Chun. Bruce Lee also knew the southern systems. He had incredible leg power. He could quick threw a sandbag. He had incredible reflexes and speed. If Bruce Lee was to play in the running back position. These players would first have a hard time with his ability to turn on a dime. With his leg power he would drag these guys the way a player does that is on fire in NFL Blitz. Bruce Lee was 5 ft 8 and he weighed 175lbs. Not 130.

Which of these would you say is the best football matchup?

Kind of tacky and classless considering that Owen Hart died as a result of massive head injuries.

Which Players Will Be The Most Inspired on Sunday and Why?

I think the players you have picked are really good. I could also easily see Cromartie playing some inspired football - not that he hasn't since he's been made a starter. I think McCree would like to get something back on NE after his mistake last year so he could easily play a factor in too. And I think Harrison might try to go harder playing against his old team too, but I don't know if that will make him play inspired or just stupid as Harrison is prone to stupid late hits and dirty plays.

which of these would you say is the best football matchup?

i like 2 brian urlacher is a big intimidating man wouldnt want to run into him

who would best fill the following defensive positions? 2 OLB, 2MLB, 2CB, 2S, 2DE?

2OLB= Lawrence Taylor, Bill Romanowski 2MLB= Ray Lewis, Mike Ditka 2CB= Lester Hayes, Willie Brown 2S= Rod Woodson, Jack Tatum 2DE= Lyle Alzado, Howie Long 1DT= Warren Sapp

great pro football palyers that came out of san diego high schools (question again)?

Brian Sipe (Browns QB), John Fox (current Panthers head coach), La'Roi Glover (current Rams DT), MARCUS ALLEN (Raiders RB) also: Terrell Davis (Broncos RB), Willie Buchanon (Packers CB)

Future Patriot Hall of Famers?

Bellichick and Brady, as you said are first ballot locks. Only the best players must belong, players that are consistent during most of their careers. Except for Vinatieri, Law and possibly Corey Dillon, the rest of the guys were good but they were not consistently among the best every season. Vinatieri should make it but it won't be on his first ballot. The only placekicker in the Hall of Fame is Jan Stenerud (George Blanda made it mainly as a QB). But he definitely belongs, the Pats won all their SB by exactly 3 points and 2 of them with a last second FG. The Colts beat the Ravens thanks to his 5 FGs The problem is that PK are like closers in baseball: No HOFer who only closed games made in their first chance. Rodney Harrison was good, but not among the best of his era. His more productive years were with San Diego and he was overshadowed by other safeties like Leroy Butler, Steve Atwater and John Lynch. He will face some controversy as one of dirtiest players. Also McGinest was good, but overshadowed by much better LBs like Zach Thomas, Junior Seau (as a Charger, bc he's never been on the field as a Pat), Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis. Corey Dillon should make it after 2 or 3 ballots. His numbers are comparable to other tailbacks already in the Hall. Ty Law, he should be there. 4 Pro Bowls and he's been the Peyton Manning's (and the only corner capable of covering Marvin Harrison) nightmare, he intercepted Manning 3 times in the 2003 AFC championship and twice last season in the WC game as a Chief. After he left the team, the Pats have never stopped Manning and the Colts...coincidence?

Patriots And Steroids?

yeah Rodney Harrison allegedly admitted that he used HGH but not steroids and I'm sure other players on that team is using HGH along with many other teams. Merriman of the Chargers is probably using HGH because he already got busted with steroids. you never really know about players using unless A. they admit it or B. they fail a drug test for that substance.


They could have traded the pick and still gotten him Im so pissed...

Since the introduction of the salary cap in the NFL, what has been the most vicious cut of all?

Joe Montana wasnt cut - he was traded, and the trade occurred before the salary cap was implemented in 1994. Montana was already in his second season with the Chiefs then. Ronnie Lott went from the 49ers to the Raiders in 1991. The salary cap started in 1994. Junior Seau wasnt cut - he was traded Edgerrin James wasnt cut - he signed with Arizona as a free agent after the Colts would not show him the money Rodney Harrison - considering he got two Super Bowl rings as a result of the Chargers cutting him, I dont think he qualifies up in the chain - Steve McNair wasnt cut, he was traded gotta be Emmitt Smith- he gave everything to the Cowboys

Who is faster and who is better?

Lawrence Taylor Lebron Kobe Shaq Tedy Bruschi Peyton Michael Vick? Adrian Peterson Emmitt Smith Packers

Patriots fans what do you think?

Re-sign, resign, common error. I think it's great. The D is getting a bit old, but still solid.

how much is my 1998 charger team autographed football worth?

Check EBay for something to compare it to or take it to a local sports memorabilia shop & have them look at it. Good luck.

Davon Bess/Miami Dolphins Jersey? Good to buy for a Miami fan?

Why would you buy a Dolphins jersey? They're awful.

Junior Seau committed suicide...Why would he want to die?

With the support system he had there was absolutely no reason that he couldn't turn to someone for help. If in fact it turns out that he committed suicide then that would more of a selfish coward than anything else. To leave your family and friends to mourn over you because you could not deal with life's issues is a cowardly move. I pray for his friends and family and hope they can find healing.

what do you think of these nfl lb feuds n wrestler feuds?

TBH, i have no idea who the NFL players are, but being from australia, that probably aint surprising, the only one i know of are Ben Graham and Sav Rocca cos theyre both Aussies

If you could get rid of any player in the NFL who would it be?

Eli Manning, little spoiled person Jr.Seau????? well I would get rid of him because he left the chargers for the pats... CHARGERS ALL THE WAY Philip Rivers does have a big mouth but he can play. CHARGERS 13-3 THIS YEAR

ok how bad would owen hart of the mid 90s as a running back get cracked by seau n romanowski of the 90s?

I couldn't understand this question but my response is Okay than.

Ok how bad would owen hart of the mid 90s as a running back get cracked by seau n romanowski of the 90s?

Im not sure about this one.

idk y, but this song reminds me of jr seau. it's an oldies tho (late 60s?)PLEASE give me an opinion. thank you?

IDK who jr seau is, but here's Leo Sayer singing that song in English. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUrYtdvy2lI

worst injury, joe theisman or Jr. Seau?

those are really bad injuries, but I can top it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSySFNv9xNE Willis McGahee 2003 National Championship Game OUCH!

NFL Ball Montana, Rice, Elway, B Sanders, D Sanders, M Faulk, M Allen, T Gonzalez, D Ware, JR Seau, H Ward, $$?

I'm not sure, but probably in the thousands, considering you have multiple hall of famers

Did you hear about Jr Seau!?

Seau..on the patriots? Nick Sabans pissed.

R.I.P. Jr Seau as a Chargers fan you will be missed?

I am a die hard Steeler fan, but I had so much respect for Junior. He played hard! Very sad to see how his life ended. He will be missed by everyone! One of the good ones fell

is Jr. Seau playing this year?

he's a free agent. Probably will be signed by a Super Bowl contender team. He wants to win one so bad. too bad though. I'd like to see what he could do on the colts. I thought the pats or cowboys would sign him.

Is Jr Seau hall of fame worthy?

Yes...12 probowls, 6 time first team all pro, and over 1,500 tackles!

What was the name of Jr. Seau gym shoe he had with Nike?

I think it was called "Get Injured Early" and get paid for the whole year

is Jr Seau 55 playing with the Chargers this season 2009?

No he isn't

I live in San Diego.Jr Seau was a HERO to us.How do you all see him?Thanks. RIP Junior?

POLL: Do you remember Rodney Harrison, Stanley Richard & Jr Seau playin in the 1995 Bolts-49r Superbowl?

I remember getting teased by all the other san diego kids cause i was a niners fan..I also remember laughing A LOT!

What Did You Think of Jr. Seau's Quote After The Game Last Week?

he made his career in San Diego, and established himself as a great linebacker. it's just like Jerry Rice. despite playing for a team that has ousted the Chargers from the playoffs the last 2 years, i think Seau's statement has credence. we should acknowledge that. Chargers fans shouldn't hate Seau. He added to their contender-ship back in the day. and raised their level of play. it's not HIS fault that they didn't keep him. there is no law against coming out of retirement and playing proficiently for a team that is willing to pay for the service provided. He's good in my book, and should be in Chargers fans' book. don't be childish and bitter because he's playing well for another team. i'm sure the Chargers would love to have him playing for them. their loss. it's not the first time that Chargers General Manage(ment) has missed an opportunity. don't fault the player.

who'd win? jr seau of the late 90s chargers (if he can fight; he can bench 550 tho) or kane in his EARLY prime?

Depends on which of Kane's roles you are referring to, Angus Young? Issac Yankem DDS? Mike Unibomb? Check this link: http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/profiles/k/kane.php

Where does peace come from ? I wish that Jr. Seau could have found it...?

ey how badly would owen hart of the mid 90s get splattered as a running back vs lb jr seau head on?

don't diss owen hart

Will the Chargers retire Jr Seau number 55?

Of course. He was put in the ring of honor last season and nobody has worn his number since he left. Should have been years ago.

2 q's: how badly would owen hart of the mid 90s get splattered as a running back by jr seau of the mid 90s?

and thats coming from a raider fan..

hey how badly would owen hart of the mid 90s get splattered as a running back vs lb jr seau head on?

please, have respect for the dead R.I.P OWEN HART YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

Did you knowthat Jr Seau is NOT the NFL career tackles leader as stated in a closed question here?

O.K. but Seau still rocks.