Dog names - Beatles related?

I love Prudence!! Also: Lucy (inthe sky with diamonds) Diamond Jude (boys name i know, but still cute for a girl) Beatle (really cute!!) Whisper (words of wisdom) I also like Penny! Love the beatles!!

Should I get the iPad?

yeah, you should

why is my brother so weird and how do make him unweird?

being weird isnt neccessarly a bad thing

Trying to find the name of an old cartoon?

Gummi Bears? (bouncing here and there and everywhere) They drink Gummi Berry Juice which makes them bounce to get out of trouble. Intro: Wiki:

Is there any other kind of tablet that is not the iPad?

Yes! There is all kinds of tablets! I take technology and my teacher tells about great ones. Have you ever tried the Smart Notebook one?

Is an Ipad worth getting if you have a laptop already? Also JooJoo?

no its a waste of money can't muti task no camera no flash not a real computer its another overpice toy from apple don't waste your money or time on it you have a lap top you don't need it

What ist your favorite programming language for tablet PCs and why?

In case of Windows 7 tablets, Delphi is a really good choice. You can design brilliant GUIs with it (ribbon included) and it supports touch gestures (from 2009 version I think).

Names: JooJoo or Crunchpad?

Crunchpad is edgier and contemporary. JooJoo sounds like a candy bar!

How is holding your breath bad for you?

Every cell in your body uses oxygen in your blood to transport protiens. Without it the cells in your body aren't getting fed. You turn blue because the oxygen in your blood is what gives your red blood cells or eurocytes the red color. When you arent getting oxygen from your lungs you aren't transporting "food" to your brain and organs. Your body can go several minutes without oxygen and will exhale reflexively when it needs too. It is very hard to hold your breath long enough on purpose to do any damage, but after about five minutes you start to do damage to brain tissue due to lack of oxygen, and you cannot grow new brain cells. This leads to brain damage, or in serious casses, death.

Can JooJoo compete with the iPad?