You're the Patriots, who do you pick with the 33rd pick in the draft?

WTF?!?!? David Gilreath. I have been watching ESPN and NFL Network 24/7 and I have never even heard of the guy. Although I like Woodhead and Green-Ellis I think the Patriots need a big back. If they are unable to land Mark Ingram I think they will select Mikell Leshoure. He has been compared to Steven Jackson and is exactly the type of RB the Patriots need.

You're the Buccaneers, who do you select with the 20th pick in the draft?

Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin Jeremy Trueblood is expected to move to Left Tackle. The Buccaneers will need a tackle to take over on the right side, ideally they would like to find him in the 2nd or 3rd nd go DE here, but the only player that could possibly go here as a DE is Justin Houston, who is too small to play on anything but passing downs. In gabe Carimi the Buccaneers get a solid player that fits the scheme well. @#19 - I doubt I've seen a worse pick in a long time, Solder does not at all fit the Giants blocking scheme, with Coach Coughlin's love for Boston College I believe if they address the tackle position they will go Anthony Castonzo, I doubt this will happen as they already have solid starters and backups at these positions, Diehl, McKenzie, Andrews, Beatty. So I see them going inside and take the best inside lineman in the draft, Pouncey. At guard and center the Giants are old and in need of quality backups. Further more I do not understand the vote count as "Jake - Angry Tigers fan" is TC but not in the football section so his vote should only count once. Also @ JGutowsk17 I do not see why you claim that I've not done my scouting and evaluation properly when it comes to Pouncey, a statement I find not to be true as I've done all the proper research, I on the other hand also understand that everybody might not value their board the same way, and I must say that your pick also was a very good pick, if you do not have confidence in Pouncey. Luckily Jerry Reese went to Tennessee not Auburn so I expect him to make the right pick in the real NFL draft. @C-Dubb, Found a good addition to the tiebreaker rule- 1st tiebreaker, Votes are recounted for the players that are tied, but this time TC and other votes all counts one. 2nd tiebreaker, C Dubb gets one vote which he can only place on one of the players tied for first, making that player the pick. -These additions should make tie situations better then a simple coin toss. @King of ♣ I do have Corey Liuget high on my board too, but I just don't see the Buccaneers spending a first rounder at DT after going DT rounds 1 and 2 last year. @C dubb I would Change it, I doubt Solder would have been picked here so we should just correct the 19th and let Houston be picked here, seems like he is the pick.

You're the Rams, who do you pick with the 14th pick in the draft?

Julio Jones, WR, Alabama This is a no brainer, the best player available also fits the biggest need, for the fifth time or so I pick Julio Jones, lets see if he gets off the board this time.

You're the Falcons, who do you pick with the 27th pick in the draft?

Jimmy Smith CB Excellent height and weight Great speed Physical; uses his long arms well Solid wrap-up tackler Capable in run support Tough, fiery competitor Football DNA Good instincts Shutdown corner potential Can jam receivers at line Ability to time leaps to defend pass Compared by some to Nnamdi Asomugha

You're the Giants, who do you select with the 19th pick in the draft?

Wow, I cannot stand when people overrate Pouncey, people are high on him just because of his name which is bad scouting. When I turn on the film Pouncey hasn't gone up against the top pass rushers in this years draft. The top one he has gone up with is Justin Houston. This is a no brainer for me because Tyron Smith and Mark Ingram are off the board. The New York Giants will select Anthony Castanzo; OT; Boston College. Has gone up against the best of the best in Robert Quinn, Da'Quan Bowers, and Allen Bailey. He is someone who will anchor your line for the next 10 years.

You're the Chargers, who do you pick with the 18th pick in the draft?

Aldon Smith, OLB, Missouri I believe the right pick for New England, but I guess San Diego won't mind getting a good 3-4 OLB right?

You're the Vikings, who do you pick with the twelfth pick in the draft?

Okay I have them picking Watt in my Mock Draft but he is gone so my vote is for Bowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How has he not gone yet. Do your voters know anything!!!!!!! Tell me when you do the Lions.

You're the Packers, who do you pick with the 32nd pick in the draft?

@Peezy A Running back? We've got Ryan Grant coming back from IR he just had two back-to-back 1,200 yard seasons prior to his injury. James Starks will be healthy year round and we'll still keep Brandon Jackson (third down back and good for screens). We're all set at RB. That's a thriving run game right there, I'll even push for a possible top 10 run game next season. I say we need another ultimate pass-rusher opposite Clay Matthews, I go with Adrian Clayborn. I believe Dom Caper can use a guy like that and really convert him into a good OLB in a 3-4 defense to really form that one-two punch with Clay Matthews. Someone else I really like is Brooks Reed. Another WR would also be good, but after Aj Green and Julio Jones the next is Titus Young who'll go in the middle of the 2nd. I think we trade up for Young in the second to be there as Donald Driver plays his final games in football, God Bless him.

yes another mock draft. Thoughts?

I dont think the Bengals will take AJ green 3rd overall, there receivers are decent and even without Ocho and Owens they will still have a good core, Green isnt needed there. I think the Cardinals are thinking QB more than OLB but we will see. Bills need a DT man, simply said...they are getting CRUSHED by the run I believe the niners will make a pitch of McNabb, but if not then Locker possibly I dont think the Lions are thinking DE right now, Bowers looks good, but wouldn't you think they want a Defensive back or offensive lineman with the pick? Vanden Bosch is good enough at DE. Seahawks may or may not want to get rid of Hasselbeck, but i dont think there investing in a QB yet. Pats need a DB first round for sure, there not the best at the safety position, and they possibly could use a corner they need a pass rush, but i feel they will be thinking DB. If the fins keep Brown and Williams, they dont get the RB, but I think they will have to go RB...(like u said) Jaguars need a defense. A DE isnt good enough, they should be looking DB Rams dont need a WR, they already have Clayton and Avery who go injured, but are still good, Rams need a DL or DB Colts dont need a tackle either, their o-line requires an interior lineman, but I think they should be looking for a DT I guess the Chiefs could use a WR opposite of Bowe Yes, Eagles need a Guard for sure Jets have good pass rush coming from blitzes, Ryan doesnt depend much on DL to get pressure, they may go with a defensive player, but I think they should go with a WR if they cant keep Holmes/Edwards. If none are available, a safety seems good for the Jets D.. Ravens could use a CB more than a DE i think Bears need a OL for sure, but a WR would be nice Same with Steelers for OL Falcons have a good TE and I think they should look for a safety Pats should go DE here, but i doubt they will draft twice in the first round, they will most likely trade this pick..

Build a team that won't change for the next 10 years?

Packers already have one.

How good is this Mock Draft(Last update)?

For the most part I agree. BQ- Aldon Smith. Hes my sleeper in this years draft, he is a really good pass rusher.

What do you think of my mock draft?

I actually really like it, mostly because the Lions get Prince.

Is the NFL commission going to far with it's "defenceless player" penalties?

Man I like your question,can you imagine players like Larwence Taylor,Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert Bubba Smith,the Fearsome Foursome, Can you imagine the QBs of old the records that would have been set. Oh when the game of football was played the way it was ment to be played,I do not watch NFL as much anymore,I was a 3 game Sunday type but I am loosing interest I watch College football and for the most part it is still a mans game not two hand touch and NO brady rule

You're the Ravens, who do you pick with the 26th pick in the draft?

Muhammad Wilkerson, DE, Temple. Wilkerson+Cody+Ngata=Ouch This could be an impressive young lineup for the Ravens D-line, with these players on the D-line I can't see how you will be able to run against the Ravens. CB is a bigger need, but there is nobody who is even close to Wilkerson's skill there. Other options might be getting a fast receiver opposite of Boldin (Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland) or taking Derek Sherod and moving Michael Oher back to the right side. Wilkerson is highest on my board. @people picking Gilreath - Why would the Ravens take a guy who is rated so low on the general board that he doesn't have a draft profile on He is ranked as the 73rd WR by One of you might be a fanatic Wisconsin fan, but both of you? Reply - I totally understand that you might like his film, but again if I loved a player that was valued that low, why wouldn't I pick someone else, and then make the pick in the 5th where he 99.99% surely still will be left. That way the Ravens fill two gaps. @lopez how is he what they need, why wouldn't they just sign Yamon Figurs and not waste a first rounder. This makes the Mallet pick look highly Intelligent. Answer hidden due to its low rating thank you trolls. I almost feel honered as 100%steel said that trolls were giving all good users 5 thumbs down.

You're the Saints, who do you pick with the 24th pick in the draft?

Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois Kings of clubs and me agree ones again, great physical talent, the best player left on the board, great personality. This is the second biggest no brainer so far, next to Jone to Rams. Bradford to Jones will be the new Manning to Harrison. Other thoughts Mallet was a horrible pick, hopefully the people who voted for that pick have been carried away to the insane asylum by now. I don't agree with Phil Taylor either, his attitude towards football reminds me a lot about Jamarcus Russell. Amukamara scored highly on his wonderlic test, with his rough upbringing this could make his stock rise as he should be less susceptible for falling in the same traps as Michael Vick did in his early career. He is rising on my board. Not sure if I would pass on him if I picked for Arizona. Peterson scored low, and the gap is closing between the two top corners. Some more regularity in the post times would also be nice. If possible you could post the time of the next question in the BA reply. that way everybody who has stared the question will receive the information.

You're the Lions, who do you pick with the 13th pick in the draft?

Tyron Smith, OT, USC Everybody but two of my second tier players have been taken, so the options for the Lions is to either take Smith or Julio Jones. Jones should be the better player, but I will go with Smith because if they do not address Matt Stafford's blindside this off season I'm not sure he'll play more then a few games this year. @sorry Charlie (well fitting name) I'm sorry to tell you that there is no way the Lions will get Peterson or Amukamara without moving in to the top ten, Peterson will not slip out of the top ten, and even if nobody in the top ten picked up Amukamara the Texans at 11 would do so as they have a huge need there. You do know that Detroit picks after 12 other teams and you can't just select whoever you want right? @sorry Charlie - the Texans have their biggest ned at CB, and Dallas, San Francisco, Cleveland, Washington, Arizona, Minnesota, Buffalo, Denver and Carolina all have bigger or smaller needs there too, besides you can't draft mainly after need you need to take the best player available, otherwise the Giants should go punter in round 1 which obviously won't happen. @go tigers and padres - The only problem is that for the Lions to get Amukamara both him and Peterson has to fall to #11 because the Texans will take either one of them if they are left on the board, and there is no way Peterson will fall this far. Even if this was to happen then Minnesota might take Amukamara, because they also need a CB.

You're the Vikings, who do you pick with the 12th pick in the draft?

Julio Jones, WR, Alabama Best player available

What's your 2011 NFL Mock Draft?

Cam "ICON" Newton = bust

You're the Jets, who do you pick with the 30th pick in the draft?

Temple defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson. He'd be a great fit as an end in their 3-4 scheme, and he's been a steadily rising prospect.

You're the Eagles, who do you pick with the 23rd pick in the draft?

Dang dude, why you wanna call me the Eagles? What did I ever do to you?

Your 2011 NFL Mock Draft?

1. Carolina - A.J. Green WR 2. Denver - Nick Fairley DT 3. Buffalo - Patrick Peterson CB 4. Cincinnati - Da'Quan Bowers 5. Arizona - Blaine Gabbert QB 6. Cleveland - Marcell Dareus DT 7. San Francisco - Prince Amukamara CB 8. Tennessee - Robert Quinn DE 9. Dallas - Trade Down. CB and SS/FS are their needs, not much value for either here. 10. Washington - Cam Newton QB 11. Houston - Aldon Smith OLB/DE 12. Minnesota - Jake Locker QB 13. Detroit - Brandon Harris CB 14. Miami - Mark Ingram RB 15. St. Louis - Julio Jones WR 16. Jacksonville - Ryan Kerrigan DE/OLB 17. New England(from OAK) - Gabe Carimi OT 18. San Diego - JJ Watt DE/OLB 19. New York Giants - Nate Solder OT 20. Tampa Bay - Adrian Claybourn DE 21. Kansas City - Von Miller OLB 22. Indiannapolis - Derrek Sherod OT 23. Philadelphia - Anthony Castonzo OT 24. New Orleans - Cameron Heyward DE 25. Seattle - Cory Liuget DT 26. Baltimore - Cameron Jordan DE 27. Atlanta - Jonathan Baldwin WR 28. New England - Allen Bailey DE/OLB 29. New York Jets - Akeem Ayers OLB 30. Chicago Bears - Stephen Paea DT 31. Pittsburgh - Mike Pouncey C/G 32. Green Bay - Justin Houston OLB

Whats your opinion on how the football sections mock draft turned out?

i dissagree with all but 2 picks thats pretty bad and who did u ask?

You're the Seahawks, who do you pick with the 25th pick in the draft?

Washington QB Jake Locker. Even if Matt Hasselbeck comes back, they need to groom a QB of the future. And he went to a local college, so there will be fan support. Coach Pete Carroll certainly knows Locker well, he led an upset over Carroll's USC Trojans a couple years ago.

You're the Colts, who do you select with the 22nd pick in the draft?

This is an easy one, the Colts struggled keeping Payton Manning on his feet last season and was probably the reason they didn't make it past the Wild Card Round in the playoffs. The Jets reeked havoc on Payton and held them to a low score. The Indianapolis Colts will select Anthony Castanzo; OT; Boston College. Has gone up against the best of the best in Robert Quinn, Da'Quan Bowers, and Allen Bailey. He is someone who will anchor your line for the next 10 years and for the rest of Payton's career. He compares to Sam Baker, the All-Pro OT for the Atlanta Falcons. You could make a case for Nate Solder but he is undersized, injury prone, and not strong enough to be elite at the next level.

You're the Redskins, who do you pick with the tenth pick in the draft?

i think the smart thing to do (which means they probably wont) will be cam newton if he is available. the skins defense isnt that bad at all. their offense isnt too great. they have aging wide outs and an awful o line. i think a younger mcnabb who could run a lot faster would be a star there. cam is a great scrambler which will be essential in the early stages. and hes tough too. and until they get better receivers to help out cooley, he can also work on his accuracy. it wont be essential that he is peyton manning accurate right now because even mcnabb who is one of the all time accurate qbs struggled in dc last year after coming off of one of his highest comp% in a season of his career. and torrain who is also really young and looks promising with the run game which means that they dont have to be as pass happy as the packers. if not cam newton, tyron smith if the cowboys draft prince or any wide receiver left because this year is loaded with them.

How good is this Mock Draft?

I like it. Prince Amukamara and Bruce Carter are two really good players that will really help us out.

You're the Steelers, who do you pick with the 31st pick in the draft?

I think that the Steelers will be considering two people at that point; Brandon Harrison, CB, Miami and Rodney Hudson, OG/C, Florida State. I believe at that point those two players are the best at their respective positions available. After that I think it just comes down to whichever position the Steelers feel as if they need more. I think that the Steelers need a CB more than they need an OG/C. The Steelers don't have much success against teams with spread offenses and elite QB's, such as the Packers, Patriots, Colts, and Saints. If the Steelers want to win the Super Bowl they'll have to beat at least one, if not more, of those teams on the way. The only way for the Steelers to do that is for them is to get a CB to replace McFadden at their number two spot so that he can move to number three and Ike Taylor can move to number four.

1st Round 2011 NFL Mock Draft?

My Vikes are getting a QB, Cam Newton won't go that high, and Quinn won't go that low. Other than that, it looks pretty good.

What do you guys think of my mock draft?

The Bills have said they're picking a QB 1st round? You have a link for that.

Hows this mock draft 3.0?

Arizona will draft Gabbert if he is on the Board. As for them needing every position thats not true. They have a good WR corp lead by larry Fitzgerald. The D is solid. The only thing that changed from them being in the SB and drafting 5th was Kurt Warner. Seattle also wont reach for Jake Locker with their 1st pick.

Woah, is Manning that valuable?


Who is your favorite player poll?

My favorite pole is the dancing pole down at Wild Wild Chest.

Where do you see these players going in the draft?

i see them going to the NFL.

Would you be honored if this happened to you? +BQ?

That's cool. So how many times did he boo you after you missed some saves? BQ: SUUUUUUUUUUH! He's gonna shock the world!

Can you help me with ideas for a fan sign?

A lot of JJs work is about harmony, nature, and inspiration. If you look at her web site, she has T-shirts with a picture of a hand releasing a "funny looking" dove. Make a poster of a hand releasing a dove (do not exactly copy her "funny looking" dove because that would be copyright infringement). Use the caption, "Harmony and Inspiration through Nature." or you can use the caption, "Renaissance Woman." Color the dove with the colors of the rainbow. Either above or below that, write her name. Good luck

What do you think of my Cowboy's mock draft?

I think that's a good analysis of what they need. I see it going this way: Rd. 1- CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska Rd. 2- G Danny Watkins, Baylor Rd. 3- S Quinton Carter, Oklahoma Rd. 4- G/T Ben Ijalana, Villanova Rd. 5- T Zach Hurd, Connecticut Rd. 6- DE/DT Ian Williams, Notre Dame Rd. 7- CB Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio State Rd. 7b- RB Evan Royster, Penn State

Who do you want your team to draft?

Browns. Julio Jones of Bama. RT

What are the chances of CB Nmandi Asomugha being in Black and Yellow next season?

Considering the Steelers don't really like paying a lot of money for free agents, I doubt that will happen. If you look at their team, most of their players have come through draft picks or players that other teams gave up on. I can't see them paying 17 million dollars for 1 player because simply that is not the style of the Rooney Family

Did you think that the refs did a terrible job in the texans vs colts Thursday night football?

The Texans got some BS penalties too though. It did seem a little slanted though. But thats how the cookie crumbles.

Whats jj watts draft value at rite now?

He's definitely a first round talent but this a pretty stacked class for 3-4 defensive ends/4-3 under tackles with guys like Nick Fairley, Marcel Dareus (more of a 4-3 UT), Cam Heyward and Cam Jordan (more of a 3-4 DE/4-3 left end) getting a ton a love and attention, so it wouldn't be impossible for him to drop towards the second, especially if there's a mad dash to snag for the few QBs or something.

NFL: JJ Watt or Clay Matthews?

do you think there's any chance the Broncos stay in a 3-4 defense and draft JJ Watt?

Watt won't go that high. If they don't want Bowers, they'll take Marcel Dareus or Patrick Peterson.

JJ Watt 5th grade jersey number?


Who is a better pass rusher, Jared Allen or JJ Watt?

What are some good stat in madden 11 for DE JJ Watt?

Tendency-Pass Rushing Overall-79 Strength-87 Agility-74 Speed-73 Acceleration-77 Awareness-67 Tackling-82 Power Moves-80 Finesse Moves-72 Block Shedding-85 Pursuit-75 Play Recognition-72

Should JJ Watt of the Houston Texans win Defensive Rookie of the Year?

hes been great but I would go 1. Von Miller of the Denver broncos 2. Aldon Smith of the San fran 49ers 3. JJ Watt of the Houston texans

Should the Cowboys take JJ Watt?

Bad Idea, I like Cam Jordan way better at the 3-4 DE than J.J. Watt, I got Amukamara over Jordan over Smith over Watt on my Cowboys board. Watt was the favorite for the Cowboys pick some weeks ago, he has fallen a bit lately, as Jordan has risen. BQ: Both of them might be gone, but assuming that they are both there I would take Amukamara, he is just too good to pass up. If the Cowboys don't take Amukamara the Redskins, Texans or Vikings will, there is no way he will be there at 13.

So how good is jj watt really? Will he break Michael Strahans record?

Should the Cowboys pick Tyron Smith or JJ Watt? Tiebreaker question, answer within 10 minutes?

I am cowboys fan too!!! go cowboys. But i definitely think Tyron Smith

How good do you think JJ Watt will do this year?

I actually agree. I think he will get ROTY and help out that poor defense a lot. He will help the Texans to win the division.