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Which of these books should I read for a book report? Which ones are the best?

These are the best out of the list - and I've read about 80% of them. The chosen - or anything else by Chaim Potok Color purple - good, but you probably already know the story from the movie The bluest eye - excellent - excellent excellent Siddhartha - one of my all time faves - read it about 10 times The Yellow Wallpaper - wierd but good (you either love it or hate it. I hated the life of pi - at least the second part, some of the classics you have listed can be boring, so make sure you are committed to finishing them, or read them when you are older (I read war and peace as a teen, then again recently - so much better as an adult!) edit - of course Anne Frank tops most people's lists and if you haven't read it should read it some day.

What should should the Raiders do this offseason?

Well first off all let me say it's great to see another Raider fan on this place, not too many fans left. I think we should keep Cable as the coach, he is the only coach I can remember that actually had the team publicly supporting him. He has shown signs of improvement and is making the right choice by not starting Russell and going with Gradkowski/Frye instead. Russell is a bust through and through and needs to be released. With players that need to be resigned, our top priorities should be to resign Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard, than we need to get Gradkowski back. As for the draft going with Trent Williams would be a grave mistake. He is an inconsistent RT who cannot play on the left side and doesn't even fit into our zone-blocking scheme, he doesn't have the finesse. A better pick would be Bruce Campbell, a great LT who has a great chance of getting drafted in the top 10. If he cracks a 4.90 at the combine, you can pretty much pencil him in as a Raider. The good thing is, Campbell is actually a GOOD player, unlike Heyward-Bey. Than in the second round, it is very likely that we can acquire Carlos Dunlap. After the DUI he had he's almost a lock to fall out of the first round and into our hands. If he can kick his laziness he will be a great addition to our run defense. I don't think resigning Seymour will be good, he's an aging veteran who will ask for way more than he's worth. I say let Trevor Scott get the RE job instead, he was great as a rookie but had to sit behind Seymour this season. I think our coordinators are going to stay since nobody else is willing to come to the Raiders. All we need to fix is our simple defense and get more play-action in our offense to suit Gradkowski's talents. Here is how our team should look in order. QB: Gradkowski/Frye/A pigeon/Russell RB: Bush/Fargas/McFadden WR: Schilens/Murphy/Higgins TE: Miller LT: Campbell LG: Gallery C: Satele RG: Carlisle RT: Barnes RE: Trevor Scott LE: Greg Ellis DT: Tommy Kelly NT: Marvin Austin (Draft) SLB: Someone who is not a Raider MLB: Kirk Morrison WLB: Thomas Howard CB: Nnamdi Asomugha, Chris Johnson FS: Michael Huff SS: Michael Mitchell With this we might have 8 or 9 wins

Do you like my poem? What do you think it means? Its Act 1?

i like it but i dont like the word usage

If The Comforter Jesus spoke about is the Holy spirit, does that make mohammed a false prophet?

Absolutely. Muhammad is a fake. Jesus said the Comforter will glorify Him, muhammad on the other hand repeatedly told people than Jesus was no more than a prophet. Jesus also said the Conforter will bring to our rememberance all the things He had taught us. Here are some of the things that He taught: 1. He (Jesus) had to die for the sins of many, rise from the dead and ascend again to heaven Muhammad taught that Jesus never died, and that everyone must bear their own sins- (he contradicted rather than remind us of the teaching of Christ) 2. A man should have one woman and that they should not even lust Muhammad taught that men can marry up to four wives and if they lust after their slaves, they can have them for as long as they want them provided that they pay them what is due to them for sleeping with them 3. Jesus said that God is His Father and that we too can call Him Father Muhammad said that his god has no son or any children at that Jesus said the Comforter was with us that time and that when He comes again, He will be IN us and would be with us FOREVER. Muhammad never existed before his birth and he died before i was even born so he never conforted me or even remind me of the Lord's teachings The list is endless and YES muhammad is a FAKE

College Football Hall of Fame Requirements ... Are They Kidding! ...?

I've never put too much stock into Halls of Fame because the voters tend to be extremely fickle and biased. The NFL HoF is severely lacking in Cowboy representation considering their immense popularity and contribution to the sport. Alabama has been slighted a lot by the voters, too. Only 17 members all time. Notre Dame has 42 and Michigan has 29, in contrast. It's just Northern voters refusing to vote for Southern Teams or players. As a matter of fact, in the top 20 schools for most inductees, only two teams from the South are represented and that's Bama and Tennessee. Conversely, teams like Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Navy and Penn are on the list. Apparently, it was a lot easier to get in back in the day as these teams haven't mattered in decades. I just don't put a lot of stock in them because they are subject to human error or intentional slights.

So do people who bring up the "Martyr Argument" believe that Charles Manson was the Messiah?

Since Charlie is still alive,and, to the best of my knowledge, appears to be incapable of self-sacrifice. I don't see how he could be called a martyr.The same holds true of the others, in that they showed no ability to value others more than themselves. Kuma

Below is a list of people who convinced their followers they were more than human?

Elvis fosho

An old Clint Eastwood western, High Plains Drifter...?

It was the ghost of Jim Duncan (not Dungan). The townspeople buried Jim Duncan in an unmarked grave, according to Sarah Belding. Also, according to Sarah Belding, "the dead don't rest without something to mark their grave." And, if the stranger *was* Jim Duncan, why did nobody recognize him? He wouldn't have changed *that* much. And, if the stranger *was* Jim Duncan, what reason would he have for not revealing himself to the townspeople at the end of the movie? There would really be no reason for him to keep up the deception. In fact, it would be better revenge to reveal himself, if he really was Jim Duncan. And, he didn't just "fade away" at the end of the movie. If you watch closely, he actually blinks out instead of fading away. Just like (if you watch closely) he blinks in at the beginning of the movie. .

RIP 'Jim Marshall' ?

I don't think the folks in Nashville will ever forget this one. http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/artwork_images_113308_150355_Jim-Marshall.jpg What a cool job he had. RIP