How can I be known a Pussycat Doll in a Catholic school In Junior High?

is jessica sutta not in pussycat dolls anymore?

It seems she's still part of the group but wanting a solo career.

what happened to jessica sutta? PCD?

They all look thinner. They have that Bally Total Fitness contract to promote. She is certainly more attractive than Carmit in my opinion and I really like her with the red hair and bangs.

Why did Jessica Sutta leave PCD?

Because she was tired of being a glorified backup dancer.And being in the shadow of Nicole all the time.Jessica even said Nicole got to control how much camera time each of the dolls got in Videos. Here is some interview she did after leaving: (E News) (Abc News) (MTV) (Radar) She is working on a solo album yes. You can also follow her on twitter if you want

how much does jessica sutta weigh?

She weighs eight stone.

Does anyone have "If I Was A Man" song by Jessica Sutta from The Pussycat Dolls on their myspace profile?


Is it Jessica Sutta singing?


Jessica Sutta posters?

online, from magazines and etc ( PCD's online shop) its just of PCD not just Jessica) Just posters of Jessica are hard to find cuz they are either of just PCD as a whole or mostly Nicole. But i would suggest trying magazines or ebay,amazon or PCD's onine shop i gave you

Jessica Sutta from Pussycat Dolls height and weight?


How to dress like Jessica Sutta?

She doesn't usually dress up, she usually wears VERY VERY VERY tight tanktops, usually bright colours, like fluro blues and fluro pinks, with VERY VERY VERY tight jeans.