How did Jeff Beck get so many weird sounds out of his guitar?

He doesn´t use a pick. Just his thumb and index (sometimes middle) fingers. He applies excessive use of the whammy by lifting and pushing down on it while tapping on the strings with his bare fingers and plucking the strings not in the body of the guitar, but on the neck and simultaneously finger muting after a half a second the string was plucked. Not to mention all this is done in odd timing, high improv skills and amazing visionary point of view of the technicality of guitar playing.

Why was Jeff Beck Group's first album overlooked?

As a big fan of Ron Wood, Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck, I can only say it was kinda before the time--if ya know what I mean. And possibly also, 'cause it was alot of covers. GREAT album, IMO ♥♥♥

Whats the best Jeff Beck Guitar song?

led boots

How much is the Jeff Beck LP Record "Then And Now" worth today?

You've actually got a little something there. In mint condition, it retails for around $25-$50. This site has two for sale at $50 each.,%20Jeff $27.65 here:,jeff&title=jeff+becK=with+the+jan+hammer+group+live $25 here No scratches, I hope. If you sell it at a record store, they'll only give you $10-$15 for it. But you might fetch more if you sell it yourself. Or just keep it a while longer.

Does anyone know where i can find high quality footage of jeff beck and john mayer @ el rey?

Try ebay or you tube. Peace.

When will the new Jeff Beck DVD come out?

I bought my first Jeff Beck album in 1968. How old is this guy?

What band featuring Jeff Beck do you like the most?

The first Jeff Beck Group had a raw Rod Stewart on vocals. 'nuff said.

Why Jeff Beck is less popular than Clapton?

Clapton sings and made more radio friendly songs during the 70's. Beck is better on guitar but he didn't write any hits.

Why does everyone think Jeff Beck is so good?

I think Beck brought a jazz-like sense to rock and roll, which was unusual at the time. And, honestly, who's good is always a matter of personal taste. I'd rather have a tooth extracted than listen to Jimi Hendrix, but to some people he's the greatest guitarist ever.

Would seeing Jeff Beck in concert be a good one to see?

you are in for a good show a nd even at age 63, beck can still jam on the hard blues