Where does Jason Heyward rank among the most overrated players?

He's overrated. I don't care what anyone says. This "J-Hey Kid" crap has rubbed me the wrong way. To start, He's a gigantic PUSSY! If minor injuries are going to keep him out for weeks at a time, and he's only going to hit .260 (.230 this year) with below average power, it isn't good enough. Especially when the media basically anointed him last season. Mike Stanton is 10X the player Heyward is. Same age. Clearly better.
And Olive should look at Mike Stantons stats from last year if he/she is so amazed by Heywards power numbers. He was also 20 (He's younger than Heyward) and he put up better numbers (given the # of games he played). He may not have had the RBI total, but he was close. He had more HR's and this in over 40 less games. Stanton is the real deal. Heyward is overrated.
EDIT: LOL!!! I actually never read the "added details" of a question like this. I just see the question "how overrated is Heyward" and I go at it. I didn't even see you mentioned Mike Stanton.
But BQ: Clearly Mike Stanton. It's not even close. Mike Stanton is going to be a 40 HR a year guy. He is SOOOO underrated. Last year you heard about Posey, you heard about Ike Davis, you heard about Jason Heyward, but never heard a thing about Stanton because he plays in Florida. He is so good. I can't wait to see the Marlins this year in person, word is that Stanton puts on an absolute show in batting practice.
The only bad thing I've seen from Stanton (and I watch a lot of Marlins games) is that he has trouble laying off of breaking pitches, and he can't hit them. It's one thing that worries me about him. Hopefully he can learn to take those.

Isn't Jason Heyward the most overrated rookie in recent years?

Jason Heyward is somewhat overhyped, and I can't see him winning ROY.
In April, Heyward hit .240 with 6 HR. In May, he hit .337 with 4 HR, and in June he's hitting .205 with 1 HR... which means he's hitting just .264 on the season.
If Strasburg reaches 10 Wins, which I have no doubt he will, he will easily win ROY.

Should I drop Jason Heyward?

Drop Revere for Werth. Werth is a better player even if Revere was healthy. Only possible exception if you are absolutely desperate in SB.
Heyward has had a tough year, but way too much potential to drop. He'd be claimed immediately. The drop would be laughed at.

What the heck should i do with Matt Kemp and Jason Heyward?

Dump Heyward and hold Kemp. I think Kemp has hamstring issues still, give him at least until July to get better or dump him. Someone will find a spot on their bench for Kemp, you will not get him back.
Heyward is okay, but not a high average guy, and will not ever push 40 HR 40 SB potential that Kemp has. Even if Kemp only is 100% for 1 month, it is worth the bench spot.
I would surely start Pence and Cuddyer.

Should I drop Jason Heyward?

Don't just release a player like Heyward, try using the trading block. See what people will offer you, You will be surprised how many people would want Heyward on their team.

Projections for Jason Heyward?

well, he has huge upside in his incredible power. He hits such far homeruns that bobby cox (head coach) had to build a huge net in right field of the brave's stadium to stop Heyward's monster homerun balls from damaging cars.
He is projected to have huge power numbers in the future, and nobody is sure how he will do as a rookie. I think he won't be that great this year. Just average. But who knows? he could hit 40 homers. hope this helps

A question on Jason Heyward?

I think that Jason Heyward will have an amazing career. As far as your investment I think that it is money well spent you wont have to worry about it. He's playing for a good organization that is starting to pull it together and might have a shot at the NL East this year. Jason Heyward is going to be a superstar within the next 3 years.

Billy butler for jason heyward?

The upside on Heyward is huge...if he returns to his rookie form you get a stud. BUT if he cant return to form then Butler is rock steady...you know what you are getting. Solid BA (.300), a chance to drive in 80-90 runs, a steady fantasy performer minus big power. So the question is are you a guy who plays it safe or are you willing to gamble on a big return? Personally I take the chance on Heyward because a .275, 30 HR, 95 RBI, 90 runs and possibly 15 SB. If he goes above projections (possible if other Atlanta hitters rebound too) you could be looking at a top 25 fantasy stud......Butler cant offer than potential.

Jason heyward or Chris young?

i say no and im gonna tell you why. young is ready NOW. yaeh heyward has hit like 2 homeruns BUT i think we are failing to see the strikeouts and little plate disipline. you wont get far with out that. young brings speed to the table also. the kids hitting a higher average than heyward, i believe moe homeruns, and hes gonna steal more bases. now im not gonna say heyward wont be great. trust me he will. but this year chris young will be the better player this year. also for the person 2 abswers above me. heyward is hitting for one of the quiter offenses in the league. not much protection and a LOT of pressure. Young has penty of protection and the D-Backs prob be the best offense in the league. Reynolds, Upton, Montero, LaRoche, Drew, Jackson. young is so surrounded he cant possibly have a bad year.

Buster Posey Vs Jason Heyward?

Both are great, young players & will be great players for years to come. But, I would have to say Heyward has a better all-around game over Posey.
Although Heyward might be overhyped a bit, he still makes a big impact for the Braves, when healthy. He's a legit real five tool player. Very patient at the plate. Great bat speed. Tremendous power. His defense is just as good.
Yes, Heyward has struggled, at times, this season, as any player will do through the course of a long season, even more so rookies. The great players always find ways to make adjustments, & break out of their slumps. I see Heyward doing just that, when reactivated from the DL.
Buster Posey is a great, young player in his own right. He doesn't have great power, but can hit very well, using the whole field. He can go opposite way when he wants to, or drive the ball right up the middle. And even though he isn't known for his power, he still can display some of that power he has, as he has been as of late. He's a versatile player. Very good defensive catcher, with a great arm. Smart player. Even has decent speed for a catcher. And has the potential to become a great leader for his team.
The Giants have themselves a gem with Buster Posey & is a franchise catcher any team would want. As a Giants fan, I'm very fortunate he's on the team & has continued to contribute to the offense ever since he's been called up from Triple A.