are they really muslim?? ( list includes AKON)?

Seems plausible. Can't think of a reason to think the list fake. Not sure of it's relevance though. What if they are, what if they aren't? I'm pretty certain Akon and a bunch of others on the list are though. Not sure about Eve and others.

Who are the five best young fielders in world cricket today?

Just a note that Darren Maddy is older than VVS Laxman. My list: 1. Angelo Mathews (Sri Lanka). His acrobatic diving catch in the world Twenty20 when the ball was going for 6, shows that Mathews has brains and athleticism which is the key to being a great fielder. 2. Eoin Morgan (England). Stands at point or backward point when Collingwood isn't there, and is agile and athletic young man. 3. Suresh Raina (India). Another athletic fielder in the circle. India was ridiculed for having poor and slow fielders 10 years ago, now with Yuvraj and Raina the future looks good. 4. Joe Denly. (England). Best outfielder I have seen in cricket. He's quick around the field, has a quick arm and is not scared to produce diving stops. 5. David Warner (Australia). Quick across the ground and has a great pair of hands.

Cricket: BPL or PPL? What is it?

BPL .....BAngladesh premier league

Pakistan drop ICL players from World Twenty20 list?

It's a sensible if spineless and decision. The first Question is Why did they pick them in the 1st place?. Did they forget these players turned there back on Cricket for money? Did they forget that the BCCI and the ICC would strongly be against the inclusion of these players? The second Question is Why did the PCB take the players out? What was the point in picking them in the 1st place? If the PCB felt strongly enough to pick them in the original squad then they should stand with there decision instead of quickly abandoning it. Yes Pakistan can't afford to make more enemies and dropping the players saves them from that! And the ICL players don't deserve to play! they turned there back on Cricket for money!

Could you please explain why Imran Nazir is not playing as a opener batsman for Pakistan currently 2008?

Because he has joined ICL. It's unfair though, but rules are rules.

Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Series?

They will come through coz all are great Pakistanis~

Nasir Jamshed and Ahmad Shahzad should be in team Pakistan, Do you agree?

In first two matches of Barisal Burners in BPL Ahmed Shehzad made a half century but today he is gone for duck. Nasir Jamshed is playing well. Yesterday he made 86 for Chittagong Kings. They should be tested in Pakistan cricket team. They both are better than Asad Shafiq. So they should be in.

Pakistani opening batsman Nasir Jamshed, caught cheating in exam. What do you think of this?

He should learn the tactics that how to cheat.Joking. The problem is that he is a national figure now & this issue has been raised by Media more than wt it needed.It display the . So Poor Jamshed victim of his own work, Edit- Question for you genius.;_ylt=AnJBZCcjSEpl7QfxSys.4FiQHQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20100406020558AASGFyS

Nasir Jamshed proves Salman Butt & Captn Malik his batting skills is way better than Salman Butt 2008?

Yes the Punjaabi is doing good. Rehman (Multaan)--Saraiki You can buy Multani Halwa at the store --- try some-- It has a lot of ghee. I'll be back later

Are Nasir Jamshed and Salman Butt Best Openers?

Sachin and Viru r the best opening partnership of all time(look on their average)

Nasir Jamshed makes impressive debut in one day for pakistan. would he turn out to be solid batsman?

yes ,..he will be so~