How high of an order-ranking would you give Fear of the Dark, relative to Iron Maiden albums overall?

1. Killers 2. Self-Titled 3. Powerslave 4. Number Of The Beast 5. Seventh Son 6. Piece Of Mind 7. Somewhere In TIme 8. FEAR OF THE DARK

What is wrong with this Iron Maiden bar stool seat spinner?

1. Go back to the store an see if it is broken- You could call first and ask. 2. Go to a hardware store and see if they have anything in hardware to fix it. 2. Google the stool and get a description of it.

What is the meaning of iron maiden's "dream of mirrors"?

I was thinking that the other day! haha weird.I hope someone else comments who may actually be helpful to you haha! Tune anyway!! Up the irons :D \m/

When is Iron Maiden having their next tour?

Try google you lazy prick....

More people are starting to like Iron Maiden?

There's been a rather large revival of oldschool metal in general lately, as evidenced by all these new thrash and glam metal bands popping up who sound almost exactly like the '80s bands. While they aren't entering the mainstream like they did in the '80s, a lot of other metal is, especially metalcore and deathcore, which gets kids into metal more and encourages many of them to listen to the classic stuff too. So, I would say there are definitely a lot more people listening to Iron Maiden now than several years ago. The fact that they, along with all the other old bands, are all starting to release really good, oldschool-style material again now probably really helps get more young people into them who never would have bothered listening to their older stuff.

Would $105 for an Iron Maiden concert from the balcony seat be worth it?

i wouldnt pay 1 dollar to see maiden but then again im not a fan but if you are and have that kind of cash to blow then go for it dont buy from a scalper buy from a reputable dealer

In wich countries will iron maiden go in their new tour?

This will really help you i saw them on this tour, great shows! i hope you are able to go! good luck!

I need help with finding some pictures of the iron maiden from waaaay back when,?


what is the general publics opinion of Iron Maiden?

i like them overall, but the vocals really stand out (in a good way) they are unique and unforgettable

What is the proper attire for an Iron Maiden concert?

Is Iron Maiden coming to Canada for there 2009 tour? and if so where are they going in Canada?

no, they wont be, Sorry

Which Iron Maiden albums should I get, and which of their songs are the best?

The best introduction to classic Iron Maiden is the album Somewhere Back In Time, which is a compilation of most of the best songs of their heyday in the 80s. It includes most of the stuff from their 3 best known albums: the Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, and Powerslave. However, Maiden has come up with a very new sound since reuniting with longtime vocalist Bruce Dickinson in 1999, so you ought to try Dance of Death, which is the best of these newer albums. If you can't for whatever reason get those albums, try listening to any of these singles: Run to the Hills (widely considered their signature song) The Number of the Beast Children of the Damned Rime of the Ancient Mariner (their longest song) Phantom of the Opera (one of my personal favourites) Powerslave Wasted Years 2 Minutes to Midnight Aces Fear of the Dark Wasted Love The Iron Maiden (their closing number) Blood Brothers Rainmaker Montsegur Paschendale Journeyman (a wonderful acoustic epic) The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg These Colours Don't Run El Dorado (from the new album) Isle of Avalon (also from the new album) And BTW, do NOT check out anything from The X Factor or Virtual XI. These were their two worst albums, made with an uncharismatic vocalist and best forgotten.

Is it a bad idea to wear a sublime t-shirt to an iron maiden concert?

you will be the cooler over there

Why did Iron Maiden write Run to the Hills, what was their inspiration?

their inspiration is how the original patriotic govt. screwed the native Americans over by stealing their land and bringing with them disease and famine

Iron maiden ????

Its Into The Black Hole-AYREON [Bruce Dickinson, Lana Lane] [A. THE EYE OF THE UNIVERSE] A dark sphere surrounds us Surreal...oblivious... In the centre of the galaxy A hidden force has found us Powerful...mysterious... At the boundary of eternity Nothing escapes, not even light Beyond the mystical horizon We surrender to its might Gazing into the eye of the universe A deep roar is sounding Deafening...thunderous... As if the universe were crying My heart is pounding Frantic...delirious... My every nerve is dying [B. HALO OF DARKNESS] I hear screams of fallen souls, sad cries of agony Within the void of this evil hole, deep inside the black Could it be my imagination, the mirror of my fantasy? A fear-induced hallucination Or is there no way back from the halo of darkness? Spirits - apparitions - misery - suffering Horrid dreams and dire visions rising up from the black Look away in disbelief, this cannot be happening The end has come, I bow in grief There is no way back from the halo of darkness [C. THE FINAL DOOR] Now silence devours us Massive...suffocating... The calm before the storm Gravity overpowers us Invincible...dominating... And leads us through the final door Feed me light, I'm the halo of darkness Feel my might, I'm the eye of the universe

When is the next Iron Maiden Concert in Florida?

That was their last show of the tour. No more dates until next tour. You actually missed the only US show; sorry man. Devlin B.

Who are the actual members of Iron Maiden?

Bruce Dickinson Steve Harris Dave Murray Janick Gers Adrian Smith Nicko McBrain

Where can i get iron maiden vans?

You can find Iron Maiden Vans on eBay at

Will Iron Maiden: Flight 666 only be in the cinemas for one day?

USA 21 April 2009 Following the rule that scarcity creates demand, Flight 666 will only be available in cinemas for ONE DAY ONLY!!! rumor is that it will be available In Holland, on rental DVD on the 21 October, 2009. perhaps it will make the US b4 12/09 on Blu ray as well

What is the code for Iron Maiden tickets?

you can still become a fan club member. Tickets dont even go on presale till the 17th. Its about 15 bucks to become an online fan club member. Other cool perks too.

How much should i sell my iron maiden record collection for?

these are record not CD's try Ebay Craigslist or other venues but do have them check out 1st since some record cam sell for 100 even 1000 of dollar

What did Iron Maiden do in Johor for the Final tour in 2010?

They played the album Powerslave in it entirety from beginning to end. It was not canceled.

Your favorite dream theater and iron maiden songs and albums?

Dream Theater: Images and Words Iron Maiden: Killers

Who speaks the words at the beginning of Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast?

Barry Clayton. Iron Maiden wanted Vincent Price to do it, but he wanted too much cash.

What are the Best Iron Maiden Albums?

Seriously, not to sound cliche, but "The Number of The Beast" rips it up. It seems to be the one Maiden record that everyone knows because it's so iconic, but it shreds. one word: Invaders! "Somewhere In Time" is pretty righteous too.

How many people got Iron Maiden: Flight 666 today?

I watched it on VH1 classic on saturday! Or wait...maybe it was sunday....well anyway i really liked it! It was awesome!

What, in your opinion, is the best Iron Maiden and Metallica album?

for metallica, metallica metallica and don listen to iron maiden

Where can I find an iron maiden cd collection?

There is a thing on amazon called Eddie's Head(contains all 15 CD's), but the price tag is insane($1,000+) You would probably be better off buying all 15 CD's individually.

Is disturbed comparing themself to iron maiden accurate?

Just as about as accurate as Harold Camping's May 21 2011 doomsday theory

How good is an Iron Maiden concert?

I saw them live in the summer of 2010 and they were excellent! They sounded great and put on an awesome show, I was quite impressed that they put on the performance they did even in their old ages. You should definitely go see them in concert. Even if you end up not liking their performance, you should still go just so you'll be able to say you saw Iron Maiden live.

Does anybody know where to get Iron Maiden Shirts at besides ebay?

Hot Topic.

who do you think is better Iron maiden or Metallica?

If there was no maiden there would be no metallica. UP THE IRONS!!

What are some of the best songs by iron maiden?

Some of my favorite older songs are: - Aces High - Alexander the Great - Fear of the Dark - Flight of Icarus - Mother Russia - Phantom of the Opera - Powerslave - Wrathchild Some of my favorite newer songs are: - Dance of Death - For the Greater Good of God - Journeyman - Out of the Silent Planet - Sign of the Cross (Live) - The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

What horror movie (or TV show episode) had a priest torturing a mother and her son in an iron maiden?

The movie is Sleepy Hollow.

Why does my dog keep singing with Iron Maiden?

There may be a tone or key in the music that he's reacting to, just like when dogs howl at the sound of fire trucks.

Can you give me some good iron maiden songs?

These r my favs: Fear of the Dark Run To The Hills 666 The Number Of The Beast The Trooper Aces High Wildest Dreams Can I Play With Madness The Reincarnation of B. Breeg Hallowed Be Thy Name Flight of Icarus 2 Minutes to Midnight Children of the Damned Prisoner Phantom of the Opera

How do I sing like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden?

If you want to sing like Bruce, then you'll (probably) need to extend your existing vocal range. The best way to do that is to just practice singing higher than what you already sing; above your comfort zone. If your voice cracks and breaks and you sound ridiculous, then you're doing it right (but if it hurts then stop and take a breather or go down to a lower pitch). No matter what anybody tells you, if your voice starts to hurt then you should stop. I've been involved with bands that use growl vocals and screams for years, and if I can do those without my voice hurting, then I'm sure that Bruce can execute his style similarly. One last piece of advice. Deep breathing - very deep breathing - will make any kind of singing (though especially high singing) alot easier. If you look at any videos of Bruce Dickinson performing live he always has his chest thrust out in front of him; that's because it's full of air. Don't get frustrated if you can't raise your vocal range in a few weeks. It takes months and even years for some people to push their notes higher. Just try and have fun with it and sing along to some good music. I'd recommend Nevermore as a good starting place for a baritone (as their singer is also a baritone, and just happens to sing quite high in this particular band) and possibly Coheed & Cambria when you can put up with vocals a little higher than that.

How much is an Iron Maiden "Killers" vinyl worth with a misprint?

Just because it has a misprint, doesn't mean that it's worth any more than market value, my guess is that when they printed the labels, they printed thousands of them with the double side 2 thing, so, i would guess it's worth about fifteen dollars

How do I convince my parents to take me to the Iron Maiden Concert?

Well, probably nothing will sway a parent's opinion if they just make blind statements like that. Some info that might help though- Nicko (the drummer) is a born-again Christian, so it's pretty unlikely that he would play in an "evil" band. Also, I just saw them this past summer and probably a quarter to a third of the audience was comprised of families with children of all ages. If you don't have it, I would recommend getting the "Iron Maiden: The Early Days" DVD and have them watch the documentary with you. That will demonstrate 2 things; the importance to you for them to understand something your interested in, and it will also humanize the band for them. If they do this, there is no way they will think they are evil. If they do, and still say no ask them for specific reasons and hopefully you can talk them out. If they aren't willing to do this one simple thing, then as much as I am against going against a parents wishes- I say just go. Kids are meant to disregard their parents (to an extent) and in this case there is no harm. Good luck!

Can I import iron maiden songs into rockband green day?

Nope, only Green Day Pack 1 and 2 will import to GD:RB. I mean think about it, Green day... it's not their type of music

What do you think metal would be like without Iron Maiden and Judas Priest?

You more or less wouldn't have metal as you know it. The majority of metal bands cite maiden as an influence. UP THE FUCKING IRONS!

what is the easiest iron maiden song to play on guitar?

Number Of he Beast, Flight Of Icaris, The Trooper,

How much is an Iron Maiden Number of the Beast picture vinyl worth?

It all depends who you take it to. It can range from $400-$1200. But I would recommend you wait until one of the members pass away, hopefully not for a while. But if you wait till after then man will you make bank.

What are the easiest iron maiden songs on guitar?

no way the bulk of dance of death is easy but the guitar solo is insane. i'd say iron maiden from the debut album is the easiest.

Iron Maiden is the only band I know of that has three guitarists, but are there any others?

Nearly every southern rock band had three guitarists (e.g., Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet ). The Eagles had three guitarists as well


Hell yeah, I'm a Maiden fan. I had planned on going to Europe this summer for some heavy metal festivals, more specifically to see Maiden again, but, unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to pull it off.

iron maiden?

my favorites are: 2 minutes to midnight the wicker man brighter than a thousand suns the evil that men do aces high the prisoner run for the hills the mercenary where eagles dare to tame a land be quick or be dead childhood's end prowler phantom of the opera hallowed be thy name flight of the icarus caught somewhere in time heaven can wait

Iron MAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!?


Iron Maiden?

I saw them a long time ago in a Hot Topic store. But check em out over the internet and they even have a Eddie megastore so you can buy them from Maiden's official website. Btw, thats a real cool gift for a boyfriend.

IRON MAIDEN!!!!!!!!!?

Up The Irons, indeed!! I can tell you they were the first band I ever saw in concert! Their Powerslave tour, and they were incredible. Saw them again a few years ago at Ozzfest. Flight Of Icarus 2 Minutes To Midnight Number of The Beast Run To The Hills The Trooper Aces High The Number Of The Beast, Powerslave, and Piece of Mind are my favorite albums.