Where did the myth come from that "nothing is made in the USA anymore"?

You need to differentiate between made in the USA nad assembled int he USA.



Isn't the world being a hypocrite considering these facts and statistics?

Chinese killed in civil war in the 20th century 100,000,000. Looking at the negative only can be depressing. With the figures you have posted, the world is killing itself off?More people ALIVE than ever. While there are more killings than ever, there have never been this many people. FEWER people have died in the 20th century as a percentage as opposed to overall numbers? How many died violently in war in the 19th, 18th, or 17th century as a PERCENTAGE of the overall population? Before you can judge those of the 20th century fairly, you must make fair comparisons with ALL the other centuries. Look at the War of the Roses (this long civil war in England decimated the population). make fair statistical comparisons .........even the figures themselves are suspect and cannot be determined sometimes

Where did the myth come from that "nothing is made in the USA anymore"?

capitalism is driven by greed. greed leads to exploitation. multinational corporations want to work people as much as they can while paying them as little as possible

who would in this ww3?

A lot of those countries in side B hate each other just as much as they hate the US and its allies. But for the sake of humoring you and your question (which has been asked about 10,000 times already), it would be Side A - US and NATO because absolutely everything would be in their favor - with India and the US, it would even have the numeric advantage. Problems with your question: - You mention NATO, but some of the countries you already list individually are part of NATO. - Jordan would never ally itself with Israel - Nepal wouldn't get involved - Zimbabwe wouldn't get involved - Ireland against NATO - wouldn't ever happen - None of those radical Islamic countries (like Syria) would ever ally with Argentina or Brazil - Brazil would never fight against the US - Afghanistan (government) is a US Ally, and the insurgents are almost entirely from Iran and Pakistan - the latter of course posing a problem for your theory of Pakistan allying with the US-NATO force. In short, there are way too many things in this scenario that would never happen.

USA, Africa, South America, Europe Vs Asia?

Asia. the only worthwhile people on hte opposing team is america lol and they cant takethem all

Are things getting bad is the tension growing with Arizona and the USA?

after we win, we would send all the illegals to the countries that supported them (it would be hilarious to send about half a million of them to North Korea)


Colombia is an ally of usa

Why are the world's richest countries located in the coldest parts of the world?

Let me talk about the case of Brazil, my country. Southern and northern Brazil have completly different stories. Look to this map http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regions_of_Brazil I'll consider the Northeast region as "northern" and the Southeast region and South region as "souther". The northeast region was the first Brazilian region to be really populated. The main production there was of sugar cane. The production of sugar cane demanded a lot of black slaves. So look to the panorama there: a very small rural elite that owned the slaves, and a lot of slaves living in sub-human conditions. Obviously it reflected in today. The southeast only started to be seriously povoated by 1700 when gold was discovered in the state of Minas Gerais. With the news many Portugueses fled to Minas Gerais to try to become rich. The proportion Portugueses/Slaves was much higher than in the northeast, and the mining economy didn't demanded as many slaves as the sugar cane economy. The city of Rio de Janeiro was a servicy city, again less slaves needed. It was the capital of Brazil. The boom of São Paulo was in the XIXth century with the plantarions of coffe, but instead of slaves they decided to bring Italians to work on the plantations, obviously in a much better condition. Thanks to the coffe São Paulo became the richest state in the country and the southeast became the economic center of Brazil. When the industrialization started, it was obviously the region that received most of the industries. The south remained relativily unpopulated untill the end of the XIXth century when hundreds of thousand of Italian and German immigrants settled there as small land owners. Compare with the northeast, where you had a small elite and lots of slaves... Obviously, in the case of Brazil, the fact that the northeast had a hotter climate, helped to develop there a more explolatory economy. In general, talking about the world as a whole now, the people from hotter places are not in need to develop technologies, cause nature gives everything to them. Now, you have to remember that: North America was settled by Europeans Southern South America was settled by Europeans South Africa was settled by Europeans Australia was settled by Europeans If not, they would be as poor as their hotter neighboors. Remember that the Aztecs were much more developed than their Sioux or Cherokee or whatever neighboors from the north. The Incas were very developed too, but they lived in the Andes, that are very cold because of the altitude, even though it's near the Equator.

Who would win the following wars?

It's a dumb question because there's more to war than a single gunfight; Iraq anyone? Occupation/domestic dissent etc. Anyway with nuclear missiles, the purpose of large scale warfare is taken away out of fear of complete annihilation.

Someone posted this question, Id like to bring it back up and answer with some logic, its about war.?

China would beat USA because they have more people than we have ammunition, supplies, cars, money, blazee blazee you get it... Canada and Russia, hard to say, but Canada does have all volunteer military, Russia doesn't...that can make a huge difference in outcome... India, the U.S. would come to their aid quick... Turkey would grind Denmark...the reason why Turkey hasn't been militarily involved in the current crises is because the rest of the MidEast knows better than to provoke them too much...the last two millenia have taught them that. Israel and Iran? C'mon, you could have said Armageddon, everyone would have known...The whole world would be involved within days... Japan and Taiwan...well...I don't think that would happen. We rely on Japan too much and "protect" Taiwan...they both know better... N.Korea and S.Korea could happen any moment...I can wait that one out...' Cuba Jamaica...negatory...threat to U.S. peace... Brazil and Columbia...hard to say. We have Army SpecOps in Columbia now...there's been conflict there for awhile...if there was a major conflict it would probably end up being guerilla war for 15 years... Greece would destroy Italy. Look at history. Italy has this tendency to side with whoever looks better and end up losing anyway...there are some angry motherf***ers in Greece right now... U.K. and Ireland...hard to say, it's been stalled before... France and Germany...there would be world interference, another Armageddon scenario possibly...

Who rules the lower weight classes, Asia or Latin America? Check these matches and decide?

Strawweight: Roman Gonzalez (Nicaragua) Vs Oleydong Sithsamerchai (Thailand) Winner: Gonzalez UD Jr. Flyweights: Ivan Calderon (Puerto Rico) vs Brian Viloria (Filipino American) Winner: Viloria UD Flyweight: Daisuke Naito (Japan) vs Omar Narvaez (Argentina) Winner: Naito KO Round 9 Jr. Bantamweight: Nonito Donnaire (Philippines) vs Hugo Casarez (Mexico) Winner: Donaire KO Round 4 Bantamweight: Hozumi Hasegawa (Japan) vs Fernando Montiel (Mexico) Winner: Hasegawa KO Round 10 Jr. Featherweight: Poonsawat Kratingaenggym (Thailand) vs Celestino Caballero (Panama) Winner: Caballero UD Featherweight: Chris John (Indonesia) vs Steven Luevano (Mexican American) Winner: John UD Junior Lightweight: Ji Hon Kim (Korea) vs Humberto Soto (Mexico) Winner: Soto KO Round 4 Lightweight: Saddam Kietyongyuth (Thailand) vs Edwin Valero (Venezuela) Winner: Valero KO Round 6 Junior Welterweight: Manny Pacquiao (Philippines) vs Juan Manuel Marquez (Mexico) Winner: Pacquiao KO Round 8 Grand Winner: Asia 6-4

Who will win in these kinds of wars?

1. It would probably end up as an apocalypse, so I'll say no one will win 2. The UK 3. Italy 4. Poland 5. Japan 6. USA 7. Either Brazil or Mexico. It's too hard to choose. 8. Brazil 9. Turkey 10. Iran 11. South Africa 12. Kenya 13. China 14. India 15. Indonesia 16. Australia or Indonesia. Too hard to choose. 17. Papua New Guinea 18. Cuba

Warfare Poll Questions?

german dont care indonesia yemen s. korea

Who would win this war, Technolgy or Man Power?

Both. You can have all the tech you want. It gives you an immense edge. But we will all have to get our hands dirty. PS, Turkey is our ally. North Korea's leader is dying and hopefully its all gonna be good. China is not an issue. They're happy with their own land and enough people to govern. Iran's run by lunatics. And why North Korea twice?

Where would you rather live/ visit?

Canada and Indonesia are my choices to start with. Since I like the idea of experiencing some cold ambiance and a tropic climate in a year.

who would win a war between these countrys?

United states vs China - At the moment, the United States, but give it 50-100 years and china will be the next super power overtaking the USA. I actually think the next world war will start because of these two. Canada vs Russia - Russia all day long. India vs Pakistan vs Afghanistan - India, just through sheer number of their population. Turkey vs Denmark - Tough one. I'll go Turkey. Isreal vs Iran - Iran Japan vs Taiwan - Japan North Korea vs South Korea - Another tough one, i'll trump for North Korea because you said without outside help. Cuba vs Jamaica - Haha, umm i'll go Cuba. Brasil vs Colombia - Brazil, again due to their vast population. Bangladesh vs Guyana - Bangladesh Italy vs Greece - Close one, i'll go Italy United kingdom vs Ireland - one of the easiest, Uk France vs Germany - Germany due to their fanancial and population power over France. Indonesia vs Australia - Australia, more technoligically advanced. I know you could argue with the vietnam war but i still think Australia. EDIT @ Bradley H - China has the largest airforce in the world so what you say is wrong, they just don't have a large enough Navy to transport their airforce.

Do you think we will have a World War 3 in the future? If so, who will be the participants?

Not to sound contentious kid, but get some college. Or at least some good reading in. This whole china thing is a paper tiger created by the conservative media to scare you into submission. World orders don't operate like a middle school playground, the two biggest kids don't duke it out for no reason. China and the US have entirely too many ties to go to war. China's economy is inextricably linked to that of the US, as is the rest of the worlds. Currently, and into the near future, it is far more profitable to be an ally to the US than an enemy; as allegiance offers one access to American trade routes, and an investment into a global economy. Additionally, China has entirely too many internal conflicts and cultural fissures to be concerned with anyone else right now. You have to look at stable countries with the potential for conflict with the west, and the ability to project power overseas. Nations like Turkey, Japan or Poland.

Vietnam & Malaysia Vs Indonesia, Australia & Thailand?

VietNam surely win, both the WAR and BATTLE.

Asia vs Latin America boxing! Best of the lighter divisions! Who do you pick in these matches?

I agree on your analysis except Featherweight. Chis John doesn't have enough experience in fighting other fighters from Latin America. I believed it will be 3-7 in favor of Latin America. He fight almost exclusively in his country except for his fight against that Mexican American Rocky Juarez @ Ric Lopez You considered Donaire over rated? Darchinyan, Morel and Montiel doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Are you sure you know anything about boxing or you are just cruising along.

Who would Win in a all out war? USA vs China, UK vs Russia , Israel vs Iran, India vs Pakistan, France vs?

The country or person with more resources, arms and people have the edge and the winner would be as follows: 1. US 2.Russia 3.Israel 4.India 5.Germany' 6.Mexico 7.Canada 8.Japan 9.South Korea 10.South Africa 11.Nigeria 12.Hungary 1.George Bush 2.John F. Kennedy 3.George Bush 4.Shinzo Abe