Where can I find Frank Darabont's rejected Indiana Jones 4 script?

It's out there. It's not on any of the usual script sites, as Lucas and Paramount has a phalanx of blood-sucking attorneys on call at all times to deal with keeping this supposedly superior screenplay from ever seeing the light of day. Google, however, is your friend. Search words include: frank darabont city of the gods I've read it ... and it's only okay. Which puts it LIGHTYEARS ahead of the steamy pantload that KotCS was.

What is the song playing in the background when Indy is looking at the picture of his dad in Indiana Jones 4?

It is available on the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Soundtrack, and it is I believe the main theme. Tell me what you find, if it's not it, I'll edit this to correct myself.

Why did everyone hate the idea of Aliens in Indiana Jones 4?

I don't know for me aliens just didn't really fit with the spirit of the previous movies. That being said I am one of the people who did still like this movie, just not nearly as much as the other 3.

So why do people hate Indiana Jones 4 because of the Aliens?

I thought it was alright. Even though it was nothing like the other 3, If you thought of it as a whole 'nother movie that wasn't related to Indy, it was OK. I actually loved the aliens. :] More realistic than a magic cup or an ark that makes your face melt.

What is more worth its rating more Indiana Jones 4 or Get Smart?

You're 10 and you can see PG-13 (age)? Ok.... Either one is fine. He (and You) will probably like Indiana Jones more. Adventure and a little scary (about like Harry Potter) There is more adult humor in Get Smart.

When does Indiana Jones 4 come out on DVD?

It is coming out late October... hope that helps... cant wait to buy it!!! :P

How would you spoof Indiana Jones 4?

the on were some dude is swing form the vines with the monkey to animated for me and the last 10 min the a alien thing was a lil much

rock & roll song in the start of indiana jones 4. What is it?

That was quite a fun scene, wasn't it? The song playing in the background is: Elvis Presley - Hound Dog For a complete list of songs used throughout the film, visit the link below: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0367882/soundtrack

can anyone make understand what is problem happening in indiana jones 4 movie?

They are probably talking about the Cold war with the Russians. Everyone was afraid of Communists at the time and people were being turned in as being sympathizers. Look up McCarthyism, Cold war, or maybe even Communism 1950's. They were afraid there was going to be a nuclear war with the Russians and there was a lot of espionage going on. That's why Cate Blanchett's character was Russian. To play up the cold war spy type feel they were trying for before they got into the jungle. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0367882/synopsis

What was the full sentence something like 'how much do we spend waiting?' in Indiana jones 4?

dude idk im still trying to decide after so many years of loving indiana jones whetehr to like this one.... i gotta watch it the second time ith lowered expecteations sry about spelling im dead tired