Android Ice-cream Sandwich vs Windows Phone Mango vs iOS 5?

iOS 5 is a total copy of Android. All the new features in iOS 5 were already there in android for ages. Main battle is Ice-cream sandwich vs WP7 Mango. When it comes to customization, applications and more openess Android wins but its a bit laggy as compared to WP7 Mango. Sources say Ice-Cream Sandwich would be fast even on slow processors so I think Android wins.

When will Ice Cream Sandwich for Android be available to US phones?

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Question?

The galaxy s2 will be updated ice cream sandwhich most likely by ota update.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Iphone ios5?

yes any phone can update as for the phone I recommend the galaxy s2, witch is the best phone out right now, or the s2plus, which will be released later this year. also I prefer android over apple for the reason that its open-source, that means that the majority of the apps are free, and you get more revolutionary and cutting edge apps. And do things are even only barely available on a jail broken iphone The android market already has 250000 apps- closing in on apple 500000; some say it will surpass it before the year is over. Also any popular iphone game or game adaptation can be found in the android market for free. Another great thing about android as that if you dont like something (keyboard, homescreen, etc.) it can easily be swapped without jail-breaking, unlike the iphones one-size-fits-all approach. Other features only on android Turn-by-turn voice GPS Better and larger screen No need to connect to computer to sync Here is a big one, add a sd card Live wallpaper Better calls 4g More customizable More powerful hardware Flash support, watch ALL the online videos Apple lovers that say that the iphone is made of better quality material? They don’t realize that Samsung, an android phone maker, supply’s the screen, processor and memory for apple devices, so android has the advantage here. The iphone is pretty, but not durable, drop it once- it breaks, all that glass around it? That was honestly a mistake. Android manufactures clearly saw that, and decided to do with something a little more durable. And the iphones “retina display” is a huge scam. By definition a ‘retina display’ is one where the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels. But this is determined by several factors; most important being the distance between the screen and your eyes. The iphones retina distance is 12in, move any closer than that- say 7in and it’s no longer a “retina screen” because your eyes can now see the pixels, by that same token, if I move my android phone back, to say 16-17in, amazingly, it becomes a retina screen as well! (feel free to google this) Also apple never invents anything, all they do is steal old technology, give it a fresh coat of paint and mass advertise it as “magical” and “innovating”, thus fooling the mass of the population into believing that apple offers cutting edge technology, that in fact has been around for quite a few years. So instead of innovating, apple actually hinders technology- after 4 years they still have low-power single core phones, while android, an example of technology in overdrive, has rumored that, after their second year, the release of quad core phones that will surpass even some desktop computers in shear processing power. Apple should now feel pretty worried; android has passed it in market share Then apple panics and sues The funny thing is that apple can’t sue for being the first touchscreen or tablet, because they weren’t,(Nokia fist touch screen, “archos” first tablet) so instead they sue for much more relevant things like, “the rounded icon corners” and “having a flat screen” or “the square shape of the phone”…….. To top it all, if you’ve seen apples 2011 presentation, they blatantly copied over five "new" features that were previously on android. 1. Notification bar 2. Twitter integration 3. No need to connect to PC to sync 4. Launch apps from lock screen 5. Tabbed browsing And not only are they copies, but apple didn’t even bother to improve, or change some of them in any way- some even have LESS features than their android counter parts, it’s basically a cheap imitation with the ever-popular iphone skin. According to Steve jobs, these "revolutionary" new technologies that android users had since 2007 will be available on IOS5, and it would not surprise me to see some more android features from 2008 on IOS6.But the truly sad part is that due to apples marketing, in a few months, apple lovers will really think that apple invented those features and call android the copycats…yet again. Though I suppose Google should’ve seen it coming…. “Good artists copy great artist steal”- Steve jobs (apple CEO)

Android Ice cream sandwich fragmentation fix question.?

No it does not. Unless you have a Nexus device, if and when you get an OS update is up to your carrier and phone maker. The fragmentation fix is supposed to fix the fact that while some phones can support 2.1, they can't support 2.3. This causes a pain in the a$$ for app developers. Supposedly if a phone can support eclair it can support ICS. Nexus devices get their update straight from Google, so they are supposed to get their updates first. Carriers / Manufactures are just lazy and want to sell newer phones rather than update their current phones OS version. Samsung is a prime example of this.

What is Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the next version of Android OS. It hasn't released yet. It will converge the formerly disparate phone and tablet versions of the OS. That means, you can install the same OS both in smartphone and tablet pc. You can read the related links to get more information.

iPhone 4S or Android (ice cream sandwich O.S.) based on my usage of the phone?

I'm a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus. I'd highly recommend it. The Iphone 4S is on the same tier, neither are bad choices by all means. Nexus has a bigger screen, Iphone seems to take better pics, its apples to oranges really. I am not an apple guy, so I won't be getting it. Anyways, you said you want the Ice cream Sandwich, and the galaxy nexus will be the first phone with it.(released next month)

When can we get Android ice cream sandwich?

Can you download the Ice Cream Sandwich Android software on an HTC Evo 4g?

Will I be able to upgrade to Android ice cream sandwich when it comes out?

You will be able to upgrade once it comes out. However, something to take into consideration is that OEMs take quite some time to upgrade the OS on their phones seeing that they have to modify them and add their 'flavour'; i.e. Gingerbread came out quote some months ago and my AT&T Intense has just received the upgrade a week ago. If you decide to root the phone and do a sideway install of ICS, just remember that you would be getting the barebones Android OS without all the stuff that the OEM puts in. I have used a barebone Android and currently have a HTC android and it is night and day with the skin HTC puts in. Samsung does the same thing and it does really make a difference worth waiting for,