Has any one success fully installed android on HP touch pad?

What's the best tablet (ipad1/2, hp touch pad, etc.) to install preware on?

Preware is a way to jailbreak an HP TouchPad. The iPad equivalent would be Cydia. An iPad 2 is superior to an HP TouchPad, whether you jailbreak or not. InfoWorld agrees (see link.) The other poster's comments are pretty weak, since: 1. He's commenting on something he knows nothing about. 2. He mentions Apple being closed, when you're asking about jailbreaking ("unclosing", if you will) on two closed systems.

Does the HP touch pad make for a good E reader?

It could potentially work as well however HP has already announced the discontinuation of Web OS devices like the touch pad which means they may be out of production sooner than later. If that's the case you don't want a discontinued device.

which would be better to have and compare the two the HP touch pad or Ipad2?

One big difference is that the HP touchpad does not have cellular service (yet), while the iPad can be bought in configurations for AT&T or Verizon right now. Transfer files: Sure, all tablets have ways of transferring files, either via wireless, cable, or SD cards. Apps: It's hard to beat an iPad for apps and games. Yes, the Touchpad does have apps, but it's a webOS machine, not even Android, so developer support is unlikely to ever be as strong as it is for the iPad. Typing: Sure, but on-screen keyboards aren't so hot for long-run typing. The ASUS Eee Transformer (TF101) is interesting in this regard as it can dock with an optional keyboard, which is really what you'll want for typing more than brief notes or email messages.

Now that the HP Touch pad has been discontinued, and reduced drastically in price. Should I buy one?

There is real reason to be concerned about app updates and new developments going forward. HP is also killing its webOS cell phones. Someone may step in and buy the webOS business, but I'd steer clear unless you're ok without apps. I'd also be looking for deep discounts given the (recently greatly increased) disadvantages of owning a webOS device. Really, though, if you have a Macbook and are on a tight budget, I'd pass on the TouchPad fire sales.

How do I right click with my HP laptop touch pad?

hold control key when you click

how to change your password on the HP Touch Pad?

I don't know! Did you hear that HP stopped Making the Touchpad? And no more webOS either! No smartphones! Or PC's for that matter! Sorry they screwed you!

How to disable/enable HP touch pad quickly?

This button works fine in my HP Pavilion. You should go to hp.com and search for touchpad's driver for your laptop model. This can possibly help. I'm not sure if there is any other solution.

Can hp touch pad play facebook games?

To my knowledge, no. Tablets aren't a laptop replacement, so if that's what you got it for then you wasted your money (especially on the TouchPad even if you got it for $100) on a device designed to bridge the gap between laptop and smartphone, not replace the laptop.

How can you delete bookmarks on the HP touch pad?