How to get black hoodie to look good again?

take it to a nicer dry cleaning place, if its a good place they will fix it up for you. or just lent roll it and shave it with a fabric shaver. and maybe next time dont put it in the dryer? just lay it out to dry. depends on what its made of. it has any acrylic, it probly got messed up from being put in the dryer.

How can you take the headphones out of a hoodie buddie?

What is the name of the gray Hoodie that Rob Dyrdek wears on his show Rob and Big?

its a DC jacket so go to there website

The zipper on my hoodie is wavy?

It means that the material the zipper is sewed to has shrunk. You may be able to stretch it a little by wetting it again and gently stretching it out. You could also try ironing it when it is wet, using a warm iron. When you wash your hoodies, make sure they are zipped, use only cool water, and if you put them in the dryer, do so only on the gentle setting with not too much heat and hang them to finish drying. Letting them dry flat would be even better, but most of us do not have the patience for that. Best of luck with it.

What is the brown hoodie Shia LaBeouf wears throughout transformers?

I love the movie transformers and the game transformers, so collected some good links, around 200, for transformers movie and video game. check out the below article to see all that information

What is the cutest hoodie for women at american eagle? In my opinion these are the cutest. They run small. I usually order a medium but I had to get a large from american eagle. Hoped I helped.

How to stop a hoodie from shedding on the inside?

wash it in cold water

How far are hoodie sleeves supposed to come down?

pull it forward&tuck the bottom -hope i helped-

How to wash a white black and gray checkerd hoodie?

try tide's color brightening bleach! It works extremely well!

how can I get sharpie pen off my zip up hoodie?

Try some rubbing alcohol.:)

Will putting my hoodie in the washing machine with hot water make it shrink?

I've been in the drycleaning business for a while and before that I worked laundry in a nursing home, so I know a little about this.. absolutely hot water in a washing machine with a cotton ratio above 60% will cause shrinkage. If you're aim is to shrink a full size, wash the item by itself in the hottest setting with little detergent and no fabric softener. Then dry the item by itself with the hottest setting for two full cycles. If you want your item to be softer, follow all of those steps with a normal cycle. Warning though: once your item is shrunk, that's that!

What would u do if ur daughter accidentally got paint on someones hoodie?

I would say sorry to the girl's parents, but I think they need to get over it, because it's just a smudge and it will come off in the wash, also it was an accident, so it's not like my daughter done it on purpose. If they continued to fight this, I would buy the girl another hoodie and let the drama lie down xoxo

How to remove these greyish brownish snow stains from my new white hoodie?

Try the Tide Pen or Tuff Stuff foam cleaner,(testing an inside area first or similar fabic) it's perfect for cleaning any washable or painted surface. Then Scotch guard your hoodie with fabric protection!

How to remove a yellow stain on shipped hoodie?

You should of sent it back. It may not even be a stain it could be a second especially if it's a lighter color then the hoodie. You could use fabric die on it.

How do i keep my soft hoodie soft after wash?

Mix soap in to water before adding clothes Rinse with vinegar(smell will dissipate)This will help dissolve any soap residue that adds to dullness and will help "soften" materials When drying this jacket throw a shoe or tennis ball in while drying to bounce around and help fluff the jacket.

How to make jeans and a hoodie look cute?

dont wear a sweatshirt thats too big. i would say no on rolling up the jeans..wear them with a cute pair of flats or a nice pair of white tennis shoes. the necklace would be a nice touch so def wear it. if you plan on wearing your hair up, you can spice up your outfit with some cute earrings too (if your ears are pierced)

How do I get a colored stain out of a yellow colored hoodie?

I don't know of any way to remove the green dye without also affecting the yellow dye. It sounds like that stain is set.

How does a hoodie with the pocket ripped off look?

it would just look like a hoodie with the pocket ripped off.... because even with the pocket gone, you will still be able to see the seams and stitches where the pocket used to be. it would be better to just sew it back on.

What size Hollister hoodie should I buy?

large :)

What should I get put on my boyfriends basketball hoodie?

Either put his name, number, or his nickname, if he has a nickname then that would be the best idea

How to wash my fuzzy hoodie without the rhinestones falling off?

Wash it inside out and hang dry it instead of dryer

How much would it cost to ship a hoodie and a pants from america to ireland?

It actually doesn't cost that much to ship with Hollister to Ireland from the States. The only thing that can sting you is the customs and VAT due when it's delivered to you...!! Also, Hollister now has a store in Ireland (Dundrum Shopping Centre) so I'm not sure that they will allow you to buy on the US site as they'd lost out on the price arbitrage... Worth a try though, I don't think it's any cheaper to have it sent to your aunt and then for her to send it on.

How do I sew a hoodie for my stuffed animal?

measure its waist hite,waist length,,,,,,,,,,u see ware im going measure it like u wuld a human cut the shaped u want..........dont 4get 2 sew on the hood 2 sew on the hood cut out a circle of the fabric and fold it in half and sew it on remember 2 turn it inside oot so u cant c the seems after the hoodies slip it on the animal and so it 2 him!

What size hoodie should i get my girlfriend?

MEDIUM for sure. even if it doesn't fit, it's better to be too big than way too tight. and keep the receipt/tags if you or her might need to exchange it for a different size if it really doesn't fit that well.

What is the best way to put Bear ears on a hoodie?

i sew alot so really the best way to do it is to get a good quality fabric and reinforce the stitch a few times. do it over a like 3 times they should stay on better.

What can be done about my fav abercrombie hoodie that has a hole?

just buy a new hoodie i went to abercrombie today and they had amazing hodies on sale plus with an extra 30% percent off sale ites i bought mine for 23 bucks the tailor wil prob. charge $15 anyway, i would just buy a new hoodie hope i helped! :)

Can you remove iron-ons from a hoodie effectively without weird marks and burns left behind?

If it's a FLEECE garment it's unlikely. If it's a typical cotton or blend natural fabric, your chances are better. Obviously once you safely get the worng one off, it seems logical to do another; correct one in that spot, over any OOPS that happens. To directly answer your Q, No I haven't. I also suspect Goo Gone won't be very effective. GOOF OFF might be better, but that should be tested for color removal.

What store can I find an affordable hoodie for the fall weather?

Old Navy has cheap stuff.

How do you wash a zip-up hoodie?

you have a bunch of good answers already except the person who said the zipper is shrinking; it's the hoodie that is shrinking & the zipper not shrinking (or shrinking less). Anyway, yes, do wash inside out cold water wash on gentle & hang dry. May need to gently streach out the long way, but hanging up to dry should do that naturally. But sometimes hang-dry after spinning in the washer will leave wrinkles. There are two ways to deal with that--you can dry it it in the dryer, but just a very short time on low in the dryer (inside out again) alone but with some DRY towels to tumble with--just enough to get the wrinkles that were from the spin dry; the hoodie will still be very damp, then hang again to dry. The other way is to iron while wet & hang to dry.

How would I go about making this hoodie?

How to wash a hoodie with minimal damage?

Wash it in cold, yes, but if it has a design on the front, I would recommend washing it inside out so it doesn't get ruined. Either you can line dry, or I would highly recommend setting dryer to low heat setting, and not to the point where the hoodie is completely dry, and hang dry the rest of the way. Getting it too hot in the dryer is what ruins your hoodies and sweaters.

Where can i find a good website for a custom hoodie?

How to clean white hoodie with black writing?

Some articles of clothing require hand washing. Even if the label doesn't call for hand washing, your garments will last longer if they're not constantly subjected to the rigors of the washing machine. Here are a few ways to get your clothes clean with hand washing. Step 1 Plug a sink, and add about 1/4 cup detergent. Step 2 Read the labels on your clothing and then fill the sink with the correct water temperature listed on the label. Keep in mind that some articles of clothing require cold water while some can be washed in hot water. Remember to leave room for the clothing. Step 3 If you're washing whites and want to bleach them, now's the time to add about 1/4 cup bleach to the water. Step 4 Put your clothing in the water and get it thoroughly wet and soapy. If it's stained, you may want to let it soak for a while. Step 5 Knead the clothing with your hands in the water for a few minutes, much as you would knead bread. Step 6 Unplug the sink, drain and start the water running. Rinse your clothing until the water runs clear, not soapy. Step 7 Wring out and hang to dry, or place clothing in the dryer. For more information, tips, and advice, visit Hope this helps!

How can I get my hollister hoodie without high delivery costs ?

Try ebay!

Is there a difference between a hoodie and a hooded sweatshirt?

The only difference is that hooded sweatshirt is more fun to say than hoodie. I'm pretty sure that hoodie is the shortened version of hooded sweatshirt.

Where can I create a custom hoodie with a design across the zipper?

You could try asking this place, they do custom shirts and also carry hoodies:

How to remove a stain from a Adidas black hoodie?

Things for you to try: (1) I liked the answer about Simple Green but it's not necessary to soak for a couple of days. Just spray the stains, let the spray on there for about an hour and wash normally. (2) The dish detergent might work if it's a grease fighting detergent but you have to be careful and not use anything that might contain bleach. (3) I have good luck with Spray & Wash on a lot of stains. The key is to spray the stain and leave the stain remover work for an hour or so before you wash. You can't spray and just chuck it in the washer and expect good results.

What kind of hoodie is Tony Stark wearing in Iron Man 2?

looks like the gap

How do I determine the measurements of a hoodie?

how do i get my hoodie to quit being staticy?

use fabric softner in the wash and the dryer sheets, they also make a spray that stops staic.. called static guard.. works great!

How do I keep my hoodie in great shape?

Angie's advice above is great, but I add one other hint to it. When you wash your hoodie, use 1/2-1 cup of vinegar in the rinse water, depending on the load size. This will set the color, soften the fibers and keep it looking new without fading color. One other thing, avoid washing it with garments that are abrasive, like jeans. If you wash it along with garments that are of the same weight, you can prevent the fuzzy inside from pilling.

What's the hoodie in the Aeropostale holiday look 6 for guys?

I work in the company and that is our newest hoodie that we have you wouldnt see them selling online yet. you might be able to find them in our stores(we just had a floor set which means it will most likely be there) And we also dont have style names for our hoodies only jeans and tops.

How to make your hoodie stay on your head while running?

get one of the compression under armour hoodies

How do you wash a sweater/hoodie with a zipper?

Zip the Zipper up and lay flat to dry. And wash in cold water.

What kind of hoodie was rob dyrdek wearing on the first episode of ridiculousness ?

it was probably young & reckless.

Where can I find a hoodie similar to the ones sold by American Apparel but for cheaper?

It's worth it. Their actually made in a factory in downtown LA. Not China. Also, the quality is great.

How to make a zip up hoodie into a button up hoodie?

Since you're game to buy a new zipper, I'm assuming you know how to sew with a machine, so I'll gear my answer to that :) I would remove the zipper then use a double-sided fusible interfacing to fuse a 1-inch strip of fabric to the side you'll want the buttonholes on. (A cute print would be fun.) If you have room to lose in the hoodie (you'll lose 2" of room if you do this method), you could also fold the edge in on itself and stitch it down, again using the fusible to 'glue' the sides together. If you use the fold-over way, fold over the other (buttons) side or you'll be lop-sided. Decide where you want your buttonholes and make them, either with your machine's buttonhole function or by making a tight zig-zag rectangle the size of your buttons which you will cut open once you've completed the rectangle. The fusible interfacing will make the buttonholes way easier to manage and will prevent the fabric from twisting or shifting while you're sewing. Once the holes are sewn, line up the two sides, mark with pins where you want your buttons, then sew them on. Sounds like a fun project- enjoy!

What color hoodie should I swear underneath my leather jacket ?

I'd do white hoodie under black jacket because I personally like contracts.


put it in the washer and then before you dry it peel off the lettering! if this doesnt work iron it and appy extra heat to it then try to peel/scratch it off!


Try Gap online. I just bought a grey one about a week ago. They have a lot of black and navy right now.