Hong Kong Legal System: Can an executor of a will withhold the will from one of the beneficiaries?

Here are the answers to your questions: 1. No. The executor can not withhold the will from being viewed by one or all of the beneficiaries because that there is considered a crime. 2. If the deceased person wrote in a letter to the executor not to read it to certain person then that issue must be respect but one thing is for sure - you can take him to court.

Should Hong kong authority allow the Indonesian crooks to recover the misappropriated funds of 800 b US?

Yes let the Indonesian government have the funds, it's their money. It's similar to the Philippines' government's case to retrieve the embezzled funds taken by the Marco's family, some countries like the Swiss returned a couple of hundred million to the Philippine people.

How has Hong Kong changed since it became a crown colony?

The nicest is help setting up a fair level playing field for all so that everybody could contribute his/her best to achieve to the top, survival for the fittest, hence avoiding all undertable deals and special priveleged relationships.

Why the Hong Kong enforcement personnel are so bad? Is it because of Hong Kong is a damned sin city?

Corruption is a problem that is hardly limited to Hong Kong. That's not to say that corruption in HK is anything less than troubling - it's just a recognition that it is an issue in many cities and many countries.

What Hong Kong authority should do with 2000 citizens rang the personal emergency bells in past two days?

Aggressive actions against those idling their engines and skyrocketting buildings must be made by the government to keep Hongkong a better place to live in and stay. Pollution must be solved especially with the increasing people in Hongkong destined to suffer from governmental neglect.

Getting a visa for Shanghai in Hong Kong. How long will it take and how difficult?

http://www.ctshk.com/english/useful/chinesevisa.htm plz do ur enquiry w/ the above website....n u just need 1-day application time 4 ur visa. i mean u go there in the morning & u wil get ur visa the next day. actually most of the 5 stars hotel's concierge can do it 4 u. u dun hv to really goto the china travel svc urself. but if u do like to go, 1 of their ofc is quiet close to the Grand Hyatt. just abt 5 mins walk to the china resources bldg.....that's their visa ofc 4 all westerners. n after the Olympics, things should be back to normal. so no worry abt ur visa. if u do hv a booking in the Grand Hyatt aldy.....try to email their concierge & ask 4 details. sure they wl help u as they r 1 of the good svc hotel in HK.

How come Hong Kong vendors still set up tourist traps to rip off the tourists from mainland, China?

I agree with the previous feedback from Get a Life. If HK is cheating, then look at China, for God's sake. How many fake products or poor quality things there are! And even for intangible thing like services, you paid a lot to stay in a 4-5 star hotel or an expensive restaurant, and it's just not worth it, no smile, no politeness, no manner, sometimes, not even cleaness... I hate it when you pay for sth in China, you never know if you've been cheated, and every time you have to bargain and you won't know the bottom price. Most shops have no price tag. When something is booming, like tourism, of course people take advantage of it and make money. that is just human nature. Tourists simply have to be smart. If you give the blam to HK vendors, you may as well blame the tour operations from China, putting the 'compulsory expenses' (like taking people to the theme park) or compulsory itinerary of going to the assigned jewelry shops etc. Those middlemen are making the cheeky vendors' business flourish. Another point you mentioned - 'rental costs & overheads are too much' - this is very true indeed, but look at the quality of the talents /qualifications, smartness, level of hardworking, as well as the transparent regulations, tax policy, etc in HK, and you will understand why some companies prefer to set up regional HQ in HK instead of mainland, even though they have to travel up frequently.

HONG Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Taiwan has many natural resources and Hong Kong has almost none. Taiwan become rich because of its silicon (PC resembled) and Hong Kong because of its financial position. Taiwan's Hsinchu area is the key to their financial success as they assemble lots of PC and their technology is quite high during the 1960s to 1970s as they are the predecessor of China's recent success story. Hong Kong financial status at Victoria (current Central) has overpowered South East Asia and the british govt has injected lots of wealth into it but its the people who actually make Hong Kong wealthy.

HONG KONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recommend going to The Peak. It is very beautiful up there. I went up it, and it's fun for all ages! There are some shops and gelato once you get to the top. If your family likes animals, go to Ocean Park. There you can see some panda, jellyfish, ride rides, and much more! Me and one of my friends from China went there together and it was a blast, even though it was raining. The view is beautiful. Another thing you can do is go to the Wanchai Market, or the Women's Market. Here it's like a flea market with a bunch of vendors selling a lot of different kinds of cute things. It seems to go on forever! You should also take the boat that goes across Victoria Harbour in the Star Ferry. Even though that it doesn't last long, it is an experience in itself. Plus, if you go at night, it is very beautiful. I think somewhere around Victoria Harbour is a mall and a clocktower of some sort. That mall has a really good restraunt, Dan Ryan's, where you can eat some really good steaks, if you are sick of Chinese food. I also went to the Hong Kong Space Musuem, which is just across the street from the Peninsula. It is a really nice area where kids can play around. They have a life sized space shuttle there! I hope I helped you out! Have fun in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong..?

I just went to HK because its my home country (aka hometown kinda). i suggest going to: (i went to) Macau- you have to take a ship ride (1hr tops) and there at the ship station you can walk to a mall (follow path). 2.8/3 is full of kids stuff! it is really fun to visit there. i loved it when i went. Ocean World aka Sea World- reallly reallly fun! there were live performances and stuff. there's also a amusement park inside. realy fun peak tram- you ride a peak tram to a really really high mall and you can see pratically half of hong kong at the very top. theres also a mcdonald and burger king. try bringing them to Kowloon and Causeway Bay. Alot of malls. fun for children to shop. :) i hope this helps